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Why does urine dream? We learn!

It's not a secret for anyone that dreams are the most incredible! Sometimes, in the subconscious, such a dashing plot is tied up in our subconscious that you can not imagine. Fantastic creatures, unfamiliar countries, exciting adventures and the wildest stories can be imagined - Hollywood films rest!

Sometimes the content of sleep is unclear, and sometimes it is built into a clear chain of events. Periodically people remember the whole vision, and sometimes - just scraps. And sometimes, a person wakes up with the thought: "And this is the dream." And then he turns around disgustingly, turns over on the other side, so that everything stops. We'll talk about such dreams today, namely, about what the urine is dreaming about. Yes, yes, it is not necessary to be surprised - in a dream, it may even be imagined!

We'll figure it out!

So, what is the dream of a Chinese dream book? Such a vision promises only good. If a person in a dream sees her on the floor - this is for wealth, if he himself is in the restroom - he is shone by promotion. And get dirty in the urine - to an unexpected profit. If a person has dreamed that he falls into the toilet, but then gets out of there - it means a happy event. I could not get out - unfortunately.

The Noble Dream Book

Let's see what the urine dreams about according to the noble dream book. He also gives the most encouraging interpretation: it is a harbinger of joy. If a person in a dream sees himself in the restroom - for a quick love date. And if you dreamed of drinking urine, it means wasteful, unnecessary expenses.

And what does the urine dream about in accordance with the ancient Persian dream book? He claims that he who saw her in a dream will soon learn the happiness of a rich, abundant life and will find incredible benefits.

Interpretations of sleep

What does the Slavic dream book tell us about this? Why does the child's urine dream? To anxiety and troubles. And if a person has a urine incontinence, it means losses, unsuccessful transactions, the opportunity to become a victim of deception or lose an impressive amount of money. If a person was sprayed with urine in a dream - this means that there is a serious emotional shock or an accident that will occur with someone from friends.

To look at the way a man urinates, to a quarrel in the family. But if a person dreamed that he referred urine to an analysis in the laboratory - this is to the illness. To sense in a dream the smell of urine means that you need to pay attention to your environment. Perhaps there are too many immoral and unprincipled people around you. But if a person urinates in a public place in his dream, it indicates his internal problems - it is likely that there is some emotional discomfort or dissatisfaction with work, family life, financial situation, etc.

And according to Miller's dream book, urine means getting rid of everything superfluous and burdening. Perhaps it is worth throwing unnecessary things out of the apartment.

And what does cat's urine dream about ? She talks about the upcoming troubles and problems, about possible ill-wishers and unexpected difficulties.

A small conclusion

Here are such interpretations. And to listen to them or not - it's up to you.

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