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A place for cultural leisure is the Moscow cinema "Pushkinsky"

Once the most favorite vacation spot of the USSR youth were cinemas. Going to the movies is a whole event: on the big screen the movies seemed more interesting and beautiful. In the 1990s there was a certain decline in the film industry, as in the whole country. VCRs appeared and the cinemas became empty. But it did not last long, because the art of cinema is as important and eternal as the theater.

Historical reference

Today "Pushkin" is a modern and largest cinema in Europe. But it was created long ago, back in the days of the USSR, in 1961. The then main cinema of the country was called "Russia", which is fair. But after 36 years of its existence, in 1996, the building survived a major reconstruction. As a result, a new building, a new name. Its name after the repair - the cinema "Pushkin".

How did it become after the major reconstruction? It is now the most modern, technically equipped cinema with a huge screen. The sound system that it was equipped with is Dolby Digital, and the projection equipment is Cinemaccanica. A huge hall for 2057 seats and new equipment, which provides excellent quality of image and sound transmission, help to fully capture the attention of guests and to give them real pleasure from what is happening on the screen spectacle.

Location of cultural object

One can guess that the Pushkinsky cinema is located on Pushkin Square, in the historical center of Moscow. The desire of the country's population to watch movies on a huge screen, with a wonderful sound, has led to the revival of many cinemas in the country. Cinematography also revived, which influenced the restoration of film distribution in the country. Now in "Pushkin" there are demonstrations of new movies, and not only domestic, but also foreign ones. To these events, often come the stars, create an atmosphere of famous world premiere venues. Here, there are show programs, solemn greetings.

Celebrations and Film Festivals

The revival of the cinema became a very symbolic event in the life of the capital: the annual Moscow International Film Festival is now held here. Cinema "Pushkin" becomes the center of cultural life on an international scale. During the film festival, the opening and closing ceremonies of this event take place there. All the best competitive tapes are shown in the hall of this particular cinema. Thanks to the update, Pushkinsky began to symbolize the rise of Russian cinema.

Every year there appears a red carpet, without which there is not a single festival: the steps of the cinema are remembered by the directors and actors of the country who took part in the IFF. Alien Delon, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren, Robert de Niro and many other celebrities of the world cinema were also raised on them.

Premier shows

But festivals are a rare event, and there is a daily work. And its peculiarity is that every new tape should be presented to the viewer. Therefore, the premiere is the Pushkinsky movie theater. The schedule of shows, meetings of actors with the audience becomes known in advance. It's not easy to get to the premiere: many people try to come to her and you have to stand a considerable queue in the cash register of the cinema. Indeed, among the prime minister is often world, for example, the thriller "The King of Scorpions."

The desire to get to the premiere of the film is also a desire to see your favorite actors not on the screen, but live. After all, many of them try to come to the premiere to meet with the audience. The presentation of a new film is a theatrical show before the session, contests, distribution of prizes. The place where all this happens is "Pushkin", a cinema. Session schedule Known in advance and published by management. You can get acquainted with it by visiting the page of the site where all the detailed information is laid out.

Additional services

About the upcoming premiere tells a colorful poster. Cinema "Pushkin" is also a place for a pleasant pastime in anticipation of his session. Many viewers come before the appointed time and visit bars arranged in the foyer. At affordable prices you can drink coffee, eat cake, ice cream, drink soft drinks. Before the start of the session, you can buy popcorn and go with him to the hall.

Cinema "Pushkin" - this is the most interesting movies, fascinating adventure tapes of not only Russian, but also foreign directors. The best repertoire of Moscow cinemas can be found in Pushkin. The cinema regularly hosts all the premieres. And if you carefully follow the posters, regularly visit the site of "Pushkin", then do not miss a single great movie. In addition, the rating of films is tracked and the best one is chosen for a week or a month. Thus, attentive viewers can not only see the film first, but also participate in setting an objective assessment.

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