Madinat Jumeirah Hotels, United Arab Emirates: guest reviews

Despite such an original eastern name, the Jumeirah network is present all over the world. Maldives or the Balearic Islands, London or Frankfurt, Shanghai and even Baku - in all these resorts and in cities you can find a chain of hotels that amazes with the luxury of the buildings, the decoration of the rooms, the refined cuisine, the highest quality of services. But most of the Jumeirah hotels on its "homeland" are in the United Arab Emirates. And their number is just off scale in Dubai. In this city there are also single hotels and whole hotel complexes. About one such, "Madinat Jumeirah," and will go today speech. The prices for accommodation in such palaces are not small, but the rest in them is focused on the most demanding, you can tell, capricious clients. Here is their opinion and we will study. What can I get by paying a ticket to a luxury hotel chain Jumeirah, such as Madinat (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)?

Madinat Jumeirah Hotels

As the title of our article shows, we are not talking about one hotel. "Madinat" network "Jumeirah" - this is a whole town of eastern comfort and refined luxury. Like many other chain representations in Dubai, this complex rises on the prestigious beachfront Jumeirah. What hotels are included in the resort "Madinat"? First of all, they are huge Al Qasr, Al-Nasim and Mina A Salam. Next to these boutique hotels, consisting of multi-story buildings, there is "Dar Al Masyaf." It is twenty nine bungalows. A closer to the waterfront and the sea are seven luxurious cottages, united in the hotel "Jumeirah Malakiya Villas." The layout of buildings of buildings and bungalows, restaurants and other buildings recreates the ancient Arabian town, where colorful architecture blends seamlessly into the landscape, with its flowering oases, canals (their total length is about three kilometers) and hanging gardens.

Hotels or resort?

Resting in one of the buildings or villas of the hotel complex, you will not feel the need to go to Dubai. Hotel «Madinat Jumeirah» (photos of travelers it demonstrates with all evidence) is a full-fledged resort with developed infrastructure. Guests of the complex have the opportunity to visit all the bars and restaurants on its territory, and there are not less than forty of them. All the bathing pleasures are available at the Talise Spa. For sports, there is "Talis Fitness" with the most modern simulators. And even for shopping, you do not need to leave the complex. The shopping center "Souk Madinat Jumeirah" is decorated as an oriental bazaar. What kind of city without transport? On the territory of "Madinat" around the clock electric cars are plying. The guest of the complex can use them for free. Moreover, such golf carts will take guests of "Madinat" to such sights of Dubai as Burj Al Arab, water park "Wild Wadi" and "Jumeirah Beach Hotel". And if you want to get somewhere else, a free shuttle bus will take you to the nearest metro station. On the branched network of canals water taxi "abra" ply.

Where is the hotel complex located

He occupies a key position in the resort city of Dubai. Hotel Madinat Jumeirah rises on the shore of the Persian Gulf. It is very easy to get to attractions such as the Internet City, Dubai Marina and the famous man-made island "Palma". By the way, Jumeirah International chain includes such attractions of the city as the water park Wild Wadi, the skyscrapers Burj Al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Ward Trade Center Residence. The hotel complex is located half an hour's drive from Dubai International Airport. "Golden Souk" - the most famous bazaar of the city, is located nineteen kilometers from the "Madinat". And at 6 km there is a golf club and a huge shopping center. As you can see, the complex "Madinat" of the hotel network "Jumeirah" is a city in the city. It has everything you need for a good rest. Even the most demanding customers were satisfied with the location of the complex and its territory with developed infrastructure.

Hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr

Now consider in order all the resort hotels. "Al Qasr" is the main pearl in the crown of the complex "Madinat Jumeirah". The photo represents the real residence of the sheikh, where traditional architecture successfully combines with the modern concept of comfort. If the word "Madinat" in Arabic means "city", then "Qasr" is a "palace". The name is completely justified. One grand entrance to the hotel looks no worse than the site in front of Versailles. A wide alley is decorated with gilded statues of Arab stallions. High palms lined up in two rows, like a company of guardsmen. We pass into the hall blazing with luxury and we go up to the rooms. Some category names speak for themselves: "Royal Suite", "Ocean deluxe king", "Executive Arabian", "Suite Junior Suite", etc. In each bedroom - antique furniture. Each bathroom has a marble finish. The design of the rooms does not allow you to forget that you are in the East. A luxurious decoration allows you to feel like a hero of "Thousand and One Nights."

Prestigious guests

Guests of some room categories of Al Qasr hotel can use the services that are not provided to other tourists who are vacationing in the Madinat Jumeirah complex (Dubai). They are served a daily breakfast. They can use the free shuttle service. The guests of the "suites" in Al Qasr are members of the exclusive "Club Executive Lounge" and "Premium Leger Club". Some rooms have a fitted kitchen and a dining room. In others there is a living room. But all the rooms of the hotel have beautiful balconies with a view of the Persian Gulf or the peaceful channels, through which endless scurrying small boats-abras. The square of the simplest room in Al Kwasr is fifty-five square meters. "The royal suite" has three hundred and thirty-two, and the "presidential suite" is one hundred and eighty. Reviews say that staying in such rooms emphasizes prestige and gives an unforgettable feeling of self-confidence.

