Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * in Greece: reviews

If you are planning a vacation in Greece, then, considering the most suitable options for you, be sure to think about Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites (Chalkidiki, Athos). In this article, we want to talk about this complex in detail, so that you have the most complete idea of it.


Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * (Greece) is considered one of the best places to relax on Chalkidiki. The greatest and indisputable advantage of the hotel is its location. It should be noted that the complex is in a very picturesque place. It is surrounded by mountains, drowning in greenery, and the clearest sea. And the hotel itself is well decorated in a modern style.

As you could already understand, Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites is located on the Athos peninsula, in the Tripit area, just three kilometers from Nea Roda and five kilometers from the town of Ouranoupoli. From the complex to the border with the monastic republic is nine kilometers. The distance to the Macedonia airport in Thessaloniki is one hundred and eight kilometers, so it will take some time to get to the place of rest. In principle, this is not a problem, as you can arrange a transfer. You will be waiting for a comfortable bus that will take you to Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * (Chalkidiki, Athos). By car, the road does not take more than an hour and a half (the bus goes a little longer). Some vacationers remain unhappy with the fact that the trip has to take so much time.

Number of rooms

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites has a large enough well-maintained territory. The complex includes twelve three-story buildings, as well as nine two-storey buildings. The number of rooms is 243 apartments. Depending on your desire, you can choose from the following categories of rooms:

  1. Standard - an ordinary family room, which is designed for two adults and two children.
  2. Executive apartments with a sea view of a family type.
  3. Triple room with garden view.
  4. Triple apartment with pool view.
  5. Family standard with a small bonus in the form of a sea landscape.
  6. Suite - a special room for newlyweds.
  7. Double apartment with windows facing the garden.
  8. Double room overlooking the pool.
  9. Junior Suite.
  10. Deluxe Suite.

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites (Greece) has good, tastefully decorated rooms. All apartments have automatic air conditioning, mini bar, available on request, refrigerator, kettle (electric), sugar, tea, coffee, satellite TV, hairdryer, direct dial telephone, wireless Internet, safe (for a fee), electronic locks, toilet Accessories, veranda or balcony.

The hotel was renovated in 2007 and in 2009. Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites is a wonderful place for a good family vacation. Being away from the hustle and bustle, the guests of the complex can really relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility that the inhabitants of megacities do not have.

Hotel Infrastructure

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * (Greece, Chalkidiki) has enough developed infrastructure. On the territory of the complex there are two swimming pools with fresh water, a sunbathing terrace, and there is also an indoor heated pool in the complex. For business meetings, several conference halls are at your disposal, and solemn events can be organized in the banquet hall.

The administration of the complex does not forget about the guests with disabilities. Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites accepts pets only, subject to prior arrangement and additional payment.

Guests of the hotel can always use the car park or rent a car. If necessary, dry cleaning and laundry services are available.

For guests Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * there is a pool bar, snack bar, restaurant, beach bar, tavern, Classic-bar. Here you can get acquainted with Mediterranean cuisine and taste international dishes. The hotel's bars offer exotic cocktails and the best soft drinks.

On the territory of the complex there is a small shop and a currency exchange office.

Entertainment and Sports

For those who prefer to spend time actively and not to lie around on the beach, Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * (Chalkidiki) offers a tennis court, play volleyball, basketball, football, rent a bicycle.

The most pleasant bonus of staying at the hotel is the presence of a spa in the hotel, which you can always use. To fully enjoy the rest and relax will help massage, sauna or steam bath, Jacuzzi. In addition, you can visit the fitness center. On the beach, tourists can do all the available water sports.

In the evenings, tourists enjoy live music. And if you want, the most active guests can finish the day at the disco. The administration of the complex cares about the leisure of its holidaymakers, that is why the animators for adults are engaged in leisure activities.

Catering services

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 * (Chalkidiki) offers its guests two options for catering, depending on their wishes - half board or full board. Food is always a very important moment during the rest. In addition, the issue of nutritional assessment in terms of feedback is always contradictory, however good it may be. All the same, the personal perception of each person is affected. For especially picky and spoiled people, there is always something they are not happy with, even in the most luxurious hotel. As for the Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites, the reviews indicate that the food here is organized at a fairly good level. The hotel guests do not stay hungry, you can always choose a variety of food and in unlimited quantities. Very praised tourists Greek yogurt with honey, which you can taste during the rest. Seafood is served daily, which gives guests the opportunity to taste a variety of delicacies. According to people, cooks are masters of their craft, sweet dishes deserve special attention. They just can not tear themselves away. So, for sweets there is a real paradise. Breakfasts are served at breakfasts, which is very important for children. So in the morning you should hurry, otherwise you just can not find them. And in local bars and restaurants you simply can not order them. That's why it's good that the local chefs took care of the smallest visitors.

Some guests think that breakfasts are standard in the hotel, as they say, without any frills, but, nevertheless, they are very satisfying, so no one needs additional food.

But dinners are very diverse, there is something to choose and what to eat. Experienced tourists are especially delighted with desserts and recommend them to try. As a rule, they like even those who are indifferent to sweets.

Some tourists prefer to book themselves at the hotel only breakfast and dinner, and dine somewhere in the tavern, because the day does not always have time to return at the appointed time with guided tours. In general, I want to note that the chefs offer quite a variety of dishes for the guests of the complex.

