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"White Rabbit" is a restaurant in Moscow. Address, menu, reviews. White Rabbit Restaurant

In the story "Alice in Wonderland", to get to the fairy-tale country, it was necessary to follow the white rabbit. But in Moscow, instead of a rabbit burrow, it is necessary to go deep into the building and climb up to the uppermost floor of the Passage, where the White Rabbit is located - a restaurant whose address is known to almost every metropolitan.

About the place

For 4 years "White Rabbit", located on the 16th floor of the shopping center "Smolensky Passage", pleases visitors not only with a magnificent panorama, but also with excellent cuisine and the best cocktails in the capital. For all of its existence, the restaurant White Rabbit (Moscow) does not leave the first pages of popular gastronomic magazines. And all because he is the best, amazing and unique!

The main actors of the establishment are Boris Zarkov (restaurateur) and Vladimir Mukhin (chef). 2 years ago, the institution turned out to be 71 in the list of 100 best restaurants in the world.

As for Vladimir Mukhin, he is a multiple champion of culinary competitions and has repeatedly represented our country in the world gastronomic arena. And to really appreciate the skill and uniqueness of the chef, you need to visit White Rabbit.

Thanks to Vladimir's creativity, each new season begins with a specially designed set, in the creation of which the ingredients of domestic production participate. As it turned out, even culinary masterpieces can be prepared from Russian products. The main thing is to know how to successfully combine textures, tastes and heat treatment.

The fairy tale begins

But most visitors are struck by the weekly gastronomic festival, created based on "Alice in Wonderland". It all starts with a bottle that says Drink me, and then jumps into the rabbit hole.

The performance takes place every Thursday on the first floor of the White Rabbit. The restaurant develops a special program consisting of 12 maps, 12 courses and 12 chapters. Each of them tells about a harmonious combination of cocktails, food, tells about tastes and aromas and reveals secrets concerning the properties of edible substances.

Those who are not ready to experience new gastronomic tastes are allowed to order ordinary dishes.

Range of dishes

"White Rabbit" is a restaurant, the menu of which represents different dishes, only they are all made in the original Mukhinsky performance and differ from others by their uniqueness.

For example, bread here is baked from a birch bast, meat has a sweet aftertaste, carp is swimming in a borsch, for a chip is used the skin of a viscous griffon pig, milk is obtained from corn. Only here you can try ice cream from pine needles, what to say about the uniqueness of the assortment of dishes, if in the kitchen of an institution of truffles can squeeze juice!

And this is only the beginning, because "White Rabbit" is a restaurant in which one study of the cocktail card causes a storm of inexpressible emotions, let alone their taste.

Interior Design

In this institution everything is so Chekhov's beautiful that sometimes you forget where you are. Particularly stands out from the windows, and it's not for nothing that visitors consider it a tourist attraction "White Rabbit". The restaurant at first glance seems like a Carollian slightly crazy. Panoramic windows add a special charm to the interior, and, interestingly, they do not hide the great prospects of the capital, but, on the contrary, bring it closer.

True, such a variety prevents focusing on a certain detail, everything seems slightly unstable: a quilted ceiling, throughout the restaurant are arranged sofas of different colors with interesting curved backs.

Particular attention is attracted to the center of the room. Do not make out what is here: either a chest of drawers, or a fireplace, or a buffet. In any case, this piece of interior is very beautiful and mysteriously highlighted by purple illumination.

However, this should be the institution with the name "White Rabbit". The restaurant is like a fairytale country, where all the magic begins in the kitchen.

Excerpts from the menu

The final touch in the integrity of the institution, as always, remains for his chef. In the possession of Vladimir Mukhin, traditional Russian cuisine is harmoniously combined with modern cooking technology and serving dishes.

Certainly, many Moscow chefs try to unite such opposites. But, as the result shows, no one, like Vladimir, it has not happened yet.

Here is the result of the magic happening in "White Rabbit". The restaurant offers the following dishes:

  • Pâté from rabbit with toast from bread;
  • Mutton side (langued);
  • Soup from capercaillie with aromatic tarragon;
  • The root of the goat sailor with foam from foie gras.

For drinkers

A bar in the White Rabbit deserves special attention. The restaurant, according to visitors, gathered only professionals of their craft, so remember the name Oleg Reshetnikov.

So, the bar is located in the center of the hall and, as you guessed it, plays in the institution is not the most recent role. The chief barman of the "White Rabbit" is still a magician and an inventor. The combination of the ingredients that make up his cocktails truly creates incredible tastes. It's just sad ... Alcoholic cocktails have the property of intoxicating - which means they will not be abused, and you will not be able to try all the masterpieces in one evening. Although, on the other hand, it is an excellent occasion to return here again.

A couple of cocktails from the bar menu:

  • Lemongrass with vanilla and raspberry berries.
  • Pineapple with rosemary.
  • Red currant with grappa.

Follow the white rabbit

If in 2014 the institution occupied 71 lines in the world ranking, then a year later, "White Rabbit" (restaurant, Moscow), was among the top 50 restaurants on the planet. And this means that it is now not only under the close attention of professionals, but also became the so-called capital mecca for tourists and critics from all countries.

And now, in the British capital, in the town hall building, built in the 15th century, chefs with a world-wide name are present and announce that the Moscow restaurant "White Rabbit" occupies the 23rd position. Is not this a success? For one year to rise from 71 seats to 23!

This is the main merit of the chef - Vladimir Mukhin. His author's style and non-standard approach to work have repeatedly demonstrated to the world that he is one of the best.

Positive reviews

"White Rabbit" - a restaurant, reviews of which there are not only good, but also bad. However, let's start with a pleasant one. Muscovites, residents and guests of the capital unanimously reiterate the successful location of the institution. This is difficult to disagree, since for many years on the 16th floor of the shopping and business center "Smolensky Passage" was the office of the Live Journal. And only a couple of years ago the room turned into one of the expensive and imposing restaurants of the country. And, judging by the numerous comments on thematic forums, the chic panoramic view (especially the evening one) captures more than the culinary delights that are served.

The kitchen was given special attention. Visitors were left amazed by the chef's ability to successfully combine products that are not at first glance. All visitors agreed that with the arrival of the chef Vladimir Mukhin in the restaurant White Rabbit (Moscow), the food became much tastier, more refined and more interesting.

Negative feedback

"Follow Rabbit, but be careful" - that's how you can describe the essence of all negative comments about this institution. Perhaps there is no restaurant in the world that every visitor will be satisfied with, and "White Rabbit" is no exception.

The first thing that dissatisfied guests of the institution note is the boorish attitude of the staff towards their visitors. There have been cases when the manager took the responsibility to decide whether you are going to have supper at the "White Rabbit" today or not. And this is despite the fact that you booked a table in advance.

The second is slow waiters who can forget about your order. It was written many reviews that after a long wait for the order, many visitors just turned around and went out to dinner in another place. From this moment it is necessary to return to the first point: there were no apologies from the manager regarding the delay of the order and banal farewells.

And the third, which caused dissatisfaction with the guests of the restaurant - small portions, high prices.

In conclusion, I want to say that many people, after reading negative comments and reviews, still came and spent a wonderful evening, admiring the beauty of the capital from a bird's eye view and enjoying the exquisite taste of dishes. And if you want to see for yourself the professionalism of the barman and the chef, then you must visit the institution at Smolenskaya sq., 3, TC "Smolensky Passage", 16th floor.

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