Hotel Dar Al Masyaf

A calm harbor was called this hotel by tourists. In the complex "Madinat Jumeirah" it is like an oasis of tranquility and tranquility. The hotel consists of twenty-nine detached two-story houses made according to the canons of Arab architecture. Each of them has its own patio. The complex of villas "Dar Al Masyaf" is surrounded by gardens with luxuriant flowering plants and water channels. Between the villas are winding paths, on which it is very pleasant to walk. You can feel yourself in the Arabian "Venice", having swept the abre. In a word, the Dar Al Masyaf hotel is chosen by lovers of a refined but quiet and secluded premium-class holiday. If in the previous hotel "Madinata Jumeirah" it is supposed to live sheikhs, then the villas live ... they are the same, only getting out into the nature. To each such bungalow attached butler, ready to take care of all worldly trivialities.

Rooms at Dar Al Masyaf

In the light and spacious rooms of the villas there is a refined luxury. The rooms on the upper floors are equipped with balconies. To the rooms of the lower level there are terraces on which you can sunbathe. Rooms in the villas are also divided into categories. There are also those that do not consist of one bedroom with a bathroom. But even in the simplest room is antique furniture. The design of rooms is made in Arabic style with the decoration of warm, golden-red hues. The bathroom is pleased with a shower and marble finish. Some villas in which suites are located, such as Arabian Summer House or Golf Ocean Suite, have their own swimming pools. Villas "Malakia" are overflowing with special luxury. They are the pearl of "Madinat Jumeirah", an oasis of solitude and rest. The room in Malakie consists of two bedrooms. Each of them has its own balcony. The bathroom has a jacuzzi. There is also a kitchen corner with a bar. And the villa is adjacent to its own swimming pool, lawn and gazebo. The inhabitants of Malakia are also members of prestigious clubs and they are entitled to services as VIP clients.

Mina A Salam Hotel

The name of this hotel in the complex-the town of Madinat Jumeirah (Dubai) is translated as the "Harbor of Peace". The name is also not accidental. Getting to "Mina A'Salam", as if immersed in the past of the Arab Emirates, when oil and tourism was not yet, and shipping was the main industry. The harbor of the world opens the gates to the entire resort. From her begin the path through the picturesque gardens, with her stretch channels, openwork web stretched throughout the complex. Thus, the inhabitants of this hotel - so say the testimonials - turn out to be in the heart of "Madinat", at the center of all events. "Mina A'Salam" is chosen mainly by business travelers who want to be close to the entire infrastructure of the hotel complex. But vacationing couples or families will also be comfortable here. The hotel building looks like a palace from Arabian fairy-tales. And the rooms in it also do not dispel the magic of oriental hospitality.

Hotel Al Nasim

This is the smallest hotel in the complex "Madinat Jumeirah" (Dubai). The reviews say that it has recently been opened, everything is fresh in it. But this hotel has already won several prestigious awards at the competitions of local hoteliers. The hotel building is small, five-story. It surrounds the water harbor, where trees grow on artificial islands. It should be said that this hotel is closer to the sea than anyone else in the complex. Of the spacious and bright rooms, the Persian Gulf is not only visible, but also audible. The sea breeze and the smells of iodine fly into the windows. The skyscraper "Burj Khalifa" is also visible. The rooms are decorated in a very interesting style. They combine the motifs of Bedouin culture and modern comfort.


Based on the high level and luxury of the rooms, one can also assume how delicious, varied and exquisitely they are fed in the Madinat Jumeirah hotel complex. Reviews argue that a guest of any hotel can visit all the restaurants and bars in this resort town. And there are more than forty of them. Upon check-in, vouchers are issued - one for lunch and dinner for each day of stay. What restaurants do tourists recommend to visit? They are all wonderful and rewarded. Most of all the tourists praised the Mexican "La Tortuga", the Spanish "Al Hamra", the Arabian "Haymat Al Bahar" and the Italian "Tuscany". For a surcharge of forty-three dollars per person, you can visit a la carte restaurants. Of these tourists are very praised Thai "Pai-Tai." You can spend an excellent evening in "360 degrees". The name of this restaurant suggests that the view from its windows is panoramic.


Pools in the complex "Madinat Jumeirah" can not be counted. But after all, not behind them, but behind a warm sea tourists go to the UAE. "Madinat Jumeirah" owns its own beach, which stretches for two kilometers. Next to it is another hotel network. It is called "Jumeirah Beach". The entire infrastructure of this hotel (swimming pools, restaurants, animation) is available for the guests of "Madinata". On the beach, guests are treated to free fruits and offer refreshing cool, wet towels. In addition to swimming in pools and at sea, tourists recommend to try other water pleasures. Children and adults will like the "Wild Wadi" - water park, which also belongs to the network "Jumeirah". Apotheosis of bliss - this is how the guests of the Talise spa center described it. There are all conceivable types of bath services (such as an infrared sauna or yoga classes).


Needless to say, the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel (UAE) provides its guests with a variety of services to ensure that their vacation meets the luxury class. There is also a mini-club for children (it is located on the territory of the hotel "Jumeirah Beach"). The most liked vacationers is that the huge territory of the complex can be used for free on golf carts and small boats. Most of the photos of tourists are dedicated to this "own Venice in Dubai".

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