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Suzdal is a magnificent pearl in the luxurious necklace of the Golden Ring of Russia-Mother. In this cozy town with a unique ecological purity there are no industrial enterprises and huge shopping centers. In a city enchanting its old-fashioned, do not erect buildings above three floors. Therefore, any hotel in Suzdal is miniature and in its own way nice.

Description of hotel infrastructure in Suzdal

The hotel infrastructure in Suzdal is not large. Hotels in it a little, and their appearance is not the same as everywhere. Unusual hotels in Suzdal, where prices range from 700 to 6500 rubles per day, are similar to gingerbread houses, fabulous log cabins, painted teremas, solid landlord houses and exquisite manors of Russian aristocrats. There is not to meet ultramodern high-rise hotels. However, comfort, hospitable attitude to the guests and excellent service to the hotels in the native Russian style does not take.

Exterior of modern hotel houses, where accommodation is cheap, in an amazing town echoes its pristine appearance, the traditional architecture of ancient Russia. Suzdal hotels, where average prices are 3,500 rubles a day, harmoniously blend into the local scenic landscapes with Russian birches, churches and monasteries, creating an unrivaled atmosphere of comfort and gracious pacification.

Small hotels of the ancient Russian city with speaking names ("Spasskaya Gorka", "Compound of the coachman", "Cherry Orchard", "Alekseevskaya Usadba", "Kolodvorie", "Russian Hut"), equipped with modern technical equipment, serve an incredible number of travelers every day Touch the cultural and historical heritage of Russia, recharge with positive energy, experience the breathtaking emotions.

Not much Suzdal. Hotels, guest houses are not tied in it to any specific places of interest. It's easy to get to them from any hotel. A distinctive feature of inexpensive Suzdal hotels is their compactness, staffing with a small number of apartments with an atmosphere of home comfort. Small comfortable houses have a maximum of eight rooms.

Hotel "Sokol" in Suzdal

Elegant hotel "Sokol" is located in a historical building with the architecture of the XIX century, in the former luxurious merchant's estate. The hotel is in the heart of the glorious Suzdal. It adjoins the walls of the famous Suzdal Kremlin, the magnificent city park and the shopping center "Gostiny Dvor". From the upper floors of the hotel you can see Suzdal on the palm of your hand. The Sokol hotel is within walking distance of local attractions.

The hotel, which underwent a major renovation in 2013, is serviced by friendly staff. The equipment of spacious apartments completely meets the requirements of modernity. They are equipped with refrigerators, air conditioning, TVs and private bathrooms. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

The restaurant for holidaymakers is covered with a buffet for breakfast. Lunches and dinners are held on the principle of A La Carte - guests choose dishes from the menu offered. Tables are served in two spacious halls and on the summer veranda (in season). The chef spoils guests with delicious dishes from European and Russian cuisines.

Suzdal abounds in monasteries, temples and churches. Hotel "Sokol" wedding ceremonies, themed celebrations and significant festivals helps to organize. It often hosts corporate events.

The staff organizes excursions to natural and cultural-historical monuments. Budget hotel in Suzdal "Sokol" offers to visit the museums of the city, go for a walk in a horse-drawn carriage, go horseback riding, ride a river tram in Kamenka, relax in a Russian bath.

Apartments in the hotel "Sokol"

A cozy hotel in Suzdal "Sokol" is equipped with double superior rooms and suites. Double rooms are formed by a room with a bedroom and a living area, a bathroom. The room is furnished with two beds, a desk, armchairs with a coffee table, wardrobe, TV. There is a kettle and a telephone in it. In the bathroom, combined with a toilet, guests will find a hairdryer, a set of towels and hygiene products.

Luxury apartments are furnished with double beds, tables: toilet, work and magazine, wardrobe. They are equipped with a TV, telephone and a kettle. They are equipped with two bathrooms with a hairdryer, towels and toiletries - in the guest there is a toilet room, the main one is equipped with a bathroom with a toilet.

Reviews about the hotel "Sokol"

Tourists like Suzdal: hotels are inexpensive, natural scenery of amazing beauty, majestic monuments of architecture allow you to relax, relax, get pleasant impressions. About the hotel "Sokol" travelers have only positive reviews. In their opinion, the interiors of the hotel are well thought out, the apartments are spacious, bright and clean, the staff is attentive and polite. The restaurant serves deliciously prepared, originally served hearty dishes.

Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel

Successfully mastering the high technologies of tourism Suzdal. Hotels, inexpensive offering accommodation, along with excursion rest provide decent entertainment and relaxation in spa-salons. The hotel complex "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" is formed by several buildings of the XIX century. In it the main building with modern architecture harmoniously united with traditional Russian log houses.

"Pushkarskaya Sloboda" is an original 4-star hotel in Suzdal, offering accommodation in standard rooms and suites with free internet and panoramic views of the picturesque Kamenka River, equipped with their own bathrooms, LCD TVs and minibars.

Services at the Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel

Russian gastronomic traditions are revered by Suzdal. Hotels, Pushkarskaya Sloboda, including restaurants, chefs who prepare national dishes. From spa-services here offer classes in the gym, relaxation in the Turkish bath, sauna and hot tub, beauty salon procedures and massage parlor. Tourists play billiards, ride horses, participate in evening animation programs. Children are looked after by a nanny, a club, a playground is created for them.

Reviews of tourists to the hotel «Pushkarskaya Sloboda»

The reviews mark the strengths and weaknesses of the hotel. On the background of the well-groomed territory with a broken garden, perfectly clean apartments and two restaurants Pushkar and Beehive with fine cuisine, according to holidaymakers, the spa center fades. Service in it is rather weak, it does not shine with cleanliness. In addition, the soundproofing of apartments in the building "Knyazhiy" pumped up.

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