Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 * (UAE / Dubai): photo and tourist reviews

Until recently, the Five Continents Cassells Beach Resort Resort Ghantoot 4 * was named Swiss Belresort Ghantoot and had a modest three stars on its signboard. But since January last year, she bought the network "Cassels Hotels and Resorts" and carried out a large-scale renovation. In this regard, the status of the hotel has risen. What now makes the Five Continents Hotel happy? This we will find out by studying the numerous reviews of tourists.

First, let's say that the hotel is located on the first line of the Jabal Ali channel. Once there was the palace Gantut (which is also reflected in the name of the hotel), now abandoned. The hotel is located on the border between two emirates: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He positions himself as a place of rest for families with children and non-drinking guests. It takes half an hour to get to Dubai Airport. The commercial malls "Battuta" and "Emirates" - about twenty minutes.

Luxury old palace

Five Continents Hotel Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 * was built on the basis of Gantuta in 2012. The hoteliers tried to preserve the appearance of the Arabian palace and the spirit of exquisite luxury. Despite the fact that the building is four-storied, looking at it, it is impossible to get rid of the feeling of the fairy tale "A Thousand and One Nights". The name "Gantut" is firmly entrenched in this area. Tourists advise this way to explain to taxi drivers where you need to get to, because because of the frequent change of hotel names, even local people do not know what the "Faith Continents" is.

By the way, in walking distance from the hotel is the exhibition hall Expo-2020. Also nearby is the world-famous Grantut Racing and Polo Club complex. Many tourists praise the comfortable position of the hotel. Living in the "Five Continents", you can save on a taxi. After all, a hundred meters from the hotel is the metro station "Sharaf DG". And the "Mall of the Emirates" separates from the hotel only one kilometer. It's a pleasure to celebrate shopping.


As well as it is necessary in palaces from the Arabian fairy tales, guest rooms in Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 * are very spacious. However, their design and equipment are quite European and modern. To the majority of the rooms adjoin pretty balconies. In addition to the standard set of services, typical for the "four" in the Emirates, guests note the presence of an iron and ironing board, bathrobes and slippers. From cosmetic supplies daily not only soap, shampoo and shower gel are given, but even a shaving machine, a small toothpaste, a body lotion. Sockets in the United Arab Emirates are non-standard, and for a laptop or electric razor, you need to take the reception to the reception. The code for WIFA is issued in the same place. Access to free Internet in rooms is limited, but you can use it as much as you like, sitting on a soft couch in the lobby. The maids are cleared for conscience, regardless of whether you leave them a tip or not.

Dining at the hotel

Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 * does not impose any one package of services on its guests. In the matter of nutrition, you are free to choose only breakfast, half board, "Soft all inclusive" (three meals) and "Super all inclusive". However, the latter option is not popular with Russian travelers, as the bars of the hotel do not pour alcohol.

As for the breakfasts, their tourists were rated for a solid five with a plus. A huge variety of dishes, an abundance of fruit and all kinds of baking. For diabetics and other people who need special nutrition, there is a diet menu. Reviews mention that all rooms have a coffee maker and kits for making hot drinks. Products are replenished every day. In the mini-bar put a bottle of water per person. Those who took only breakfast, argue that next to the hotel there are many cafes (praised the restaurant "Golden Fork"). You can eat inexpensively in shopping malls. But many tourists who ordered food "BB", revised their decision and bought additional meals. It costs (if you buy half board) one hundred dirhams.

Pool and beaches

Five Continents Hotel Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 * stands on the shore of a wide (200 meters) canal. The water there is sea and flowing, so you can swim, especially the unsure of swimmers and those who are afraid of the waves. The hotel has its own beach, fenced off from other territory by a small grove. If you want fresh water, you can swim in the pool. Next to it is a shallow and small reservoir for children.

Twice a day (at nine and twelve o'clock) the hotel bus carries free people to the beach for free. There are thirty seats in the car, so you need to sign up for the flight the day before (leaflet at the reception). The bus brings tourists to the beach Jumeirah Beach. He paid (five dirhams). In addition, on Mondays there is a women's day (only very small boys and moms are allowed out of the males). Then the bus brings tourists to the free Jumeirauna Open Beach. There infrastructure is more modest, but there is also a shower and a toilet. Rescuers work.

Where to go shopping

Make a successful purchase - another motive to visit the UAE and stay at the border of two emirates, in Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 *. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are located at approximately equal distances from the hotel. So you can safely alternate shopping in the two neighboring emirates. Every day, another bus leaves from the hotel - not to the beach, but to shopping malls. Its schedule is very convenient for tourists. You can have breakfast, swim in the canal or pool and go shopping. The bus takes tourists back at six o'clock in the evening.

Once a week the car leaves for Abu Dhabi, to the local malls. Tourists are advised not to limit themselves to large shopping centers. It is certainly worth visiting the bazaar "Al Karama" (near the metro station with the same name).

The complex of services in the hotel Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 *

A photo of the green territory with a snow-cream palace is already set up for a luxurious holiday. When you are greeted with a snow-white smile by the staff at the glittering reception desk, you will be sure that they treat you like a princess or a sheik. By the way, there is always a person at the reception desk who can explain himself in Russian.

The hotel has a wonderful spa, which is very praised. For sports, there is always a fitness room full of modern exercise equipment. And for small visitors, a whole program of promoting family rest is developed. For a child under two years of age, a cot is provided and his stay at the hotel is free of charge. But the older child (up to the age of twelve) will also not be able to manage one of his parents in one dirham unless he takes up a separate bed. For children there is a playroom with a trampoline and an outdoor playground.

Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 *: reviews

Tourists like the location of the hotel and the services in it. In the canal, the water is clean, with a gentle approach. The reviews are praised by the quality food and service of the waiters. Also, tourists liked the flexible price policy in Five Continents Ghantoot Beach Resort 4 *. Standard on arrival can be exchanged for a room of a higher category. Or just for a hundred dirhams to put in it an extra bed. Tourists and children liked the attitude to small guests. The hotel has a tour desk, and there are many water activities on the beach.

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