Hurghada Hotel Golden Fiv Huge recreation complex

The resort of Khargada in Egypt stretches its sandy beaches for forty kilometers along the Red Sea. This coast already has more than two hundred hotels and this number is constantly increasing. Truly here you can make a choice even to the most fastidious tourist. But we now turn our attention to the Hurghada Hotel Golden Fiv. This large hotel complex was built in 1997. On its vast territory there are seven buildings and more than 40 detached villas.

The location of Golden Five Hotel in Hurghada shows that this is a huge complex consisting of several hotels located on the same territory. All buildings of the complex have their own star level and its own name: Paradise Golden Five 5 *, Al Mas Palace 5 *, Diamond 5 *, Emerald 5 *, Club Golden Five 4 *, Topaz Club Hotel 4 *, Sapphire Suites Hotel 4 *. You can choose the body for every taste. On the first line of the sea is the building of the Diamond Building, it operates on a common all-inclusive system. A little further from the coast, behind the pool, but also on the first line is the Main Building. In this building, guests are offered services on the "half board" system. On the territory of Hurghada, Golden Fove Hotel hosts the most famous "Singing Fountains" in Egypt. The show is held daily and gathers numerous spectators from all over Hurghada. For the hotel guests the show is free of charge.

The total area of the entire complex is almost 55 hectares. The main restaurant has the name "Red Sea", there is an Italian restaurant for lunch and dinner, a coffee shop, three more cafes and a bar, including the pool and the beach. There is a large artificial lake with sea water. Hurghada hotel Golden Fiv complex is equipped with a huge outdoor pool, which has five offices and a children's pool. For the guests there is a cable car, a currency exchange office, a shopping center. There is a business center with 4 meeting rooms. The water park is equipped with a jacuzzi, it has five slides for adults and two children's slides. There is also an aquapark, equipped in a lagoon on the water, there are "icebergs", trampolines and water swings.

The whole complex of hotels has a common infrastructure, located on a common territory. Vacationers who live in any of the buildings can use the services of the entire infrastructure of the complex. Naturally, with such popularity there are numerous reviews about the Golden Five Hotel in Hurghada. In general, all the reviews are positive and enthusiastic. Visitors to the complex like a large assortment and quality of food. The choice of food is simply huge, before desserts and baking it is usually difficult to maintain an appetite, because you can eat meat, fish and vegetables. The restaurant staff is helpful and copes well with their duties. Many like how to clean the rooms and monitor the cleanliness in them. Try to decorate the room, making of pure towels flowers, swans and crocodiles.

Hurghada Golden Fiv Hotel is also famous for its beach and clean sea, in which there are many beautiful exotic fish. The staff at the beach is friendly and helpful, everyone smiles, helps with sunbeds and tries to create the most comfortable conditions for recreation. There are also negative reviews from tourists who rested in this complex, but most of them are not connected with the hotel itself, but with the shortcomings of the work of tour operators. The conditions in all buildings of the complex are quite good and do not cause negative emotions. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a balcony or terrace, satellite TV with a Russian channel. The bathroom has all toiletries, hairdryer and bidet. Rooms are cleaned daily and all towels are changed. The concept of the whole complex is to make it completely self-sufficient so that the tourists who live there do not even have the need and desire to go beyond its territory. Here there is all the entertainment and the whole leisure industry.

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