The device of drainage on a country site

Every owner of a suburban real estate knows very well how many problems the waterlogging of the soil brings, especially if the suburban area is located in a low place. In this case, the drainage device is simply necessary. What is the danger of excessive moisture on the countryside? Overmoistening of the soil as a result of precipitation of a large amount of precipitation and melting snow creates a danger not only to the garden plot, but also to the structure directly on its territory.

A prolonged stagnation of moisture leads to the death of lawn grass, garden flowers and fruit trees, because for their normal development, their root system needs oxygen, which in the overwetted soil is practically nonexistent. For buildings, excessive moistening of soils also carries the threat of destruction of the foundation construction, promotes the manifestation of biological processes (mold, fungus, all kinds of microorganisms) in the basement. Often this leads to a loss of thermal properties, due to deformation processes occurring in the doors and windows.

What does the drainage device provide, and what sorts of it exist? Drainage is a system of pipelines and auxiliary structures that ensure the reduction of excessive groundwater or groundwater pressure. For this purpose, the laying of pipes of perforated type with holes of a certain diameter in their walls under the assumed level of groundwater is performed. The device of drainage on a site is carried out by two basic methods - superficial (linear) and deep.

For the rapid removal of excess water, which was formed from the atmospheric precipitation and snow melt in the springtime, a drainage device around the house is applied in a superficial way. For drainage of groundwater, which are at a depth of 1,700 millimeters, a deep-drain method is used. These two types of drainage can be combined into one system and work fine in a single complex. Before carrying out work on the installation of a drainage system, it is important to have the results of analyzes of the soil layer of the infield area and measurements of the depth of groundwater. The technology of the device of drainage systems assumes two of its types: open and closed.

The open system of deep open drainage is characterized by simplicity of the device and minimal financial costs. It is performed in the form of excavated open trenches, in rare cases with installed reinforced concrete trays, which have a slope to the water intake device (drainage well). In other cases, a ravine, a pond or a swamp is used as a water intake device.

The greatest convenience and durability during operation is a closed drainage device. For its installation, it is first necessary to excavate trenches, the depth of which is from 700 to 1500 mm, and the width - not less than 500 mm. At the bottom of the trenches, a sand or gravel preparation with a height of 100 mm is arranged, and only after this is laid the laying of drainage perforated pipes, which are usually made of ceramics. Directly with their help, groundwater is collected and withdrawn to a drainage well.

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