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Aluminum profile "PROVEDAL" is made of aluminum alloy 6063. It is coated with paint, which is applied by spraying in an electrostatic field. In this case, the paint polymerizes, forming a thick film with a thickness of 70 micrometers. Anodic coating is used as an improvement of the protective properties and giving the profile a decorative appearance. It is designed for the manufacture of easily removable, sliding or swinging windows. Its characteristics:

- with single glazing sound insulation is 10-12 decibels;
- stubborn;
- air permeability class A3;
- wind resistance class V2;
Water permeability class E2.
- thermal insulation A1.
Possible design options: two and three-way. The series "spent C640" is used for glazing of balconies, terraces, verandas. It is made of light office partitions.
Profile advantage:
-small profile width of aluminum, which increases the area of passage of the sun's rays;
- exceptional resistance to ultraviolet rays;
- possibility to install one glass in the structure;
- Deaf and sliding sections are combined;
- an unlimited number of wings in the frame;
- excellent protection against dust, wind, precipitation;
- the possibility of glazing of complex structures.
The C640 series was created using advanced design techniques. It has high technical characteristics and excellent competitive cost indicators. The profile has a wide range of connecting elements, and this allows you to work on balconies of any configuration. At the same time, the assembled structures look elegant and harmonious.

The merits of the profile "looked at" include such qualities as durability, high mechanical strength, persistent resistance to atmospheric phenomena, aesthetic appearance. The glass used in the aluminum profile is 5 millimeters thick. This can significantly reduce the level of external noise. The glass is pre-polished, which reduces the number of microcracks. Polishing increases the strength of the glass.

Impact and toning films can be applied to the glass. Installed under the frame tide contributes to the removal of atmospheric precipitation. The width of the low tide is 15 centimeters. Sealing of the profile is carried out using a mounting foam and silicone sealant. Windows made of aluminum profile have a much higher degree of fire safety than similar products made of PVC. For some rooms, especially production, this quality is paramount.

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