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A bell-ringing will help in trouble: purification from the negative

If the home often gets sick or houses break out in quarrels over trifles, listen to the bell ringing. Purification from the negative will occur almost at a subconscious level. That is, it is not necessary to be specially tuned. This is not meditation. Purification of the apartment with a bell ringing passes several on other Principles. The whole work of your soul is that you expressed an intention to get rid of negative energy and included the sounds themselves.

What will happen when the bell rings

Purification from the negative occurs as follows. The fact is that all harmful to human energy has low-frequency characteristics. The sound of the bell is high-frequency vibration. They are, in fact, incompatible. High-frequency vibrations destroy low-frequency vibrations. Nothing complicated, as it seems. But the power of this process is enormous! If you yourself stood under the bell tower during a visit to the temple, then you know how much the sound of the bell is. It is impossible to hide from him. It penetrates not only into the brain. The whole body vibrates from these life-giving sounds. Particularly sensitive People talk about how they feel how waves pervade them from the top of the head to the tips of their fingers. After such a highly spiritual procedure, the state of health usually becomes much better, the mood rises. In this case, there is not a surge of positive emotions, but "condescension" of pacification.

Scientists explain

Such an unusual phenomenon could not but interest scientists. Therefore, specialists from different directions studied the bell ringing. Purification from the negative, according to their conclusions, is due to vibrational waves generated by impacts. Their superposition on each other gives a resonance, which enters into interaction with the field structures of a person. The doctors who conducted the research note that believers who visit the temple often get rid of the ailments much faster.

How to purify with a bell ringing

There are no abstruse rules. It is recommended to listen to records of these magic sounds when you are resting, do not busy with hard work. It's still at home all the time either the music is playing or the TV is mumbling. It is better to change these "background" sounds to a bell ringing. Purification from the negative will be more effective if you Before the beginning of the process, visit the temple. Try to catch this extraordinary sensation when the waves born by bells go through you, removing all the "dirt" from your aura. How long to listen? Believe me, it does not matter. Depends on your feelings. But in this business it is impossible to overdo it. No matter how much you listen to the bell ringing, this process will not hurt you! But it is not recommended to use this method to those who have these sounds annoying! If it is not temporary, but permanent, you need to consult a priest (for believers). Yes! And this question often arises: Will bell-ringing help atheists? Believe me, sounds do not ask you about your beliefs! They do not care. They simply do their healing work, destroying low-frequency vibrations.

For the Orthodox, this method of combating the machinations of the devil becomes even more effective, as it is the legacy of our long-departed ancestors. They were treated with a bell and we were bequeathed!

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