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Green tomatoes under a nylon cap - cooking recipes

Along with ripe, mature tomatoes in many housewives are popular and green tomatoes. They, like fresh, have a full set of useful elements and vitamins. The most basic of them is the antioxidant lycotine, which helps to reduce the risk of prostate and pancreas diseases, improves the condition of the heart. Known and quercetin - an antibiotic. Therefore, we will today prepare green tomatoes under a caprock cap - one of the very useful and simple dishes.

Recipe for green tomatoes with garlic

Let's start with this recipe. It is intended for ten servings.

Ingredients : two kilograms of green tomatoes, several cloves of garlic, half a carrot, as much chilli pepper, three grams of coriander and cilantro, a bunch of parsley, one sprig of celery, 100 grams of salt.

We will pour the green tomatoes under the cap cap in a three-liter jar. We take medium-sized tomatoes to fit in a larger can, mine and cut in the middle. But we do not do this until the very end, but as an oyster does not reveal. We make the filling. There are two options: for the first we pass through the meat grinder pepper, carrots, garlic and greens, in the second we cut it all with a knife, into slices - garlic, on strips - carrots, grind bitter pepper and greens. We fill the tomatoes with this mixture and carefully put it in a jar, fill it with salt and fill it with ordinary cold water. We close it with a cap nylon and send it for storage in a cold place. Green tomatoes under the cap cap are ready, after three weeks you can take a sample.

Salad from green tomatoes

This recipe does not quite fit the topic of the article, but we can not help sharing this salad with you, a real storehouse of vitamins. Especially since he is completely unpretentious. And if you want the dish can also be left in the banks. In general, proceed. We cut tomatoes in half, then - slices one centimeter. We put a spoonful of sugar on a liter of water, two cloves of garlic, passed through chesnock, vinegar - 200 mg, greens and bitter pepper - one piece. Put the tomatoes in the dishes, pour the marinade and mix well. We put it into a jar, close it with a cap nylon and put it in the refrigerator. After three days, green tomatoes, sharp, very tasty and healthy, you can eat. It is recommended to season with onion and vegetable oil before serving.

Spicy salad of green tomatoes

For this salad, you do not need to take green tomatoes, you can have yellowish or pinkish, but they must be firm. We need one kilogram of tomatoes and for a mixture of seven cloves of garlic, one hot chili pepper, parsley, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, as much as 9% of vinegar and sugar sugar, one spoonful of salt. In a bowl, mix sugar, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil, pepper, finely chopped and garlic, passed through the scabbard. All this is stirred until the sugar and salt completely dissolve. We cut our tomatoes with lobules, we send it to a container with a lid and fill it with the resulting mixture. We mix again, close tightly with a lid and put it in the refrigerator for a day. Here so quickly we made green tomatoes, sharp, with pepper and garlic. You can serve any garnish as a salad. Also, there is an option to shift into cans and close the lids, for a longer period of storage.

Quick-salted tomatoes

Tomatoes cooked according to this recipe will be an excellent snack even on a festive table, not to mention ordinary feasts. We need six servings: tomatoes - one and a half kilograms, water - one and a half liters, sugar sand - two tablespoons, salt - three spoons, 9% vinegar - two spoons, one bay leaf, fragrant pepper - several peas, garlic - three denticles, dill fresh. Now we are preparing green tomatoes, fast. We wash tomatoes, dry it, make cuts crosswise from above. Then we prepare marinade: boil half a liter of water with salt and sugar, add pepper, vinegar, bay leaf, bring to a boil, remove from heat - let it cool down a little. Finely chop the garlic with dill. Put all the tomatoes in a bowl or basin, on top - garlic and dill. Fill with a not too hot marinade. We put for two days in the refrigerator for pickling.

We stuff green tomatoes according to the Georgian recipe

As we know, tomatoes can be not only marinated, but also salted. This method destroys the toxic glycoside solanine contained in them. Consider another recipe, like salted green tomatoes under a caprock cap. This option came to us from Georgia.

Necessary ingredients : a kilogram of tomatoes, 200 grams of celery leaves, 50 grams of garlic, one carrot and one pod of red hot pepper.

For the brine we will need : a liter of water, a spoonful of soda, 60 grams of dill dried with seeds, three leaves of laurel, eight peas of sweet pepper.

We select solid small tomatoes, cut each of them along the middle and fill it with stuffing, for which we chop large greens, slice the garlic thinly, like a pilaf, shred carrots, and cut hot peppers with rings. All this is mixed.

The next stage is brine. We boil water, we put in it pepper fragrant, sprigs of dry dill, bay leaf and salt. Boil for about five minutes, then completely cool and discard the bay leaf. We finish zasalivat green tomatoes in a cold way. Tightly put them in a pan, while shifting the dill, taken from the brine. Fill this brine, from above we cover with a wooden mug or a plate, then - oppression. Cover with a lid and put in a cool place. After a few days, we put the finished tomatoes in cans, without forgetting the dill, we close them with capron lids - and in the refrigerator. Bon Appetit!

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