What is a taxpayer's personal account?

Every adult citizen has a so-called personal account of a taxpayer. What is this object? What is it for? As it turns out? All these issues are of interest to citizens. After all, all this is closely related to taxes. So, it is extremely important for the population and for the state. Tax liabilities are compulsorily executed by all adults. So it is important to fully understand what is at stake. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.


Personal account of the taxpayer - what is it? To understand this term is not so difficult if you have already dealt with tax calculations. It's not a secret for anyone that all payments by citizens must be taken into account somehow. For this purpose special accounts have been invented. They are called facial. They reflect all your transactions with these or other clients. We are talking about financial and credit calculations.

Personal account of the taxpayer - what is it? From the above, you can draw only one conclusion - this is the well-known TIN. It is appropriated to every citizen and taxpayer of the Russian Federation, does not change for the whole life even once. It's not so difficult as it seems. You can easily get this document. And it does not matter, the physical or legal person is talking about!

Where to go

Did you need to find out the taxpayer's personal account? Where can I find this information? At the moment there are several ways to solve the problem. And every citizen has the right to choose the way to solve the problem.

The first and simplest is to apply with a passport to the tax authorities of your district. There you will be informed by INN. And, if necessary, all data related to your taxpayer account. Pay attention - TIN is only an identifier. It searches for an account. You can say that this is his number or "name."

Also, the personal account of the taxpayer can be found on the Internet. Usually, either a variety of specialized services or the official website of the Tax Service of the Russian Federation help. This is a more popular and common method today. You can learn the TIN without any problems at any time and in any place. By the way, on the site of the Tax RF you will be able to additionally receive all the information that conceals a personal account. There is nothing difficult in this.

Find out the number

And now a little more about how to find out the taxpayer's personal account. Where to turn, we have already figured out - or on the Internet to look, or to the tax service. Only according to the principle of work, these items differ from each other.

For example, to obtain a personal account and information about it through the Tax Authorities of the Russian Federation, only a passport is required. Next, you will personally report to the district office "tax" and inform your employee about your decision. Do not forget to show your ID. You will be informed of the account number, as well as all the information you are interested in. It's easy and simple. Only you can "declassify" only your own personal account of the taxpayer. Do not count on a stranger.

But if you decided to implement the idea through the Internet, it will be enough just to turn to the portal of the "State Service". To register on it you need an INN. At the same time, the account is not displayed anywhere. It can be found along with all the information using the "Services" section. There, find the "Statement from the personal account", click on "Receive" and wait for a while. You will need to come to the appropriate document in .pdf format (or by mail, if you noted this earlier). It will display information about transactions with the account, as well as its number.

Receiving an INN

So, now it is clear what is the personal account of the taxpayer. Where can I find the corresponding identifier by which it will be possible to receive information about tax calculations? We are talking about INN. This number is available to all citizens of the Russian Federation. Only it is necessary to know it. And, accordingly, get a document with this number. It's not so difficult.

You can act by several methods: a personal request or a virtual request. In the first case, you will have to go to the tax office of your district. But only with a certain list of documents. Which one?

Nothing special will be required of you. To obtain a tax ID, you must take an identity card, and also write a statement of the established pattern. In addition, but without fail, attach to the application any documents confirming the existence of your registration - permanent or temporary. If you act by proxy, the corresponding "paper" will also have to be presented. With these documents, go to the tax service and tell them that you would like to receive an INN. Your request will be processed within 7-10 days. Afterwards with the passport, go back to the tax office, where you applied. There you will be given an INN certificate. With the help of him it will be possible to find out in detail all the secrets that the taxpayer's personal account holds in him. This requires an extract. How exactly does it work out? This was mentioned earlier.

The Federal Tax Service to help

Sometimes personal treatment is not very suitable for citizens. In this case, you can order an INN directly through the Internet. To do this, you need to turn to the site of the Federal Tax Service. There you can find out the personal account of the taxpayer, get an extract from it, and order an INN.

Go to and see the possible services. Find there "Find out the Inn". Click on this line, then fill in the required fields. Then click on "Send Request". Your TIN will appear on the screen. But this is only if you have the appropriate certificate.

When the TIN only needs to be received, the "Services" will have to be "Obtained an INN." Proceed in the same way - just fill in all the required fields, then choose the type of receipt of the relevant certificate. The options are:

  • In electronic format;
  • by mail;
  • Personally in the tax service.

Accordingly, after receiving the tax ID, an extract from the taxpayer's personal account can be provided to you in a few minutes. And in electronic and in paper form.

Change of propiska / surname

Some are interested in whether it is necessary to change the TIN (and personal account) if you decide to change your name or registration. This question makes many seriously think.

Do not worry - it has already been said that the TIN is assigned once and for all. When changing the name or place of registration, it is enough to simply call (and it is better to personally go) to the tax office of your district and report on the changes. Do not forget to show proof. New information will be entered into the system, and you will have the former taxpayer's personal account and the "old" TIN. That is, the card of the taxpayer's personal account will remain without significant changes.

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