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How to get a person out of depression: mental resuscitation

Depression and ways to deal with it do not come out of the minds of psychologists and doctors. This is a real problem, more people are becoming exposed to it, and without proper attention from others it sometimes comes to suicide. People take this step, unable to cope with severe psychological pain. Is it possible to get a person out of depression? Let's figure it out.

Depression is a disease!

Occurred once due to some life circumstances, it can last for months and even years. It happens that people simply can not cope with it on their own or wait for a severe emotional state to pass by itself, and do not even know that depression is a disease and needs to be treated. It can be caused by a severe life shock: parting with a loved one, the death of a loved one, with some serious material losses. Also, it can arise without special reasons, simply because of the special psychotype of a person predisposed to such disorders. Do not confuse it with the usual feelings that a person experiences every day as a reaction to what is happening: sadness, anger, a bad mood. Depression is diagnosed if symptoms do not go away within two weeks.

The patient does not always seek help and most often keeps the experience within himself. Therefore, it is important to notice this condition in time and try to help someone close to you. Depression poisons life, and not only to the patient, but to the people around him. How to get a person out of depression? Psychology and medicine are concerned about this issue, even support services are created, where specialists work. But first of all the help should come from a close person, at occurrence of alarming signs it is necessary to take measures without delay. After all, depression does not give a normal life, and sometimes becomes a harbinger of suicide.


Like any other disease, depression has its symptoms. It is not necessary to be an expert to notice them, especially with regular and close communication with the patient. This will help to understand how to get a person out of depression. At home, it is quite possible to do so with a careful attitude.

  • Emotional disorder. It shows the strongest emotional depression. This state combines feelings of anxiety, anguish, oppression, despair. A person is completely immersed in his negative thoughts, experiences, has no interest in the surrounding reality. The world seems gray and bleak, and life is meaningless. Violated concentration of attention, the speed of thinking is reduced. A person can experience an unreasonable sense of guilt, self-flagellation, discontent with himself and at the same time a fear of appearing untenable or ridiculous in society. As a result, activity in communication is lost, self-esteem is reduced, there is a desire to be alone. This is a dangerous sign when a person closes in himself. Previously, interesting classes become indifferent, at a deeper stage the patient ceases to experience pleasant feelings and emotions. There are thoughts of suicide.
  • Physiological disorders. The patient suffers from insomnia or, conversely, is constantly in a drowsy state. The appetite disappears, because of this, constipation can begin. Sometimes there is a reverse effect - overeating. There are pains in the muscles, weakness, fatigue, a constant sense of fatigue, loss of sexual desire. Against this background, alcohol abuse often occurs.

General rules how to help a loved one

There are already all the signs, and we need to start immediately to help. But how to get a person out of depression? To start using general, simple methods of treatment:

  • Try to spend on the street at least some time every day, very important daily walks to raise the blood level of endorphins - the hormone of happiness. Make sure that the room receives daylight and fresh air.

  • If your close friend or spouse suffers, gently try to get on a frank conversation, you need to do this carefully, not showing any desire to get into the soul. You need to listen and show that you are on his side, to show support. If the patient can open and speak out, it can in some cases replace the conversation with a psychologist.
  • Take a person active sports. A joint trip to the gym can dramatically change the situation, playing sports raise self-esteem and improve mood, help to get a desire to live again. An excellent option will be cycling - and sports, and fresh air.
  • Invite to a cafe, chat with your mutual friends. Of course, in a state of depression, it will be difficult to pull a patient out onto people, if it turned out, this is a great success.
  • Another effective way to get a person out of depression: at home, there must be changes. Change the situation in the house, rearrange the furniture, hang new curtains, put the flavor with your favorite smell. Prepare a new delicious dish. By the way, the diet also has not the last value in rehabilitation. Seafood, bitter chocolate, bananas are good.
  • Excellent therapy is a trip. Go to another city, change the situation is always useful. This will help to look in a new light on life and the problem that caused depression. Also useful are country trips, you can go fishing or picnic.

After parting

Men and women in different ways experience the period after parting. This is a painful time when the habitual way of life changes, one must think how to build one's life further, often leads to a depression that can drag on for a long time. There are ways how to get a person out of depression after parting, but most of all depends on his mood and desire to get out of the blues.

We must understand that life does not end there. Time goes by, everything changes, and this new period simply needs to be accepted and experienced. And mental pain is a normal phenomenon that persecutes everyone after parting. It takes time to be able to adequately look at the situation, which seems no longer such a weighty problem. A person should be prepared for the fact that at the first time after parting, when meeting with friends, questions will be poured about his circumstances and reasons. Do not talk about your pain and relive it all every time. It suffices to confine oneself to a couple of words to show that such questions are not relevant and there is no desire to discuss them.

Woman after divorce

For many, divorce is a great emotional shock. Is it possible to get a person out of depression after a divorce? Yes, if you send his thoughts and actions in the right direction.

  • We change the home environment. First of all, we get rid of old things that constantly remind us of a former spouse. It would be nice to make repairs, paste new wallpaper, change furniture. If there is no such possibility, you can simply change the curtains or rearrange the furniture in a new way, add bright colors to the interior with the help of decor elements. There is already a new positive mood on the way.
  • Then you need to take care of yourself. The new hairstyle and hair color will do their job, once you change your life, so completely that nothing reminds of the past, and the look was directed only forward. It is necessary to change the wardrobe, it is best to change the image, to afford things that were previously afraid for some reason to wear. They must always come up and decorate the figure to look in the mirror was nice.
  • How to get a person out of depression? It is necessary to take all the time with some kind of active action so that negative thoughts do not get into your head. It can be work, especially if it is pleasant and after the applied efforts will lead to career growth, we need a focus on the result. Another option - a favorite hobby, especially if it can bring money, it will add motivation to action beyond pleasure.
  • If there are children in the marriage, you do not need to blame either yourself or your ex-spouse for not having a full-fledged family. So life has developed, many pass through it.
  • To do something forbidden that the husband would never allow. Enroll in a dance school or jump with a parachute, it can be anything that a woman has long dreamed of.
  • To accuse all sins of an ex-husband is not necessary, and to curse him for a spoiled life does not make any sense. It is necessary to say "thank you" for all the years spent together, for common children, if they exist, and for the freedom that has now appeared. For a good state of health and a cheerful state of mind, look only forward and with optimism.

