How much is 5 rubles in 1998? Varieties of coins and prices for them

Those who begin to collect coins, should know that their value is not always limited to the face value. There are such samples, the price of which can pleasantly please the owner. For example, no one can immediately say how much it costs 5 rubles in 1998. For this, we must carefully consider the coin.

The first feature

All banknotes that are or were previously in circulation in Russia are made in two famous mints. One of them is located in the capital of our country - Moscow, and the other - in St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that the appearance of each coin is agreed in advance and strictly approved, in everyday life there are samples that have some differences compared to the rest of the production. It is these specimens that become the object of lust for numismatists. But even an experienced specialist can not immediately determine, for example, how much is 5 rubles in 1998. To do this, he will first need to know where the particular product was manufactured. As is known, in the work of each enterprise there are sometimes minor disruptions. Finished goods in this case will not be considered a marriage. But it will have individual features that will make it unique. Take, for example, five-ruble coins made in 1998 in St. Petersburg. In the case of a standard coinage, they can now be sold for no more than two denominations. But there are coins on which the stigma "SPMD", located on the obverse under the left paw of the eagle, is slightly lowered down.

In this case, the answer to the question about how much it costs 5 rubles in 1998 will be somewhat different. Similar copies can be sold for 500, and sometimes for 800 rubles. This is a pretty solid surcharge for a small inaccuracy.

Detailed description

Before determining how much it costs 5 rubles in 1998, you need to have a complete picture of the appearance of the coin. It is a round billet with a diameter of 25 millimeters, made of an alloy of copper and nickel. This is a fairly common material for the manufacture of metal currency. The coin's coin is made in the form of alternating sections: smooth and corrugated. Each of them must be exactly twelve. In total, 60 identical incisions are applied on the lateral surface. The product has a thickness of 1.8 millimeters with a mass of 6.45 grams. On the obverse in the upper part around the circle in capital letters written "BANK OF RUSSIA". In the center is a two-headed eagle, under which there is a stamp of the mint under the paw. Under it is clearly indicated the value of the par value and the date of issue. Both inscriptions are separated from each other by an even feature with a small dot in the center. On the reverse, slightly to the left of the center, there is a relief image of a digital value, under which is the name of the monetary unit. On the right side there is an ornament in the form of a curved branch with several curls.

The second feature

If you look closely at the coins made in St. Petersburg, you can see that some of them also have some inaccuracies. According to the approved drawing, the leaf, located to the right of the number "5", should fit tightly to the edge. On some copies this does not happen. Between the leaf and the solid fringing, a small gap is clearly visible.

This could happen as a result of the displacement of the form. Similar samples were released slightly. That's why any numismatist dreams of such a pattern. What is the real value of such a coin of 5 rubles in 1998? The price usually fluctuates between 2.5 thousand rubles. It all depends on the state of the instance. If the product is perfectly clean and shiny, then you can take even 8 thousand rubles for it. Such a figure of any person can make you think. After all, such coins are still in circulation. Every citizen can become their lucky owner, if he carefully scrutinizes what money is in his hands.

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