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Nestor Kirchner: biography, photo, politics of Nestor Kirchner, cause of death, funeral

Colleagues spoke of him as an influential, far-sighted and wise politician. However, the post of head of Argentina he got not without difficulty. Before he took up Nestor Kirchner gained experience in managing public affairs, sitting in the governor's chair, which entrusted him residents of the province of Santa Cruz. In the end, he managed to win a huge prestige on the political Olympus and try to make the life of the Argentines more happy. Did he succeed in this? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Facts from biography

Nestor Kirchner - a native of the capital of the Argentine province of Santa Cruz (Rio Gallegos). He was born on February 25, 1950. His ancestors were descendants from the Swiss Bern: they moved to South America at the end of the XIX century. The father of the future president of Argentina worked in two qualities at the same time: a dental technician and a telegraph operator.

Through telegraph, he made an acquaintance with his future wife - Maria Ostoich, who worked at a post office in Chile's Punta Arenas. Nestor Kirchner, whose biography certainly deserves a separate examination, was not the only child in the family. He had two sisters: Alicia and Maria Cristina.

Years of study

At school the boy showed very "mediocre" knowledge. However, this did not prevent him subsequently successfully pass the exams at the National University of La Plata. In 1976, Nestor Kirchner is already a graduate in the field of jurisprudence.

In his student years, the young man becomes a member of the youth movement of the Peronists, and then joins the party, which was established by the prominent statesman Juan Domingo Peron. During his studies at the alma mater, the young man meets his future wife - Christine Elizabeth Fernandez.

Nestor Kishner tries to connect his beloved to political activity: in the end, she changes the "profile", moving from the faculty of psychology to the legal department.

Start of work

After receiving university diplomas, a young couple leaves for Rio Gallegos, where the young man decides to engage in private law practice. In his opinion, this is an ideal launching pad for a future political career. Even then, the young Nestor Kirchner did not hide his ambitions: his first task was to take the post of governor of the province of Santa Cruz. Well, the ultimate goal of the lawyer was the presidential seat, sitting in which he could manage the whole country. His wife, the young man assigned the role of "think tank" and "companion". They plan in detail who will do what.

Nestor took over the administrative and economic functions and responsibilities of the treasurer, and Christina was supposed to represent the interests of defendants in the courts and carry out their search. In a year of painstaking work they managed to earn a "serious" client base consisting of big businessmen of the city. Law firm Kirchner began to bring a good profit, and its owners begin to invest finance in real estate. After some time, Nestor decides to participate in the election race, putting forward his candidacy first to the mayors, and then to the governors.

Victory in the political field

In 1987, luck smiles at the beginning politician, and he wins the election, after which he heads the mayor's office of his native Rio Gallegos. And four years later, Nestor Kirschner is trusted as governor of the province of Santa Cruz. In 1995 and 1999, he again becomes the head of this region. His wife, he delegates to a local legislature. It should be noted that it was led by a far from prosperous region: its debt to the center was $ 1.2 billion. The new governor was able to solve this problem by attracting the funds of foreign investors in the tourist segment of the economy.

Victory in the presidential race

In 2003, a graduate of the National University of La Plata holds the first place in the country's presidential election.

The dream, to which Nestor Kirchner so strived, had come true. Photos of the new head of state immediately began to be printed on the front pages of Argentine newspapers. As president, he stayed from 2003 to 2007. Certainly, not the least role in building Nestor's political career was played by his wife, Christina, who organized and coordinated all propaganda work. However, Kirchner was able to win only in the second round of elections and if the contender for the post of head of state Carlos Menem did not refuse to participate in the second round, who knows how the matter would turn out.

The main vectors of government

It should be noted that the policy of Nestor Kirchner, even before coming to power, was based on attempts to realize the ideas of socialism and Peronism. People who knew him closely, said that the president liked to discuss the main issues related to governing the country with his wife. It was she who influenced his opinion. Yes, and Christina herself does not deny that she served as an informal adviser to the head of state. What did Nestor Kirschner achieve when he held a responsible post?

Policy inside

It should be noted that he fell rock to rule the country, which "suffocated" under the onslaught of the economic crisis.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the highest echelons of power were mired in corruption. Nestor decided to start with a "purge" in the judicial system. It has long been ripe for a "personnel" issue in the country's Supreme Court. Kirchner suggested that the corrupt representatives of Themis voluntarily resign. He seriously updated the judiciary.

Nestor also conducted large-scale personnel reshuffles in the Ministry of Defense: many admirals and generals lost their posts. He canceled pardon for those who committed flagrant crimes between 1976 and 1983. The former governor of Santa Cruz was able to repay most of the external debt.

Outside politics

The foreign policy course of the Argentine president provided for close cooperation between the country and the United States and the normalization of relations with Britain in connection with the Falkland Islands. But the head of the South American state did not hurry to establish close ties with the countries of Western Europe, as the line between the WTO and the EU ran counter to national interests. He did not want to expand the spheres of influence of the UN Security Council at the expense of Japan, Brazil, Germany and India. Kirchner also supported the idea of Russia to destroy terrorist organizations that kill millions of civilians around the world.

In 2005, the political party headed by the head of state (the "Front for Victory") wins the elections to the national parliament.

Two years later, Nestor Kishner said that he did not plan to re-become president of Argentina. In early October 2007, the politician resigned. After that, he became a member of Congress.

After the presidency

Nestor's successor in the presidency was his wife - Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, who managed to win a majority in the elections. Well, my husband became the head of the ruling Peronista Party. However, after failing in the parliamentary elections, he was forced to release this post. In spring 2010, the ex-President of Argentina was confirmed as Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

Deterioration of health

In late October 2010, Argentine newspapers filled with headlines that Christina Fernandez's husband was urgently taken to the hospital of El Calafate. Nestor Kirchner died there. The cause of death is heart failure. Shortly before that, he underwent an operation to restore the patency of the coronary artery, and then he was removed by a thrombus in the carotid artery. Problems with the heart of the politician began in 2004. Active political activity seriously shortened his life. For many, a bright and colorful figure was Nestor Kirchner. The funeral of the ex-president took place in his native Rio Gallegos. In Venezuela and Brazil about his death was declared a three-day mourning.

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