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Why there are no monthly ones - the main reasons

Gynecologists at the reception often hear from their patients the question: "Why is there no monthly?" This problem in this or that life period is relevant for so many women, and experiences in this regard can be a lot of exciting minutes, and sometimes even lead to despair. It is not always possible to immediately determine the cause of the absence of menstruation, sometimes you need to undergo an in-depth examination (various tests, ultrasound and consultations of some specialists), which will result in a diagnosis and a strategy for the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

Why do menstruation linger ? Most often this delay is the first sign of pregnancy. You should know that not always monthly stops immediately when pregnancy occurs, there are cases when a woman for three or four months does not know about her interesting situation because menstruation does not stop, except that they become scarce, which often does not appeal Attention. Therefore, even if during the last few cycles a woman has not had sexual intercourse, there is still a possibility that the delay is related to pregnancy. For testing, you can use home pregnancy tests for pregnancy, sold in any pharmacy. Such tests contain clear and understandable instructions, so it is very easy and convenient to apply them. The most accurate are modern jet tests, but common inexpensive test strips with a high degree of probability will show the correct result. And in order to be 100% sure of the presence or absence of pregnancy, and that it develops correctly (and is not, for example, an ectopic), you need to undergo ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and examination on the chair.

But not necessarily the absence of menstruation is associated with pregnancy. Quite common are situations where a woman is absolutely not exactly in an interesting position, but menstruation still does not begin. Why is there no monthly in such cases? This can be caused by both gynecological problems and other reasons. For example, stress or an infectious disease (for example, a severe cold, intestinal infection or flu, not to mention more serious diseases) is quite capable of causing a cycle failure. Also, often delays are caused by diseases of the thyroid gland, so often gynecologists send their patients a consultation with the endocrinologist. In order to understand why there are no menstruation, the doctor appoints special analyzes and studies: an analysis of thyroid hormones and her ultrasound. Gynecological causes of menstruation, most often are diseases or dysfunctions of the ovaries.

In order to answer the question of why there are no menstruation, the doctor collects the patient's anamnesis, finds out what diseases she has suffered recently, whether she has rested in hot countries (such rest can also cause a delay), whether she had to be very nervous, She is on a strict diet, her weight is somewhat stable. The absence of menstruation can be caused by strong weight loss and body weight deficit, and when the delay occurs against the background of unexplained weight gain, there is a serious reason to think about hormonal disorders.

Sometimes women do not even try to understand why they do not come monthly, try to independently call them by taking certain medications. However, do this without consulting a doctor categorically does not follow.

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