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"Home" Finnish sauna in the apartment

Visiting baths and saunas has recently become more common. Someone is soared for health, but someone is spending time with friends. But, probably, everyone at the same time dreams that he had his own Finnish sauna in the apartment. Once it was impossible to imagine, but in our time this is a reality.

What is the secret of popularity?

The Finnish sauna is one of the most popular types of baths. Many argue about their harm and benefit to human health. However, their harm is the same as in other saunas (they are contraindicated for cores, hypertensive patients, other chronic diseases and pregnant women), and the benefits are significant. So, the Finnish sauna has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the work of the lungs, clears the body of toxins and toxins (has the effect of detoxification), improves the tone and work of the muscle tissue, relieves stress and tension. To get a beneficial effect of the procedure, the time spent in the sauna should not exceed 15 minutes. A Finnish sauna is often used by those who want to lose weight. However, the lost weight soon returns, as the liquid stored in the body is lost, not fat. Therefore, the sauna is good only as a passing procedure in a comprehensive program for weight loss. For example, regular visits to the sauna with the use of natural scrubs and masks pull up the sagging skin after losing weight, restore its elasticity, tone and silky.

"Home" Finnish sauna. A photo

Because of so many positive qualities, many city residents dream of a private sauna in the apartment. In addition, it perfectly removes stress and insomnia, which is so important for a modern citizen. Install it even in a small apartment (not that in the apartment) is quite feasible - today's technology can do the wrong thing. Deciding on this step, conceived to realize in three ways. The Finnish sauna can be bought ready (industrial production), can be assembled and mounted with your own hand (subject to availability of you or friends of relevant knowledge), order a steam room in a company specializing in the manufacture and installation of individual saunas. In this case, the steam room will be mounted and assembled exclusively for the available parameters of the apartment and the room where the sauna will stand.

Finnish sauna in an apartment

Designers of the company will make measurements, calculate the quantity and cost of materials, provide you with an estimate and then proceed with the manufacture of the steam room. Installation will also be part of the overall list of works. Saunas harvested "on a turn-key basis" (subject to the manufacturer's conscientiousness) are ideally suited to the premises, and their work is tailored to the "features" of the communications of a particular apartment. Factory same steam rooms may not be snug against the wall or be adapted to the communication data. In this case, additional installation work is required . Finnish saunas are usually placed in bathrooms (there is a sink, water, etc.). However, there are cases when they are installed on wide insulated loggias. For this option, you will have to conduct special communications throughout the apartment, which is not always possible. A home Finnish sauna is powered by electricity, and its consumption can be substantial. The average cost of installing a sauna in an apartment starts from 100 thousand rubles without installation work.

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