A man after a divorce

A man's time after a divorce is more difficult. Heavy experiencing the most intense stress inside himself, he tries not to show his pain. But the way out is to rethink all that has happened, to realize your mistakes, draw conclusions and live on. But, being afraid to seem weak and surrounding, and to himself, he prefers to distract from the problem, most often resorting to alcohol and casual sexual relations.

But the problem does not disappear anywhere, and a prolonged depression in the long run can lead to alcoholism. Close people should think about how to get a person out of depression after a divorce, in order to avoid serious consequences. Assistance from the outside is very important in this matter, although the man himself can not admit this and reject all attempts to help him. But if he refuses help, how to get a person out of depression?

Without his consent

The main symptoms of depression are estrangement from communication, a desire for solitude, closeness, alienation. Therefore it can be difficult to bring people to the conversation, and even more so to offer help or a trip to a specialist. How to get a person out of depression at home without his consent? You'll have to look for all sorts of tricks, the easiest way to do this is if you live together. We need to create a positive atmosphere in the house, make sure that pleasant music is played, or a cheerful film is shown on TV. Cleanliness and home comfort, sunlight, the aroma of your favorite dishes - every little thing is important in this matter. You can light an aroma lamp with stimulating brain activity and mood-raising oils.

Lead an active lifestyle, smile more often - you should be an example for a depressed loved one. Soon and on it your joyful mood will change. And in any case you can not spare him. Pity is fatal, it will only strengthen his confidence in his worthlessness and helplessness. Try all the ways how to get a person out of depression, and to begin life at first will help only your desire and awareness of the seriousness of the problem. You can not give up, you have to act.

After the death of a loved one

The strongest shock, the worst thing in life is the death of a loved one. Unable to survive their grief, people often fall into a long, deep depression. You need to know how to get a person out of depression after the death of a loved one in order to be able to come to the rescue in time. In the first time, the most painful, a person needs to be in a society, talk to people, not to shut themselves up. Although in most cases in this situation I want to be alone with my grief.

Such loneliness should not be protracted, it will not lead to anything good, but it is difficult to convince a suffering person. All emotions need to be thrown out, if you want to cry or cry, you can not restrain yourself. After a while comes humility and acceptance of what happened as inevitable. The task of others is to understand how to get a person out of depression after the death of a loved one so that this period is as short as possible. Many people in such a difficult period of life help religion. Faith in God, conversations with him, prayers - all this cleanses the soul, frees you from anger and frustration. Not immediately, after a while, a person becomes calmer, it becomes easier to bear the blows of fate. Whatever the skeptics say about this, but for many it really becomes a salvation.

After operation

In a difficult rehabilitation period after surgery, a person needs outside support. His body is weakened by medications and surgical intervention, mental and emotional state in decline. Before his relatives the question arises, how to get a person out of depression. At this time, you can not neglect walks, at least briefly. It is necessary to watch comedies and positive films that help to acquire the right mood and desire to live. Of great importance here is the use of tasty and healthy food (fresh vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, greens).

If the operation has been associated with physical changes in the body and depression has a deep form, it is worth asking a psychologist for help, he knows exactly how to get a person out of depression after surgery. This will help to deal with the shock more quickly. Help classes favorite business, bringing pleasure, everything should be positive and positive emotions. It would not be superfluous to watch documentaries about people with disabilities who coped with this shock thanks to the strength of the spirit and the help of close people. Now it is important to show a man his love and devotion, but not pity or condescension.

On distance

Some of the relatives had depression, but there is no possibility to meet and support it because of territorial barriers? How to get a person out of depression at a distance? This is not easy to do, since it is easier for a person in depression to tell by phone that everything is fine with him, than pour out a shower and ask for help. You can find out the signs of depression at a distance, because the patient's behavior changes dramatically and the interest disappears, it can be heard by the voice, the manner of communication. On the impending problem with emotional health you can guess on the page in social networks, where often there are corresponding statuses, pictures with gloomy meaning and the topic of suicide.

To reach a person, it takes a lot of effort. It will be good to try chatting on Skype (or another application with the video call function), because then it will be possible to see the person, his eyes, the reaction to the words. He, too, visual contact will benefit. It is possible to arrange by telephone a consultation of a psychologist, if the patient agrees to a meeting, it will be a great success and progress towards an early recovery. There are special hotlines, where at any time of the day a qualified psychologist will answer the call, listen and help - is also a good option. How to get a person out of depression at a distance and help him regain strength? This is a very difficult task, but you can not let the situation run its course, you need to try all possible ways to combat the disease.

Start living first

When anxiety symptoms appear, every loving family member or close friend should ask how to get a person out of depression. And the efforts and attention of others will help him to start living, and also his own willpower. With understanding and seriousness, one must treat this problem, it is very dangerous to think that everything will pass by itself. The neglected form of depression leads to alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide. Be attentive to your loved ones, who else can help them? Try to discuss the problem together, look at it from a different angle, on a higher level, identify more significant things in life. We must start to enjoy life again, no matter what.

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