Impressions from the rest - it's a kind of picture, consisting of small parts, each detail in its own way is important for creating a common atmosphere and mood. And food plays a significant role in our life, therefore it pleases that the hotel administration cares about its visitors, thereby creating a good mood and positive emotions for them.

Beach complex

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites (Chalkidiki) has a nice beach. The hotel is located in the first line, which is very convenient. The beach is sandy, clean and has a gently sloping entrance to the sea. The coastal zone, according to guests' reviews, is always clean, there is absolutely no debris, apparently the territory is cleaned every day, so you do not have to worry about the children, always swarming in the sand.

On the beach there is a sufficient number of sun loungers, for all holidaymakers there is enough space. Depending on which housing you live in, walk to the sea for three to seven minutes at a leisurely pace. There is even an underground passage to the shore. Very pleased that the hotel maintains the cleanliness of the beach, as it is very important for the sea resort.

The sea in these parts is always clean and calm. With children, you can safely go and not worry about what can be a storm, there can be no waves. Water in the spring quickly heats up, and in the end of May it is possible to bathe. Of course, the hotel has swimming pools, but it's a sin to sit next to them when there's such a warm and friendly sea nearby.

According to tourists' reviews, the beach of the hotel deserves all praise and is perfect for relaxing with kids.

Children's animation

The hotel administration took care of the smallest guests. For them on the territory of the complex there is a playground, an animation club, entertaining programs in it for Russian-speaking children are held in Russian.

I want to note that not all parents are satisfied with the work of the animators, believing that there are very few programs for children. Others, on the contrary, praise the children's club.

The hotel does not have a specialized children's menu, consider this point if your child does not fit adult food. However, it should be noted that all dishes are suitable for children and if desired, you can pick up what the kids will like.

Excursions and entertainments

Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites is the place where you will be able to forget about the bustle and plunge into the tranquil atmosphere of relaxation. If you are looking for noisy and stormy parties all night long and active adult animation, then you should look for a different place. The hotel clearly positions itself as a complex for a family holiday. It has a beautiful large, vegetation-covered territory. But at the same time the hotel is in some seclusion. Five kilometers from it is Uranupoli, and in ten minutes there is a port of Tripiti, from where every half hour the ferry leaves, in two kilometers the village of Nea Roda is located. If you wish, you can quickly reach any of these localities, where there are taverns, restaurants, embankment, shops and supermarkets, as well as its interesting sights. Bored guests do not have to. Just be aware that the entire infrastructure is at least a few kilometers away, which makes the hotel very quiet and peaceful place to relax. Here you will not be disturbed by music from bars and restaurants, not allowing to fall asleep until the morning.

The huge plus of the complex is the availability of its own school for scuba diving. Now many people are fond of diving, so this is a good opportunity not just to relax, but also to enjoy the beauties of the local underwater world. Nature here as if created to be admired, and underwater beauties are no exception. Prices in the underwater school are quite democratic.

In May and June the hotel is very quiet, there is not a huge crowd of holidaymakers. At this time, as a rule, pilgrims and families with children come here. Resting in the complex, you can visit a huge number of excursions and get to the holy places, it is here that many people come here.

The hotel administration organizes numerous trips, which will allow you to admire the local beauties. Very interesting is the five-hour excursion called "St. Athos cruise", there is a good program for visiting local monasteries, you can visit the Belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and also go to the thermal springs in Aridea, where you can swim in a font with a water temperature of 37 degrees. At the reception of the hotel you will be prompted by a lot of options for trips. If you want to devote some time to shopping, then it's better to go to Soloniki, because there are no big shops in Halkidiki. In general, tourists will not be bored even if the sea is not very warm.

Reviews of holidaymakers

I want to note that this hotel is a good place for families, newlyweds, elderly people to relax. All guests will find entertainment for themselves here. Beautiful nature and local attractions will not leave anyone indifferent.

So you can safely recommend for a rest Alexandros Palace Hotel Suites 5 *, reviews of which are generally positive. Of course, as in any place, there are incidents, and vacationers have complaints, but, in general, the complex deserves attention.

The hotel boasts a great wonderful area and close proximity to the sea. In the water it is absolutely safe to swim, in these places there are absolutely no dangerous underwater inhabitants. Some guests think that the rooms are not cleaned well enough, however, the administration recommends that they notify them about their comments, which will allow them to be eliminated as soon as possible. As for the cleanliness of the beach and the territory, there are no complaints, all tourists are very pleased. In the evening, adults are entertained several times a week, weekly Greek nights are arranged, and you can also enjoy live music.

If you are tempted by a quiet, measured rest on the sea surrounded by beautiful nature, then you should definitely visit this complex. It is also nice that besides the sea holidays there is an opportunity to visit excursions and get acquainted with the sights. Sometimes holidays abroad for some tourists is limited to the fact that they spend all the time only on the territory of the hotel. Athos is so beautiful that he must certainly be looked at. It is also recommended to visit Thessaloniki, where you will be amazed by the abundance of sights that are found everywhere. You can also go to the confectioneries, to the market, to the themed cafeterias, which are a great many here.

Instead of an afterword

In our article, we tried to talk in more detail about one of the best hotels in Greece. We hope that the information will be useful for those people who choose a place to relax in this wonderful country, and will help to form the most truthful impression.

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