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Ben Whishaw (Ben Whishaw): filmography and the personal life of the actor (photo)

Today we propose to get acquainted with a talented British actor named Ben Wishaw. For viewers around the world, he is best known for his roles in the films "Perfume: The Story of the Murderer", "Cloud Atlas" and a series of tapes about the special agent of Her Majesty James Bond.

Biography of the actor

Benjamin John Wishaw was born on October 14, 1980 in the English town of Clifton, Berdfordshire. His father - Joseph - was a specialist in computer development, and his mother - Linda - worked as a cosmetician. Ben Wishaw and his brother James are twins. While studying in high school, the hero of our story was carried away by the theater. Parents did not resist the desire of his son to become an actor and even recorded him for courses in theatrical skills. After graduation, Benjamin entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. During the student days, Wishaw began his theatrical career, which quickly achieved significant results. The first fame came to him in the period of cooperation with the theatrical group "Big Spirit".

Filmography by Ben Wishaw: debut on the big screen

The young actor began to make the first steps in cinema at the age of 19. These were episodic roles. Benjamin at that time considered screen art only as an additional help, devoting most of his time to working in the theater. So, in 1999 he took part in filming such films as "In July 1916: The Battle of the Somme" and "The Guard". In addition, at that time young Wishaw appeared on television in a series of British production called "Children of Other People."

Continuation of career

His first major role in the movie, Ben Wishaw, was performed in 2000. It was the movie "My Brother Tom", where the actor played an unbalanced teenager. For the brilliant performance of the role, Benjamin received the prestigious British award of independent filmmakers as the most promising debutant of the United Kingdom.

The following year Wishaw again played the main character in the short film "Child". He got the role of a young erotic dreamer, with whom he coped magnificently. Then followed such films with the participation of a young actor as "Mental Frenzy" (2002) and "77 beds" (2004). Also in 2004, Benjamin starred in the melodrama "Patient Love" based on the novel "Picnic on the Ruins of Reason" by writer Ian McEwan. The director of the project was Roger Michelle, and the film was very warmly received by both spectators and critics. In the same period, Wishaw starred in the crime drama "Layered Cake" directed by Matthew Vaughn. Partners of the young actor on the set were such celebrities as Sienna Miller and Daniel Craig. In 2005, Ben was involved in filming a popular comedy series about an eccentric creator called "Nathan Barley." In the same year Wishaw took part in the work on a biographical drama of British production, dedicated to the life of the founder of the legendary music group "Rolling Stones" - Brian Jones. The project was named "In a Dope," and directed by Stephen Woolley. In this drama, Wishaw brilliantly played the role of one of the musicians of the famous collective - Keith Richards, than he earned a lot of positive reviews from critics and spectators.

Breakthrough in career

Ben Wishaw's filmography already included a number of very notable film works, when in 2006 he was offered a major role in a new project that really changed his life. It's about the drama "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" directed by Tom Tykwer. The film was based on an affair with the same name of the writer Patrick Zuskind. In this picture, Ben Wishaw brilliantly played the role of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille - a very talented, but cruel and never-known love orphan, who became an obsessed murderer. His partners in the shooting were such stars as Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman. The film has won tremendous success all over the world, making Wishaw famous not only in his native England, but also far beyond its borders.

Further film activity

After the triumph in the role of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in 2007, the actor was invited to participate in another biopic. It's about the tape of director Todd Haynes called "I'm not there", dedicated to the life of Bob Dylan. Wishaw's partners on the set were such stars as Richard Gere, Keith Blanchett and Christian Bale.

The following year, the actor took part in the work on the drama "Return to Brideshead" directed by Julian Jarrold. This film was the adaptation of one of the most original novels of the greatest writer of England - Evelyn Waugh. In the same 2008, Wishaw starred in the popular British television series "Criminal Justice" of the Air Force. For this role, he became a laureate of the Royal Society of Film Critics and Emmy Award.

In 2009, Ben Wishou again had the honor of embodying on the screen a cult personality. This time, his hero became the famous English poet John Keats. The film was called "Bright Star", and directed by Jane Campion. Along with Wishaw, the main roles in this project were performed by such famous actors as Paul Schneider and Abby Cornish.

Last works

In 2010, Ben Wishou brilliantly played a character named Ariel in a fantasy comedy drama called "The Storm", which became a screen version of the same work by the great Shakespeare. The partners of the actor on the set of this project were Russell Brand and Helen Mirren.

Very saturated for Wishaw was 2012. During this period, he played one of the roles in the popular British television series Air Force called "Hour." Then he was invited to the TV version of Shakespeare's Richard II. In this project Benjamin played the main role. And, finally, at the end of 2012, two notable films with Wishaw's participation were released: "Cloud Atlas" and "007: Coordinates" Skyfoll ".

Ben Wishou: personal life

For a long time, the actor tried to keep his novels in secret. However, after the release of the sensational film "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer", a rumor appeared that Ben connected an intimate relationship with one of his colleagues on the set. Then the media began to argue that Wishaw had an affair with Rachel Hed-Wood.

The truth was opened only a few years ago, when the actor openly announced his unconventional sexual orientation. So, in 2012, Mark Bradshaw and Ben Wishaw entered into a civil partnership. With his chosen one, who is a composer from Australia, the actor met in 2009 on the set of the movie "Bright Star".

Interesting Facts

- Ben Wishaw for his career became the owner of all sorts of theater awards and prizes. In addition, he is one of the leading actors of the world famous "Old Vic" theater. The list of his awards includes the awards of British independent cinema, the Verona Film Festival, the Sochi Film Festival and many others.

- Wishaw has a professionally delivered voice. He could easily become an opera singer.

- The actor adores cats. So, at different times he lived up to 13 four-legged furry favorites.

- According to Ben Wishaw, his favorite film is "Vertigo" by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

- Among his hobbies, the actor singles out travel, music and dancing.

"Despite the fact that Ben and James Wishaw are twins, their characters are completely different. So, Ben, unlike his brother, was shy and withdrawn at school, but always dreamed of acting career, and eventually managed to achieve what he wanted. James never saw himself as a public person. He studied at the Faculty of Economics and connected his life with the financial sphere, which, in his own words, does not regret at all.

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