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Gynecology: candles from thrush

Thrush is a very common disease that does not give peace to many women. The cause of its appearance is the yeast fungus Candida. Fungi of this genus can be present on the mucous membranes of the genital organs and not cause any unpleasant sensations. Manifestation of the disease begins in periods when the human immune system weakens. Then, harmful microorganisms penetrate through the mucous membranes and begin to actively spread. As a rule, the presence of the disease is indicated by discharge from the vagina, mainly in the form of a curdled coating, which is accompanied by a burning sensation and constantly causes the desire to scratch the affected areas. Sensations can intensify after water procedures or at night when a woman is sleeping.

Often, on the background of hormonal reorganization, caused by pregnancy, thrush occurs. Candles from a thrush for pregnant women differ a little from usual. These special preparations consist of such substances that do not present any danger to the fetus being born - the future baby, which is very important for women in the situation. Also, the manifestation of candidiasis is significantly affected by violations of the endocrine system and the use of drugs containing antibiotics for a long period. No less intense impact is observed when taking hormonal contraceptives, which contribute to the suppression of immunity, or the treatment of malignant tumors, which significantly reduces the protective function of the body.

Vaginal suppositories from thrush differ in their main active substance. The main drugs contain clotrimazole or pimafucin. Candles from thrush based on clotrimazole are considered a fairly good tool. Clotrimazole belongs to a group of synthetically produced medications that act on the fungus. It is used in the treatment of not only candidiasis, but also other diseases caused by various fungal microorganisms. It can be applied topically and topically, including intra-vaginally. Candles with clotrimazole have a destructive effect on the characteristics of the cellular structure of fungi and lead to their dissolution. A small amount of the drug reduces the ability of harmful microorganisms to multiply, and its high concentration leads to their complete destruction.

Unfortunately, like many other medicines, clotrimazole has a number of side effects. It has a sufficiently high toxicity, which allows you to cope with the disease, but even getting into the blood in a small amount, can provoke undesirable consequences. Especially cautiously, this drug should be used for patients with serious liver problems, as well as for pregnant women.

Although the negative effect of clotrimazole on the future baby has not yet been scientifically confirmed, women in the position are still recommended to use other antifungal agents. Also, do not use clotrimazole for young mothers who breastfeed their baby. In such cases, as a rule, candles from the thrush with pimafucin are prescribed. Its effect is almost identical to the effect of clotrimazole. A distinctive quality here is a softer action. This antibiotic is able to bind certain substances that form the envelope of fungal cells, which in turn leads to their destruction. Usually, pimafucin does not cause any side effects, it is well tolerated by almost all patients. Exception can be made only by women who have an individual intolerance to the drug.

In any case, self-medication is not recommended. Advertising medicated medicines, especially "the most effective", can only harm your health. Successful treatment can be prescribed only by qualified doctors who take into account the specific condition of their patients.

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