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Reviews of the movie "My King". Description, subject, reviews and actors

In recent years, Europe has learned to make a really interesting movie that can compete with American "tales" not only at prestigious film festivals, but also in cinemas. The painting "My King" is a clear proof of this. Despite the absence of happy endings, bright special effects and actors with Hollywood smiles and seven-digit fees, every review of the film "My King", even negative, marks the amazing atmosphere of the tape that the director and the main actors managed to create.

The film "My King"

In 2015 (in the CIS in early 2016) the French drama Mon Roi ("My King") appeared on the screens. Her script was written on the basis of the memoirs of the director of the picture of Maivenne Le Besco about her marriage to the publisher Jean-Yves Le Fuhrom. The main roles were played by Vincent Cassel and Emmanuel Berko. The tape was nominated for a lot of film awards, but won only the award of the Cannes Film Festival.

Positive reviews and reviews of the film "My King" of most critics and spectators helped the film to collect at the box office 9.5 million dollars with a budget of 6.7 million. Although by Hollywood standards this is a small amount, for Europe and the CIS - a very good profit.


At the beginning of the film, the main character - a middle-aged woman named Tony, seriously injures her knee during skiing. To recover, she goes to the rehabilitation center. The psychologist advises her to understand and with her psychological problems. While engaged in the restoration of health, the woman recalls the details of her life together with her ex-husband Giorgio Milevski.

Tony and Giorgio met in a nightclub. The woman could not remember how she knew his face. Trying to find out, the young people get to know each other, and soon a romance begins between them.

Right after the first sex, Giorgio admits to a woman in love, what puzzles her. After all, his new friend knows that before him he often met with models, and Tony's appearance is rather unattractive. Despite all the fears, the woman soon falls in love with this charming and unpredictable king of scoundrels.

Together with her lover Tony is experiencing many pleasant moments, and when she became pregnant, Giorgio is in the seventh heaven with happiness and marries her.

However, family life is not like a fairy tale. Former girlfriend Giorgio - the leggy beauty of Agnes - does not abandon attempts to return it. Upon learning of his wife's pregnancy, she tries to commit suicide. The newly-made spouse feels responsible for the fate of the former and takes care of her. The girl actively abuses this and calls Giorgio whenever she likes.

Tony does not like this kind of care about the former. She often arranges scandals and even intends to leave her husband, but on the eve of the birth of the baby the life of the spouses is getting better.

After the birth of the son of Sinbad for a while in the family of Milevski all is well. Gradually, however, Giorgio begins to go away to parties with friends. After another Tony finds him in bed with another woman. Her husband assures her that there was no sex, because he was high and just fell asleep next to a stranger. Her husband's addiction to drugs is becoming an unpleasant discovery for Tony. She puts an ultimatum before Giorgio: either he heals and ties up with his adventures, or they get divorced.

Giorgio promises to improve and returns to the family, but soon in the family life the problems start again, and Tony is filing for divorce.

Over the next few years, Giorgio sometimes comes to the ex-wife and son, arranges a real holiday for them, and then again disappears for a long time. Tony realizes that it's impossible to live like this, but she does not have the courage to abandon a beloved man who is like a drug for her.

At the end of the picture, a woman leaves the rehabilitation center, almost completely restored. Next time, Tony meets Giorgio at the school where their son is studying. They were summoned to both of them to please the success of Sinbad. Observing her ex-husband, the heroine realizes that, although she loves him, she is ready to start a new life separately.

The problem of the film

In this picture, Maivenne Le Besco tells the audience about the many problems that people face when entering into a relationship.

Most of the love ribbons end at the wedding stage, and then it is understood that the spouses should have a fairy-tale life. However, in "My King" it is shown that problems in the relationship with the wedding are just beginning. After all, having become one family, the spouses stop wearing masks, as they did before the wedding. Now they relax and show their true face. It happened with Tony and Giorgio. Only having married and having given birth to the kid, the main heroine could see the present face of the king of scoundrels.

Also in the picture masterfully shown that the problems in the relationship - the fault of not only the blown Giorgio. Tony also behaves quite selfishly. It not only requires the lover to tie with his former way of life, but also presses on him, trying to change his nature, not realizing that in fact he loves precisely that unpredictable bastard.

Another problem raised in the film: is there enough love to make the family strong? Maivenne Le Besco answers unequivocally: no! Her characters passionately and desperately love each other, but their characters are different, and their future they see differently. Because of this, even making concessions, Giorgio and Tony can not build a normal family life.

And the most important lesson taught by "My King" to viewers is the need to let go. Each of the main characters is morally not ready to let go of another. For this reason, Giorgio always returns to her beloved, preventing her from becoming happy with someone else. In turn, Tony never gives him a real escape, addicted to the return of a loved one, as a drug that allows her to feel the real fullness of life. Only at the end of the tape, after going through a lot of difficulties and experiences, the heroes accept the fact that, contrary to strong love and a common child, they simply can not be together.

Actors and roles of the movie "My King"

Working on the tape, the director deliberately chose the main roles of performers with the usual appearance, so that the audience could see themselves in them. So, the main female role went to the Frenchwoman Emmanuel Berko ("Single", "Girls", "Wild Camp"). This woman became famous in her homeland primarily as a director, and only then as an actress.

The charming king of scoundrels Giorgio played a sex symbol of modern French cinema - Vincent Cassel. It is noteworthy that the actor himself considered his character not far-fetched, which did not stop him from getting used to this image.

On the secondary roles, Louis Garrel (The Beautiful Fig Tree, Beloved), Isilde Le Besco (Marquise de Sade, Roberto Zucco) and the young Felix Bossuet (Eternity, Chocolate) starred in the tape.

"My King": reviews of the film critics

This tape was met positively by most of the film critics around the world. However, the French praised the picture in order to support domestic cinema. American critics left positive comments about the film "My King" because they really liked him. So, on the Rotten Tomatoes website, the number of eulogies was 75%, with an average rating of 6.7 out of 10. Metacritic received less positive feedback - 64%, but this is also a very good indicator, given that the picture is not American, in French.

On domestic sites, reviews of the movie "My King" are also pretty good. On MY-HIT, the tape collected 77.2% of positive responses. Baskino users rated it 7.24 out of 10 possible.

Audience feedback on the film "My King" (2015)

Despite the fact that this picture belongs to the category of elite cinema intended for aesthetes and film festivals, she liked ordinary viewers.

To be frank, this film is certainly a woman. Therefore, it is the beautiful half of the audience that basically leaves feedback on the film "My King". Some of them praise the game of Vincent Cassel, who, despite his very modest external data, manages to enchant all spectators, regardless of age and marital status. Others sympathize with Tony and praise the acting skills of Emmanuel Berko.

It is noteworthy that even those to whom the ribbon categorically did not like it, note its pleasant tone and masterful work of the operator. The highlight of "My King" viewers consider the touching music of Stephen Warbeck, sounding in the picture.

About the film Maivenne Le Besco, viewers around the world left mostly positive reviews and reviews. The film "My King" (2015) confirmed the existing opinion that modern movie fans are tired of sugary love stories and wish to see more realistic pictures. At the same time, they want the stories from life depicted in such films to be shown in majestic tones, leaving behind a bright melancholy, and not a sense of hopelessness.

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