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Valeria and Valery: compatibility in love

Sometimes there are pairs where a man and a woman are named the same, for example, Alexander and Alexander, Eugene and Eugene, Valeria and Valery. Compatibility of people in such unions is of great interest, because it is believed that partners in such relationships are the same in nature, intelligence and thinking. Whether this is so, we will describe in this article. We will consider this situation on the example of relations of such a couple as Valeria and Valery. Their compatibility will be analyzed in accordance with various aspects of the partnership. So, let's begin.

Valeria and Valery: compatibility of feelings

Such people selectively approach the choice of a partner in life. If they are together, it means that their feelings are really strong and sincere. Valerii are characterized by their unpredictability, so this union is difficult to call stable. Well, if this quality is manifested in the ability to surprise the other, in making pleasant romantic nonsense. But if such variability is a cause for concern to the partner, this can lead to adverse consequences. Valeria, both men and women, are known for their jealousy. It is enough only one glance of their partners towards other people of the opposite sex, as these incredulous people immediately spoil the mood. They need to be more confident in themselves and in their loved ones, then their union will be able to develop favorably.

Valeria and Valery: Compatibility in Marriage

After legalizing the relationship, the family becomes the first person for such people. All other spheres of life become secondary. What is their family compatibility? Valeria is a wonderful hostess. She likes to work in the household, has decency, accuracy and development. Valery also does not hesitate to take on homework and with zeal helps his wife. These people can rightfully be called solitary. Such a husband and wife are very attached to each other and have real warm and tender feelings. Children for them are truly flowers of life. To them, the couple shows increased attention and concern, surround them with warmth and love, for which their children are grateful to them. Often in such unions, husband and wife are each other real friends.

Valeria and Valery: compatibility in sex

In this pair, special attention is paid to the outside of the intimate life. Both appreciate the beauty of each other, like beautiful underwear and jewelry. Sex is seen by partners as a vital stimulus, as a means to gain self-confidence and relax. Valeria - a skillful and excellent mistress, who knows how to give pleasure to her husband. Valery, in turn, is also experienced and relaxed in bed. Here the situation is of little importance for intimacy. For such people is more important than the courage and passion of their beloved. In sensitive situations, this couple benefits from an ineradicable sense of humor. As a rule, Valeria of both sexes are faithful and devoted people. After the registration of marriage, they do not even have a desire not to change, but even to be interested in persons of the opposite sex. Therefore, in general, the compatibility of the name Valery and Valery can be characterized as favorable and almost ideal.

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