How to insert a link in "Instagram": simple tips

"Instagram" is a popular social network that uses video and photos. Its creators are trying to get rid of intrusive advertising and prohibit the insertion of active links in the profiles of posts. However, there are ways how to insert a link in the "Instagram", moreover, an active plan. Although they also have shortcomings.

Links in the social network: the situation is currently

Users of the "Instagram" network point out that it is not possible to share a link to anything in the post of the message. That is, the message itself will look like text. With it, each user can perform a number of actions, for example, copy. And only then, this copied text can be pasted into the browser line and follow the link.

But here a number of problems arise. How to insert a link in "Instagram", so as not to suffer from deleting unnecessary text from the browser line? While there is no way to do this immediately in the body of the post. However, there are loopholes for those who want to share something.

And now, when "Instagram" becomes a place for self-expression of new bloggers, as well as sales and promotion of services, the question of how to insert a link in "Instagram" - is becoming more relevant. Therefore, there is a possibility that in any update, it will finally become possible.

How to insert a link: a real way

One of the most common methods that allow you to publish a link to a third-party resource is the use of contact information. That is directly the user profile header. This is made possible by the presence of the "website" line.

You must open the edit column for your profile. This button is located next to the photo, just below the number of publications and subscribers. The general view of the profile header opens before the user. It is necessary to find a line in which information about a web resource is placed.

How to insert a link in "Instagram"? You need to copy the desired option, and then just use the "paste" button. After saving new settings, each user will see an active link to the site. Now it only remains to indicate in the required post that the link is in the profile header.

The disadvantages of this method are obvious. The link has to be updated, that is, the old versions are not saved. You can also leave links only to the account owner.

How to link to "Instagram" in other social networks

Social network "VKontakte" offers users to synchronize their accounts. It's quite convenient. That is, everyone can duplicate their posts from one resource to another. How to make reference to "Instagram"? I'll have to use the settings.

Here you will need the "edit" icon, which can be found next to the link to your page. Next, the user will need to find a line indicating "Instagram". Here you need to synchronize. To link to an account in the "Instagram" user will have to enter a login and password from this social network. After that options are offered.

The user can copy all their posts in a special album "VKontakte", also photos can be taken out immediately on the wall. However, there is an option in which the system reacts only to certain hashtags, that is, copies only the posts with this designation.

How do I share a photo or a link to a user?

Sometimes it is necessary to share a useful link to a user. But how do I copy a link to a profile in "Instagram"? Easy enough. With the help of a mobile application, this is done quite quickly.

You must go to the page of the user you are interested in. Then pay attention to the three points that are located in the upper right corner. This is an additional menu. Among other things, here you can find the ability to copy a link to this user or immediately share information about him in other social networks.

Similarly, you can copy the link to a particular post or photo. By the way, there is the possibility of sending a photo to the directive, that is, to a message to another user of "Instagram". However, if you need to share a link in other social networks, you can simply copy it. To do this, you must also select the ellipsis, but next to the photo, and then decide how to share the information.

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