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Duff Hilary: filmography, photos, personal life

Hilary Erhad Duff (full name of the girl) was born in America on September 28, 1987. Her native state is Texas. The actress began her star journey in 1997. The young celebrity works not only on the filming of serials and films. She is engaged in producing, modeling, entrepreneurial and singing activities. Hilary Duff works in a variety of genres: from pop and ending with a new wave.

At first the girl released singles, working in the American label Hollywood Records. In 2008, her contract is over, and she goes into acting for five years. After signing a contract with RCA Records, which employs such famous artists as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Three Days Grace and others, the girl started preparing for her fifth album.

Hilary works in the entrepreneurial sphere. She has her own line of clothes and perfume. Together with Alice Allen, the girl wrote a novel, which in a short time became a bestseller. She also cooperated with several charitable organizations.

Career of the actress

Career Hilary Duff, whose filmography is rich in various roles, began with the shooting of promotions and appearances in the local theater. Before she appeared in the sitcom "Lizzie Maguire", she managed to play in 5 lesser-known pictures. The 2001 series made her famous among teens. Success secured the self-titled full-length film. Next, the girl starred in "Agent Cody Banks", "Wholesale cheaper 1, 2" and "Cinderella Stories." It is these paintings that have become the most successful in the career of Duff Hilary. In the series, she also took part. Among the more famous ones, one can mention "The one who speaks with ghosts", "Law and order", "Gossip Girl" and "Two and a half people". As a producer, the girl acted only in those pictures in which she played the main role. In addition to filming, it is often attracted to the scoring of animated characters.

Career of the singer

In 2002, Hilary Duff (films are not her main earnings) released her first studio album. In 2003, fans met her second job, which was three times platinum. The third album also managed to gain more than 1 million sales. A little later came a collection of songs, which also became platinum. Some of the songs in the Italian charts ranked first. One of the compositions of the 4th album was highly appreciated - in the rating from the authoritative Billboard it was on the 25th place. In 2008, Duff Hilary releases the latest compilation in the Hollywood label. After that, she was immersed in acting and writing for 5 years. In 2013, it was announced the creation of the next album. Total sales of collections are more than 14 million worldwide.

Entrepreneurial activity

Hilary has two own clothing lines. The first was sold simultaneously in the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa. The launch occurred in 2004. A little later the production was expanded - there were decorations, fittings and toilet water for teenagers. In 2008, the distribution of the line is suspended, as Duff Hilary completely ceased to follow her.

The second collection of clothes was released under the direction of DKNY Jeans. Hilary worked together with a local designer. Wear was issued, suitable for young girls. The implementation began in 2009. Duff released her own perfume. They have become one of the best-selling both in America and on other continents.


With the publishing house Simon & Schuster, Duff Hilary signed a contract for the book with the writer Ellen. Published "Eleksir" was in 2010, and immediately became a bestseller. This was stated by the newspaper "New York Times" - the second in America on authority. In 2011, a sequel was released. To promote her, Duff went to the book tour (as in the situation with the first part), although by this time she was already pregnant. The final part of the novel appeared in 2013. There was no book tour, but Hilary held a meeting in Los Angeles with the fans, where she signed the publication.

The girl wanted to release a book for her child so that the son could easily survive the divorce of her parents, but the plans did not materialize.

Personal life

In 2010, Hilary Duff (photo below) married hockey player Mike Comrie. He plays for the National League. The young man is older than the girl for 7 years, but this did not prevent the couple from creating a family. The engagement was announced on February 23 of the same year. The wedding took place in the last month of summer. A year later they had a son Luca Cruz. In the couple, the couple did not live long, as early as in 2014 their spouses were filed for divorce. The reason for this was not different characters, but a warning from the personal extrasensory actress.


The girl herself showed a desire to do charity. She donated 250 thousand dollars to support people affected by the disaster. The girl did not even stop what was already collected more than 2.5 million.

Hilary often helps existing charities. She was officially employed in the Children's Foundation Audrey Hepburn. In 2008, Duff appeared in the advertisement of protecting people from anti-LGBT words. The following year, she was appointed ambassador for children, and she spent five days in Colombia, distributing school bags with food for needy children.

She also said that she is an animal protector. She told her memories from her childhood about how she wanted to become a veterinarian. But when I realized that animals were dying there, I realized that this work was not for her.

After the birth of her son (in 2012), Hilary began to participate in the program for sending small memos for young mothers. In addition, she was one of the creators of the Funds, which were engaged in supporting poor families, in which there are small children.

When the Duracell battery company decided to carry out an action to help sick children, Duff joined the work. More than 20 thousand units of products were donated to support the working capacity of the devices. Moreover, the dollar from each purchased battery went to help sick children.

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