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Landing aircraft - the end of the journey. Tips experienced

For an average passenger, a successful landing at an airport is the end of the journey. But few people think that the preparation for this begins long before the chassis is in contact with the strip. The average landing speed fluctuates around 200 km / h. The plane passes several stages, touches the strip (at this point, as a rule, a cloud of dust takes off behind the plane), then extinguishes the speed by a special algorithm and stops.

Successful completion of the flight requires co-ordinated work of both pilots (captain and co-pilot) and several air traffic controllers. If one of the links fails - the result, most often, one. According to the statistics of aviation accidents, take-off and landing of the aircraft are the two most dangerous moments of any flight.

Turn off mobile phones

In the high-end airliners of this phrase, maybe you will not hear, but in most aircraft this requirement must be carried out rigorously. The safety rules that you agree with when boarding, require the implementation of this item in order to avoid interference with the operation of devices that are more than a hundred in a modern passenger liner. Of course, with the ubiquitous computerization, it seems that the number of devices has decreased, but one computer is monitoring everything, but, for example, this computer receives data about altitude from an altimeter located on the panel in front of the crew member sitting on the left. If we talk about other flight parameters, the sensors with which the computer is checked do not become smaller, rather, vice versa.

This is what the cabin of pilots in the Boeing 777 liner looks like. The screens of the on-board computer (for each of the pilots) and the controls are on the horizontal panel between the pilots. Screens are independent - each pilot can view and customize the information that is needed at the moment. Landing aircraft is made on devices that have separate screens in front of the steering wheel, but in new airports the computer on board is able to interact with the equipment of the strip itself.

Return the curtains to their original position (open)

The request for lifting the curtains has the features of the modern liner design. Pilots, sitting in the cockpit, can evaluate the situation in flight according to the computer's testimony, but some computer or sensor will not show any unplanned situation immediately. But neither they nor the computer can see what happens to the wings. Fuel leakage devices will be fixed, but where exactly it happens - the device is not able to say. And if the landing of the aircraft will happen freelance, stewardesses, having a picture overboard, will be able to warn the pilot, and through it ground services.

What companies will not tell about

There are several rules that the company will not tell you about, but it's worth knowing. Each company belongs to a certain group, and sometimes the use of planes of one group (or simply companies) will help to save on tickets - the loyalty program is valued by all air carriers. Going to the flight, it is worth checking out reviews about the company and how it conducts this program.

It is always advisable to have sucking candies. The take-off and landing of the aircraft are associated with rapid dialing or loss of altitude, and although there are now systems that can compensate for changes in pressure overboard, passengers may experience congestion in the ears and other unpleasant sensations. If you are traveling with a small child - it is recommended to take a coloring book.

If you are flying for the first time, it is worth remembering the toilet. They can be used in parking or in flight. But when the landing begins, the flight attendant must close it.

How to get from the airport to the place of residence, too, should ask in advance. Employees of the company know about this, but in 9 out of 10 cases you will be prompted by the most "expensive" way. If you are on a tourist trip, ask the agent the question. Delivery to the accommodation is often included in the cost of the tour.

Freelance situations

In each flight situations may arise, for the resolution of which an emergency landing of the aircraft at the nearest aerodrome will be required. In most cases, special actions are not required from the passenger.

The plane sat on the belly as a result of problems with the chassis. In such cases it is recommended:

  • Quickly leave the plane;
  • Do not leave the plane far, so that the rescue teams can find you;
  • Remove the table, and on the instructions of flight attendants take a pose for emergency landing.

Such a situation can never happen to you, but the saying "warned = armed" has not been canceled yet.


The final stage of the flight is the landing of the aircraft. And if the average passenger sits before the plane stops at the end of the runway, then the accompanying voyage and the attendants on the ground come on an emergency time. The aircraft needs to be refueled, cleaned and sent to a new flight as soon as possible.

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