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Have you ever been invited to a Chicago party? No? Then you lost a lot. A few years ago, a gangster party in the Chicago style was perceived as something original and exotic. And it is not surprising, because it was only for real professionals to organize it. But for today, a party in the style of Chicago was at the top among the most popular parties of the year. Having visited it, I want to organize the same and myself. So what do you need to do to make your Chicago party the best?

A Chicago-style party is the ideal option to have fun at the next corporate party. All your guests, colleagues and friends will happily transfer to the world of harsh gangsters and inviting casinos. And to visit the era of jazz and the legendary Merlin Monroe, you need to know just a few simple rules.

To begin with, we must remember that the period of gangsters is marked in history, as the time of jazz music and lawlessness. You can imagine how it will excite the guests who came to the party, who will fully experience the customs and traditions of that time.

That's just no parody of such an event will not tolerate, so you need to prepare as carefully as possible. Realism is the main condition for holding a party in the style of Chicago.

What to wear ?

The fact that the party should be present in special suits should be given to the guests in advance. The main attributes of the holiday are: a suit in a thin strip, suspenders, a revolver and without fail a hat, and finding them quickly will be very problematic. It would be nice to send invitations with detailed instructions. Be sure to describe what needs to be present in the external appearance.

If we talk about costumes, then know that the most fashionable trend of the evening is a retro style. Women are very fortunate in this, as this style is considered the sexiest for many generations in a row. The image of the beauty of those years will be able to hit any man on the spot. That only there are silk dresses, retro hairstyles with waves, a huge amount of diamonds and a fur cape on the shoulders. The head should be decorated with a small hat with several feathers or in the same style a bandage with a feather. Very sexy will look at slender legs tights in a large net and shoes on a huge stud. Agree, this is just stunning!

A striped suit and a white starched shirt will be well complemented by braces, a beautiful tie, hat and, of course, cigars, to which it would be nice to get a mouthpiece. A Chicago-style party also involves a cane and a revolver.

Where to get clothes ?

Since this is a retro party, you can search for clothes in the attic. Surely your grandparents will have something that must match the image. Also you should not ignore such stores as second-hand, among the numerous junk you will surely run into something worthwhile. It would also be nice to visit the market tents with all sorts of old accessories: hats, mouthpieces, cigarette cases, and also pocket watches you will find there.

Interior decoration

A party in the style of Chicago can not do without an appropriate interior. This also needs to be taken care of in advance. Not bad posters that depict New York, well-known musicians, gangsters and ordinary people dressed in the American style of those years will look good. Pleasure your friends and inserted in the blanks of photos in the gangster style of the faces of the guests who came to the party and the inscription on it "are wanted", in English WONTED. The background can serve all sorts of films that reflect the theme of a party in the Chicago style, such as "Godfather", "Pulp Fiction", "Maps, Money, Two Barrels" and many others. It will not be bad if you suddenly get lucky and you get a roulette table, toy or real does not matter. Alcoholic beverages are best poured into teapots, because the "dry law" has not been canceled yet. If a party in the Chicago style is a serious event, then the music should be appropriate. In this case jazz compositions can be used as best or if there are none, then at worst the Russian group Bravo will come down.


Games, toasts, congratulations competitions for a party in the style of Chicago, too, must be a certain focus. In order that all this does not turn into a farce for the party, you just need to invite a cheerful presenter, who must necessarily be in the subject. Imagine that after the arrival of the guests an hour passed, you already appreciated each other's costumes, your hats have been lying in some dark corner for a long time, and the toy revolvers ceased to attract attention. Then the leader will come to the rescue, who will start a new contest on time or ask you to monitor your accessories: "Lady, why did you take off your gloves?", "Sir, you again left your weapons unattended! It's not gangland! "

And finally, I want to recall the prizes. Be sure to think through this question. Prizes can be different: from men's cigars and a cigarette case to small bottles of alcohol. Have a good party!

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