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How to choose a fortune-teller for Christmas: reviews and tips

Christmas for many people is not just an Orthodox holiday of great power, but the beginning of holy fortune-telling. This period begins on January 6 and lasts until the Epiphany (January 19). Our ancestors were eagerly awaited when it would be possible not only to have fun, to build, but also to look into the future. It was always very popular fortune telling for Christmas. The reviews say that it is better not to find time to get a truthful answer to your question, because it is this night that the souls of all the dead come to our world, are among the living. Thanks to this, it is easy to establish contact with the other world.

Have you decided to do some sort of fortune-telling for Christmas? Feedback from professionals in this field warns that one should not treat the ritual lightly. It's not just fun, it's an invasion of another world, so you have to be very responsible. So, we bring to your attention Christmas fortune-telling for Christmas. Choose the most suitable and open the veil of your future.

Fortune-telling on Christmas

In order to find out with whom life will be connected and when a meeting with a suitor takes place, girls resort to using many methods from time immemorial. Let's look at a few of them.

Stock up with a deck of cards

When you are going to bed in this magical and magical night, take a diamond king from the deck . Place the card under the pillow and at the same time ask for higher forces so that in nighttime dreams you will be offered a betrothed. A girl should always look beautiful, and this night is no exception. Be sure to wash yourself, comb your hair, you can even put a little make-up and put some decoration along with the card under the pillow. The young man who will visit you this night in dreams, and is considered to be narrowed.

We plant an onion

This is another popular Fortune telling for Christmas. The responses of the fair sex representatives indicate that this way should be used when you have several candidates for the role of groom, but it's difficult to choose between them. The girls claim that their grandmothers and mothers decided on the choice exactly the same way and never regretted it.

So, divination for Christmas on the betrothed is as follows. Take in this magical night as many bulbs as there are contenders for your hand and heart. Each of them sign or designate in a convenient way, that is, each bulb will "answer" for a certain young person. It remains only to put them in the water and wait for them to begin to germinate. Then everything is very simple. Pay attention to what vegetable sprouts will appear first. The person whose name is written on it is the most worthy one. The only negative - this way, like some other Christmas fortune-telling at Christmas, gives an answer not immediately, but after some time. But do not forget that you deserve better, so you can wait.

Fortune-telling with hair

We recommend this method to those girls who already have a serious relationship with a young man, but still something does not give rest, confuses, and doubts torment from day to day. What awaits your relationship in the future? The divination for Christmas will answer this question. The reviews describe him as a reliable way to learn about whether it is worth linking life with a specific person.

In advance, stock up the hair of your fiancé, and on a magical night take a bowl, pour a little water into it, and add a small pinch of sugar, ash and salt. Within 3-5 minutes, mix everything very carefully, then set aside. And when the liquid "calms down," throw two hairs into it - your own and the groom. Place the bowl in a secluded place so that no one touches it until the morning. As soon as you wake up on January 7, begin to interpret the results. If the hairs are not just next to each other, but intertwined, then you can be congratulated - soon you will dress in a wedding attire. When they do not even touch - separation can not be avoided. Be careful if the hairspray lies at the very bottom - its owner expects the disease.

Rooster will tell the future

People have always believed that only the truth will tell fortune telling for Christmas. If they were used by several generations, they really deserve attention and trust. Here and with this method. Guessing is recommended to spend the girl not alone, and together with the girl-friends. After a lot of fun in the festive evening, you can proceed to serious things. Especially it is possible to combine several methods. First, for example, let the cock "tell" about the future, and then use individual divination on the night of Christmas, which are also described in our article.

So, all the girls who want to find out their destiny, should get together on January 6 in the same room and pay off in order of numbers. On the floor you need to sprinkle large grains of wheat or the cereals that your bird prefers, and at midnight you should enter into this room a black cock. Observe his behavior - this will consist of answers to existing questions. If he removes all the grain, then this year's wedding attire will be worn by the one who scattered them on the floor. If some of the grains remain in place, then the girl, whose number coincides with the number of the glued grains, will be engaged. If the bird refuses to eat at all, then it is not necessary to wait for a guessing woman this year.

"Broken heart"

No less popular and fortune-telling fortune-telling for Christmas. It's interesting and fun when the company is on holiday, and everyone wants to joke, laugh. To carry out such a fortune telling (it is more appropriate to call it a game), before the celebration of a Christmas party, you must cut out heart-shaped figures from cardboard of any color. Their number should be twice less than the number of guests. That is, if you called 10 people, make 5 figures. Then each of them must be cut into two parts, but not necessarily exactly. Do it the way you want, but designate where the female, and where the male part. Then mix everything thoroughly and hand it to each guest at the entrance. In this case, say the wish to find your soul mate.

Arming with a book

We recommend this method to those people who have many questions about different spheres of life, but can not find any answers to them. Perhaps, it is necessary to trust the higher forces and the magic night, in order to somehow clarify the situation. Try it, it's absolutely safe. In the old days, such divinations were conducted on the night before Christmas with the help of a liturgical book - the Psalter. Today this collection of psalms is not in every house, therefore it is allowed to take the book of your favorite writer. To get the most accurate answer to the question that interests you, you should concentrate, mentally formulate it as correctly as possible, then choose at random the number of the line from above or below and open the book. Only we recommend for a more complete interpretation to study not only the intended line, but also the entire semantic piece into which it enters.

Fir branches will tell about many things

Some divination on the night before Christmas was associated with spruce branches. After all, this tree was considered sacred, hence, could not lie. Girls and boys in the old times collected twigs of any size, put them under a pillow and asked them to inspire them with prophetic dreams. However, you have to repeat your request exactly twelve times. Those nightly dreams that you will see on this magical night, and will be prophetic. And in the morning it will not hurt to look at the twig itself. If many needles are opal, it promises misfortunes, ills, illness this year. And if they are all in place, then wait for happiness and prosperity.

Are you rich?

This method is not all called truthful, although, as they say, any thought can materialize, so it is better to believe in good. You need to prepare three any plates and one coin. It is desirable to use silver money, but if they are not, then others will fit. Ask one of your friends or family members to hide a coin for any of the dishes on this festive evening, you yourself should not be in the room at that moment. When you enter, you have to guess where the money is. Was it the first time? Expect big profits and material prosperity. From the second, there will be money, but not much; From the third - it is rich to you this year not to live.


So, we presented to you the most popular and necessary ways of fortune telling. Some people say that one should use only those methods that were used in the old days - such fortune telling will necessarily be true. Others generally do not believe in Christmas rituals, because they believe that they should be conducted only by a specially trained person. We have offered you those methods that are absolutely safe and can be used by everyone. The only thing that all the guessers agree with is that you have to approach this process responsibly and carefully - only then you will receive exceptionally truthful answers to all questions.

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