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Rafael van der Vaart: brief biography

Rafael van der Vaart - footballer of the Spanish club "Betis" and the Dutch national team. The player is a pupil of the Amsterdam school "Ajax". World fame gained in times of performances for different European clubs. He became famous for his good technique and his ability to perform fine punches perfectly. More details about it will be discussed later.

The first steps in sports

The future famous Dutch football player was born on February 11, 1983 in the north-western city of Heemskerk. At the age of ten at the viewing in Amsterdam's "Ajax" the boy made a great impression on the children's coaches of the club, so he easily got to study at the local academy. His debut as a member of the foundation took place when the boy turned 17 years old. Then he went on to replace in the duel of the country's championship against "Den Bosch". Despite the zeal during training and eagerness for the game, that year in official matches he was no longer on the field.


In the 2000-2001 season, the coach of the Amsterdam Grandee Ko Adriaanse began to trust the young player more. Initially, he transferred the guy to the reserve, but very often released him to replace. At the end of the year the fans have already seen a great potential in a young man. Not surprisingly, the best young player of the team was named Rafael van der Vaart at the end of the season. The height of the guy was 176 centimeters, but it did not stop him not just creating scoring chances for his teammates, but also to score with his head and standard positions.

According to experts, in the new season the football player was to become the leader of his team. However, fate decreed otherwise. At the very beginning of the season, the player suffered a meniscus injury, which led to surgery and a long recovery. After returning to the field, a relapse occurred, which again required surgical intervention. As a result, until the end of the season, the football player has not played any more games. After the rehabilitation, the midfielder again played at the previous level, thanks to which a number of clubs wanted to get him into their ranks.


On July 1, 2005, the football player moved to Hamburg. This decision was very unexpected, as it was claimed by more eminent teams. Whatever it was, in his new club the player very quickly became a leader. Experts say that it was thanks to him that Hamburg managed to take the third place in the national championship and ended up in the Champions League. In the starting season for himself in Germany, Rafael van der Vaart scored nine goals against the opponent. At the same time most of the goals were scored with beautiful blows from long distances. As a result, he became the best in the team. The following year, the midfielder was chosen captain, but because of injury again flew out of the game for a long time. Without his leader, the team very quickly turned out to be among outsiders, but Rafael's return in six months helped her to get to the top of the table. In the 2007-2008 season, the player set his own record, scoring 21 goals in all the tournaments in which he participated.


Rafael van der Vaart became a player of Real Madrid in August 2008. The amount of the transaction was estimated at 15 million euros, and the Dutchman signed an agreement with the club for five years. The first goal in Spain, he scored in his debut match against "Numancia". After the statement of coach Manuel Pellegrini in the summer of 2009 that he does not count on Dutch players, Rafael could leave the club. But, whatever it was, the midfielder remained in the team, but he did not receive proper practice in the future.

The last clubs

In 2010, the footballer moved to the London club "Tottenham". Here he quickly became the player of the base. In every fight, the Dutchman did a lot of useful work, so it is not surprising that in the course of time he received an individual award of the best player of the month. Two years later, Rafael van der Vaart moved to Hamburg. According to him, he was very happy to return to Germany. In the team, he acted all the way efficiently and could have stayed here until the end of his career. Together with this, the club did not go well in sports and finance. Havbek decided to change the situation. After the contract expires in summer 2015, the football player signed an agreement for three years with the Spanish "Betis".

National team

For the national team of his country, Rafael van der Vaart played for the first time in 2001 in a duel against Andorra. For the national team of the country he performed at three European and two world championships. Among his greatest achievements here are bronze "Euro-2004" and silver mundialya 2010. As of today, Rafael is in the top five of the Netherlands footballers, who played the most matches in the national team's T-shirt.

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