Eye drops from allergies

Allergy today is becoming one of the most common diseases in the world. This is facilitated by a variety of reasons, among which, and poor ecology in many cities, and poor-quality products, and hereditary factors and much. The allergy manifests itself not only by rashes on the skin, itching and coughing, but also worsens the eyesight due to the action on the person's eyes of allergens such as dust, plant pollen or many others. The exposure of allergens to the eyes can result in normal redness and tearfulness, and can lead to such terrible consequences as retinal damage.

To treat these allergic manifestations, eye drops are used for allergies. They can be divided into three main groups:

Strong> Anti-inflammatory

This is the most radical remedy. Such drops are used when an inflammatory process occurs and only under the supervision of the attending physician. Such precautions are due to the fact that, if not properly applied, it is possible to develop complications such as glaucoma or clouding of the lens;

Strong> Antihistamines

The effect of these drops is based on the fact that the substances contained in them block the action of histamine, and thereby block allergic reactions, thus, the drops destroy the cause of redness of the eyes or swelling. Eye drops of this group have a gentle effect and are therefore often used by doctors;

Strong> Vasoconstrictive

They mainly affect the symptoms, that is, by narrowing the vessels, they eliminate puffiness or itching, but eliminating the symptoms do not forget that the cause that caused them has remained, therefore, such drops are recommended for use in complex therapy together with other anti-allergy agents. Their main danger is the addiction of the body, in addition, they are well absorbed into the blood, which can have a negative effect on other organs in the human body.

To the choice of drops from allergies, as to the choice of any medicine should be approached seriously, it is best to consult a doctor. It is especially important if drops are used during pregnancy or intended for children. Do not forget that the drops can be used not only independently, but also as part of complex treatment.

Particular attention should be paid to Levomycetin, a detailed inscription of which see on proglaza.Ru, here you will find schemes for treating eye diseases from experienced doctors.

The most popular drugs are:

• Eye drops Lecrolin. They are recommended for use in the treatment of chronic and allergic conjunctivitis;

• Eye drops Ipheral. It helps to eliminate eye irritation caused by reading and working on the computer;

• Eye drops Kromogeksal. One of the most effective antiallergic drugs, which can be used and as a preventive tool.

It is worth repeating that the choice of drops should be entrusted only to the doctor. In addition, after consulting with a doctor, in no case can you change the scheme and dosage yourself, which he recommended and replace one drug by yourself, since all drugs have their contraindications and indications.

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