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Non-bowl toilet bowls: customer reviews

For many years, designers and plumbers have worked hard to create a perfect toilet that provides maximum hygiene. This is due to the fact that most of the models that are used everywhere have a rim that prevents normal maintenance of the device. Recently appeared harmless toilet bowls, reviews about which you can read in the article.

Distinctive features

In appearance, the harmless toilet bowls almost do not differ from traditional models. The only difference is the absence of the rim. Its presence is due to the fact that this part is a guide for water during the flushing process. However, this design creates hard-to-reach places for cleaning, which leads to the emergence and reproduction of microorganisms, as well as accumulation of dirt, formation of rust and stains.

Over the years, plumbing companies have solved this problem by applying additional glaze layers and coatings that are designed to repel bacteria and dirt. However, these methods can not be called durable, and if often use aggressive chemical detergents, the surface of the glaze subjected to mechanical action will quickly collapse.

Not so long ago, a new solution was found, which is expressed in the absence of a rim. Bezobodkovye toilet bowls, reviews about which, perhaps, will allow you to make a choice toward these devices, have a slightly different flushing mechanism. Water under pressure is washed by a smooth surface, and the rim is not required. Instead, a water splitter is used that distributes the flow of the liquid in several directions, thus eliminating splashing.

For reference

Such innovations did not greatly affect the price, and the cost was not much higher. Whereas practically such toilet bowls do not differ from classical models.

What else is necessary to know about the harmless toilet bowls?

Most modern modern models have a built-in cistern, they are fixed on the wall, which contributes to the emergence of the legitimate question of consumers about whether the structure can be supported by weight. According to the supplier companies, if you install the device correctly, it will be able to withstand a load of up to 500 kg.

If we consider the barrel of the product, then the buyers are interested in how to make a replacement, if a leak occurs. Manufacturers emphasize that these tanks do not contain seams, which is why they can not leak, among other things, they have a special overflow system, which ensures the durability of the structure to 10 years.

Positive reviews

Now you know the difference between the harmless toilet bowls, reviews of which are still recommended to be read before purchasing such equipment. Of these, you can find out what are the main advantages of such devices.

In the first place, consumers identify the possibility of maintaining hygiene. This is due to the fact that these toilets do not have inaccessible canals and places where you could accumulate pollution. Microorganisms simply will not multiply.

Consumers say that in the care of the toilet there is now no need to use aggressive chemicals, making manipulations with the brush. Now it will be enough just to wipe the bowl with a damp napkin. You will also notice the saving effect. An innovative flushing system will use water in a smaller volume than is required for conventional toilets. Producers argue that it will save up to 30%.

Considering the harmless toilets, reviews about which are often the most positive, consumers emphasize a higher aesthetics. The appearance of such instruments is undoubtedly more accurate and pleasant than that of the classical brethren. You can enjoy environmental friendliness, because you can abandon the aggressive chemistry, using the usual cleaning products for toilets. This will have a positive impact on human health, as well as the environment.

Negative feedback

If you decide to read reviews on harmless pendant toilets, then you should pay attention to negative opinions. They are not so many, however, like every product, the minuses are still present. Among them, only defects in certain manufacturers can be identified.

Thus, if you acquire a model of a not too popular brand, you may encounter minor deficiencies that sometimes lead to improper flushing, splashing, and short-lived devices. Some buyers claim that they were "lucky" to buy a toilet bowl that is too large and an incorrectly chosen bowl. The latter may have a large or small depth. Among other things, some manufacturers do not care too much about the complete completeness of the toilet bowl.

Reviews about products of some manufacturers

The Vitra shower cups, which are the most positive reviews, have already been on the market for several decades. As practice shows, such models are excellent for medical institutions, as well as public toilets. Such devices have an additional compartment for the cleaning agent, which will be carried away by water during the flushing process.

If you want to choose a truly high-quality sanitary equipment for a bathroom, you can pay attention to the company "Rock", it is known in the market since 1929. The Roca toilet bowl, reviews of which are only positive, you can meet in the popular hotels, as the products are famous for their reliability and quality. But if you are a fan of fashion, you can prefer toilets brand TTO, which are known for innovative approach to the flushing system. The manufacturer took care of the presence of several water streams. In addition, users argue that these devices have a built-in program that fights against bacteria.

Surprisingly, these toilet bowls can be called modern gadgets, as sometimes they are equipped with motion sensors. If you approach, then the lid of the toilet will go up.

Reviews about the toilet Cersanit

Cersanit showerless toilet, reviews about which you can read below, is also quite popular among consumers. For example, the Carina Clean On model costs 7300 rubles. It is suspended, and the bowl has a funnel shape. Consumers really like that this option has a microlift, and also has a nice white color that can be inscribed in any interior. The manufacturer took care of the presence of a quick-detachable antibacterial seat, which is made of duroplast. This feature is especially appreciated by buyers. According to users, such models are characterized by high quality and affordable prices.

Reviews about Vitra s50 toilet bowl s50

The Vitra s50 toiletless toilet, which is recommended to be read before going to the store, has a hanging design and a classic white color. According to users, this model is very compact, its dimensions are 360x520 mm. It is noteworthy that in this device the seat is also equipped with a micro-lift, which, according to the buyers, is very convenient in operation.


As practice shows, more popular is the toilet-free toilet floor, the feedback about which is positive because of the fact that this model is more familiar to the consumer. Despite the fact that the suspension models are able to withstand an impressive weight, they are chosen by buyers somewhat less often than the floor ones, since the latter are much easier to install. In addition, the technique of carrying out such work is more understandable to an ordinary home master, since almost every one of them had to face such a need.

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