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How to enter the astral?

Everyone who aspires to develop his own consciousness, sooner or later, faces the question of how to enter the astral. Currently, many methods and methods have been published, but the main thing in this business is constant practice and training. This article presents the most common and effective ways to ensure a fairly fast result.

The most popular technique, describing how to go into the astral, is a conscious dream and is useful even to people who have never done it. So, you need to take a horizontal position and ensure yourself complete peace. Take care that no extraneous sounds interfere with you and nobody distracts, for example, buy ear plugs and disconnect all phones. You can not move, you should achieve complete relaxation of the body. But at the same time it is worthwhile to control everything that happens, because if you fall asleep, then the attempt of the experiment will not succeed. This technique is based on the fact that in a state immediately after sleep or before it, the human brain works at a special frequency that allows the soul to enter the astral plane.

Of course, do not wait for miracles. Most likely, the first time you will not succeed, but further training will bear fruit. When a person is fluent in such a simple technique, he gets the opportunity to travel to different corners of the earth and even communicate with interesting people. What to do after complete relaxation of the body? You should feel some vibrations, the sensations will be unusual and even strange. Try to move your fingers without doing it physically. If you succeed, you can gradually raise your arm, leg, move the body. There are several ways to get out of the body, for example, drumming, jumping out, or moving to another place mentally.

Remember the main warning! If you have long struggled over the question of how to enter the astral, and, finally, a small miracle has happened, then for the first time you should be careful. You can not leave the room and, especially, move to an unfamiliar area. The fact is that your astral body is not prepared for such drastic changes, so it can simply get lost and not return. Contact with the astral world is a very delicate matter, and it should be treated with all responsibility and seriousness. Some people after such sessions have paranormal abilities. This also happens, and therefore, before you go into the astral, you need to analyze all the pros and cons, so you do not regret it later.

In addition, when the body is in a relaxed half-asleep state, the human brain operates in a different mode. In this regard, in some cases, there are hallucinations or extraneous sounds, which in principle in this room can not be.

In practice, you can often hear such words: "I try and can not get out to the astral." First, do not despair, perhaps, attempts were not enough. Secondly, try to mentally reproduce all your actions and understand at what moment you made a mistake, what are you doing wrong.

Separately, I want to note how to correctly return to the body. Most people do not focus on this aspect, but this does not become less important. You can experiment and apply several methods. The simplest is the order given to its astral body. It is enough to say the word "Come back!". If this did not work, then try to return to the room on the same route as you went.

Much less often is used no less effective practice of meditation. To implement it requires more skills and knowledge. As a rule, it is difficult for a person to sit in one position in one position for a long time and at the same time relax. You can choose several vending techniques of meditation and alternately apply each of them.

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