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Sofia Coppola: brief biography

Sofia Coppola - the most famous in America and the world of cinematography. Despite her stellar connections in this business, she proved that she can succeed without anyone's help.

Famous Relatives

Sophia Carmine was lucky to be born not just in a famed family, but also incredibly talented. Her father is a prominent figure in American cinema, Francis Ford Coppola. His most epic work was the "Godfather" trilogy.

Sophia's brother is also a film director. His name is Roman. In 2012, he was awarded an "Oscar" for the film "Kingdom of the Full Moon."

Sofia Coppola is related to the actress Talia Shaire, actors Nicolas Cage and Jason Shvartsman.

Her mother Eleanor Jesse Neal does not belong to the acting environment, she is a decorator.

Childhood and youth

Sofia was born in New York in May 1971. Of course, the world of cinema could not bypass it, since from the very birth she spent a lot of time on the set. She has a love for cinema from her cradle.

Sofia Coppola brilliantly graduated from the school and entered the California Institute of Arts. She studied at the Department of Fine Arts. Her sphere of interest included photography, costume history, fashion design. In addition, she worked with her brother, engaged in shooting music videos.

For some time at the age of fifteen, Sofia practiced in the company "Chanel", helped in the release of the collection. Then she created her own line of clothes. This happened in 1998. Sales were conducted in Japan.


Sofia Coppola, whose photos did not descend from the stripes of tabloids literally from birth, first appeared in film in 1972. It was the baby's role in The Godfather. More adult and conscious work happened in 1987. The film was called "Anna" and had nothing to do with F. F. Coppole.

Despite the fact that the filmography of the actress has twelve works, the most famous is the role of Mary Corleone in the third part of The Godfather. She was to play one of the leading female roles. Young Mary, daughter of Michael, falls in love with her cousin, who is preparing to become a new don.

Sofia madly tried to get used to the role, but, apparently, it was not very successful. The work was severely criticized, and the girl decided not to experiment any more as an actress. Although it appeared in small roles in the films "Notes of Mankee Zetterland", "Star Wars" (1999) and "Agent" Dragonfly. "

Directing activity

After trying several activities, Sofia Coppola came to the conclusion that she wants to be engaged in directing.

The first experiment was a short film. But on the way was her directorial triumph. She herself created the script of the film according to the book of Jeffrey Evgenidis. Of course, at first it was supported by her father, who produced the picture "Virgin-suicide."

Coppola managed to attract artists such as Kirsten Dunst, James Woods, Josh Hartnett. The budget of the picture was nine million dollars. At the box office, it was not possible to get a profit. But for Sophia it did not really matter. After the premiere, she woke up triumphant. The film received positive reviews, the picture was recognized as very bold for the debutante.

Her next work was the picture of 2003 "The difficulties of translation," where brilliantly played by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. This film received high praise and four nominations for "Oscar" (won the "Best Original Screenplay").

The idea of creating a picture appeared in Coppola after visiting Japan. The role of Bob Harris was written specifically for Murray. Coppola stated that if the actor does not agree to participate in the film, nothing will happen.

In 2006, work on the biographical drama "Marie Antoinette" was completed. In it roles were played by Kirsten Dunst and brother of Coppola Jason Shvartsman. For several years, Sofia has been working on a complex scenario, trying not to miss a single detail.

In 2010, a new film was released, a comedy drama "Somewhere" (the main prize of the Venice Festival). The roles were performed by El Fanning and Stephen Dorff. In 2013, the movie "Elite Society" appeared at the box office. The last film was filmed based on an article published in the American journal Veniti Fair.

Sofia Coppola, whose filmography is a list of very worthy films, in 2014 was included in the jury of the festival in Cannes.

Personal life

In 1999, Sofia married director Spike Johns ("To be John Malkovich"). Their marriage lasted for nothing. In 2003 they were already divorced. Most likely, their joint activities prevented one and the same work and complex characters. Stubbornness does not occupy both.

Soon after parting with her husband, director Sofia Coppola met on her journey a new man. He was a French musician Thomas Mars, frontman of the rock band Phoenix.

In August 2011, the couple officially formalized the relationship. Celebrations were held in the homeland of Francis Coppola, in the town of Bernald, in the hotel "Palazzo Margherita". The wedding took place after the birth of their two daughters: Romy (2006) and Cosima (2010).

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