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Ilya Naumov: the role that brought fame

The film "A guest from the future" was watched by everyone who, at a conscious age, found the last years of the Soviet Union's existence. Based on the works of Kira Bulychev's "The Girl from the Earth" the film fascinated all the spectators. A few shot series, which Soviet television showed one thing a day, "nailed" to the screen and adults and children. A fascinating journey from the present to the future could not leave indifferent the Soviet inexperienced moviegoer.

Young actors

The composition of the actors - boys and girls - was very well chosen. Each of the young artists played very well their role, completely coinciding with the characters described in the book. Alisa was brilliantly played by Natasha Guseva, Kolya - Alyosha Fomkin, his best friend Fima Korolev - Ilya Naumov, Julia Gribkova, Alisa's girlfriend - Mariana Ionesyan. How did the fate of the children develop after they entered adulthood? Did the girl's predictions of the future come true regarding their development?

Everyone has his own way

After the film was released on the screens of the country, each of the guys had different destinies. In the cinema, almost no one was filming. Ilya Naumov graduated from school and did not become an artist, but moved into the construction sphere. Alexei Fomkin still acted after the role of Koli Gerasimov, but the films were not successful. The young man served in the army, tried to realize himself in acting, but attempts failed. Several times the young actor tried to return to the cinema, visited the samples. But in the end he went to live in his native village, where he got a job as a painter. Alex often drank and died early. In 1996, he suffocated during a fire that broke out in the house of his friends. Natasha Guseva became a biology scientist, she found herself in the profession. In the field of cinema, she appeared once: already an adult woman, played an episodic role in the series. After the graduation from the institute, Mariana Ionesyan left to live in the US, where she still lives today.

Meeting friends

Ilya Naumov was one of the participants of the meeting, which was organized by artists from the director "Guest from the Future" Vera Evgenievna Lindt at home. All who managed to collect, came to see your favorite director and enjoy pleasant memories. Among the guests was Natasha Shanayeva, who played the role of Lena Dombazova in the film, Anton Sukhoverko - in the film, the wit of Kolya Sulima. Of course, all the participants in the filming could not attend. But those who were visiting Vera Lindt: Ilya Naumov, Natasha Shanaeva, Anton Sukhoverko - remembered with enthusiasm the young years filled with the brightest stories in life, and told about themselves. The main event, uniting all, was shooting. The grown-up actors compared each other to the children's images that were left in the memory of everyone. Ilya Naumov has not changed since childhood. His biography was not very bright, but the character and attitudes remained the same as in his childhood - sobriety in his views and a sense of humor did not leave Ilya. At the table, he happily recalled a variety of funny little things from his childhood: how he ate a salty sour cream on the advice of a friend-cheerful person or as a visiting girl skated on a skateboard and knocked out a pair of teeth after this trip. A cheerful mood and laughter did not leave Vera Lindt's audience.

Memories of the past

At the height of the evening, the audience recalled their childhood, told about their impressions, about what it was like to be actors. Alas, not all of the children continued their acting, but they managed to feel like real artists. Artist Ilya Naumov, whom he was only in his childhood, recalled how the director picked up the guys for filming, and he confused her with a police officer and decided that it was urgent to hide. At the meeting, Ilya was the ringleader. I remembered various interesting stories from the filming, retold them to friends and supported everyone's fun. We talked about our comrades, remembered Alyosha Fomkin. Naumov said that he corresponded with him when he was in the army. Natasha Shanaeva admitted that Alexei was in love with her and wore her briefcase. They remembered that Alyosha still acted in films, in several issues of "Yeralash". Ilya Naumov continued to support the topic. The filmography of Alexei Fomkin was much more than his own, but the fate was worse. Ilya is currently working in the construction industry and does not participate in the filming. He looks as voluminous and cheerful as in his childhood.

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