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Mexican mascara: photo

Among the rare exotic animals, perhaps, it is the Mexican jerboa that causes the most questions. How does he look, where he lives, what he eats, and most importantly - why about the fur of this unprecedented beast they say with enthusiastic aspiration, then with frank sarcasm? Latin America in general and Mexico in particular are really full of all kinds of animals that are not found on other continents. But the search for a mysterious tushkan can never be crowned with success.

What is known about the Mexican jerboa?

According to the surviving documentary evidence, the main advantage of this animal is elegant soft fur, from which ladies' stoles, boas, maybe even fur coats are made. A man who is a little familiar with zoology, will certainly experience a legitimate surprise. Jerboa are small mice-like rodents, is it possible to collect a sufficient number of skins for a fur coat? Technically, it is possible, the length of the carcass of the largest jerboa reaches 26 centimeters. After sewing the fur coats from the squirrels of squirrels or chinchillas.

On the other hand, both flywheel moths are not a fur-bearing game animal, and jerboas happily avoided the fate of sables and arctic foxes. There remains a legitimate question, why does everyone have this wonderful fur on their lips? Mexican jerboa, alas, the animal is fictional, and we owe this miracle of nature to Ilf and Petrov. Their immortal work "Twelve Chairs" gave us a huge number of winged phrases. Expert evaluation of valuable furs from the recognized maestro Ostap Bender stepped into the people.

Defile in furs from Ellochka Carnivores

The wife of the engineer Shchukin received from the authors the nickname "ogre" at all because of some terrible sins. Compared with the savages of the tribe Mumbo-Yumbo, whose vocabulary is about three hundred words, Ellochka managed only three dozen. A special emphasis is placed on "horror", "darkness", "cr-r-r-r-rsota" and "ho-ho". It would seem, where is the Mexican jerboa?

Among all sorts of hobbies Ellochka the leading position was occupied by the battle with the daughter of American billionaire Vanderbild. On the altar of the struggle was laid the entire small salary of the spouse, and it was to wipe the nose of the arrogant Vanderbildihe, were purchased two chairs from the headset, which was hunted by Comrade Bender. But a luxurious wardrobe, designed to outweigh pathetic silk and American diamonds, was built from a cross-dressed jacket, dresses decorated with dog skins, as well as a chinchilla palatine, which successfully became the "Russian hare, killed in the Tula province." Here this chinchilla Ellochka called the "Mexican jerboa". However, Ostap immediately made a correction, awarding the hare the title of the Shanghai leopard, than he finally struck down the impressionable Cannibal.

Unique fur on the shelves

To throw dust in your eyes and sell cheap fur at a price of expensive, you do not need to be the hero of a satirical novel. In fact, this happens often enough, and the lucky owner of a fur coat does not know who it was when it was new - an elite sable or a simple proletarian muskrat. Approximately the same situation with leather jackets. Modern technology allows not only to limit the glass for a diamond, but also to give out leatherette for the skin of a young goat. So, on the counter appears the Shanghai leopard, Mexican tuskan, "skin of young dermatina" and other unique products. Cheap fur is painted, plucked, trimmed and even curled to give it the necessary texture. Artificial fur can also suddenly turn out to be so "natural" that it is easy to take for the skin of an unknown animal.

Where can I find a Mexican tushkan?

Riot of exotics in fur rows began in the "dashing nineties," when wild capitalism's rampant demanded that money be taken from everything. Truly Bender combinations allowed to give a hat from Tuzik near Moscow, at an evil time caught by zhivodyoryam, for the elite hide of a Canadian wolf. If the price allowed, it was not so important as the fur went to the fur coat - the Mexican jerboa or the rabbit at the last gasp.

Now you can hope that the titled shops selling furs sell you exactly what is on the price tag, and this is really a silver mink or still a less expensive beast. Breeders of rabbit breeders rendered great service to the furriers, and the rabbit fur of the "chinchilla" breed really looks very much like the color and appearance on the chinchilla skin. Rabbit can fake if not everything, then almost everything: llama, chinchilla, arctic fox, sable. On what will suffice the audacity of the seller. The highest risk is to acquire a tuscany - the market. A cheap natural fur coat is almost a hundred percent jerboa, because natural furs, alas, are not cheap.

Winged phraseology

Despite the fact that any Shanghai (Mexican) tuskan refers to fur, this phrase quickly broke the frame and is now applied to anything. Mexican, Brazilian and other tushkans are called mongrel dogs and cats, which the owners are trying to pass off for some unknown elite breed. This mocking title, which is appropriated to anything, if the owner has the intention to give out cheap for expensive and elite. Especially if it's not very good at it.

Mexican jerboa and his relatives

The closest relative of this exotic animal is the "young dermatine", of which cheap handbags, jackets, jackets and all kinds of shoes are sewn. In fact, leatherette can be so high-quality that it will last much longer than the real leather of a bad dressing, but that's the details - very few of the buyers understand this well. The result is Mexican tuskan, bought at exorbitant prices. You can easily upload photos to the Internet with a note: "Be careful, scammers."

If we consider the closest relatives of the jerboa, like fur-bearing game animals, the closest will be the same folk rabbit, wild hare or a more expensive squirrel. There is nothing wrong with the budget coat, rabbit fur is also soft and warm enough, but the wear resistance is less, and it should cost relatively inexpensively.

The appropriateness of the use of phraseology

Like other similar expressions, phraseology about the Mexican carcass can be used in an artistic text, in colloquial speech. Journalists writing on acute hot topics, too, often use all sorts of metaphors, comparisons and phraseological phrases. At the same time in business speech and official letters it is better to refrain from demonstrating your vast vocabulary. In addition, despite the huge popularity of the novel "The Twelve Chairs", not everyone knows the source and meaning of the phrase, this can lead to misunderstandings. If you need to avoid ambiguity and embarrassing situations, refrain from wit.

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