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Is it possible to freeze chanterelles for the winter?

Autumn mushroom time puts avid mushroom pickers in front of the question of which mushrooms are best closed in cans and which ones are frozen. But the most urgent problem is how to do it all, especially since not everyone likes to mess with mushrooms. The process is very laborious. So, one of the questions that worries all lovers of tasty mushrooms is: "Can I freeze the chanterelles?" Not only can, but it's necessary!


First of all, mushrooms need to be sorted for worms, molds, etc. Although many mushroom pickers say that this kind of mushrooms does not need a thorough examination, it is necessary. Can I freeze chanterelles old and crumpled? No, that does not make any sense. This product is better to fry immediately with potatoes. But fresh mushrooms need to be cleaned of natural debris. All leaves, twigs and sticks are used as scrap. Immediately keep in mind that mushrooms need to be frozen within the first 24 hours after collection, and provided that all this time they are required to be kept at a low temperature. For example, in the refrigerator. Before freezing chanterell mushrooms , rinse thoroughly under running water. Under the bonnet, because of its ribbing, up to 80% of all possible forest dirt accumulates. Once washed, spread chanterelles on gauze or a waffle towel to dry. When freezing, excess moisture is useless!

Freezing method No. 1

Dry young mushrooms can immediately be laid out in containers and sent to a freezer. Can I freeze chanterelles without pre-cooking? Yes, yes, yes and yes again! But exclusively young. Do you doubt the age of mushrooms? Then it is better to boil, then do not bitter. By the way, this can be avoided if salt is added to dry mushrooms during freezing. Is it possible to freeze chanterelles with liquid? It is necessary, if you want to cook soup or stew immediately from them.

Freezing method No. 2

Boiled mushrooms do not need to dry! They can be combined with the water in which they boiled, first cool in a room, and then send it to the freezer. Such a preparation will be a good basis for mushroom soup in winter. Defrost them only at normal temperature, not in a microwave or water.

Freezing method No. 3

Many, fearing for the condition of the mushrooms (so many people are poisoned afterwards!), First boil them. And this is also correct. During the boil, you must always remove the foam, add salt to the water, make sure that the product is well cooked. Enough 20-25 minutes of active boiling, so that the mushrooms are fully prepared. Then they must be carefully dried on a towel, spread out in bags and cleaned in a refrigerator compartment with a low temperature.

You can store for 3-5 months chanterelles frozen. Recipes for cooking dishes from them always begin with the defrosting of the product in a natural way. Soup, stew, potatoes with mushrooms, vegetables with chanterelles - lots of options, choose to your taste! Remember, if there was a preliminary cooking, the fungi are stored somewhat less. Can I freeze chanterelles for a longer period? Not recommended, they lose their taste and bitterness.

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