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Summary and reviews of the book "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

The author of the book "Alice in Wonderland" deserved his recognition. At first glance, an intricate and strange, a fairy tale in fact boils down to a simple truth: the whole world around is insane. Not only children are able to learn useful lessons from the folding syllable, but also the adult book of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" is able to teach a lot. Rereading it time after time, a person understands the text more deeply, hidden between the lines of an uncomplicated tale.

The brief content of the book "Alice in Wonderland". Introduction

The main character of the fairy tale, a little girl Alice, went on a journey to the Wonderland suddenly, even for herself. Lazing around in the meadow, she pays attention to the rabbit, which differed from other fellows with the ability to speak, wearing clothing and pocket watches. In addition, the representative of the pretty family was in a hurry to get to some very important place, which he loudly exclaimed. Alice became interested in this and followed the rabbit in the hole, but got into the tunnel, which immediately began to fall down. During the time she continued to descend, the girl had time to examine the shelves, by which she flew by, and even pull off from them a jar of orange marmalade, which, unfortunately, was devastated by someone earlier.


Many interesting events are described further in his book by Carroll. "Alice in Wonderland" is just beginning to reveal to the reader his secrets. The fall of Alice ended well, she got into a huge hall with a lot of doors, while not harming herself. The mysterious Rabbit disappeared, and the gaze of the heroine appeared a tiny golden key, as it turned out, from a beautiful garden where the girl could not get, because it was too big to go through the door.

She did not have time to be upset, because she immediately found a bottle with an attractive sticker, the text of which suggested that she drink the liquid that was hidden in it. Alice threw aside the caution and drank the contents. The girl immediately began to decline, so rapidly that she involuntarily conducted an analogy with the dying candle flame and was afraid to disappear altogether. During this process, she noticed a nearby patty, the inscription next to which also invited to taste dessert. This time the heroine greatly increased in size. The world, in which she fell, was insane and unpredictable. She burst into tears with fright.

Tear lake

Alice could not stop crying for a long time, so she did not immediately realize that a whole lake of tears formed around her, in which she herself almost drowned. Later it turned out that the heroine was bathing in salt water, not alone, grumbling beside the displeasure of the mouse. Being a well-bred and polite girl, Alice started a conversation with her, but she did not think well of the conversation: the story of her beloved cat insulted the Mouse, and she left the girl alone. This is not all the oddities of the work "Alice in Wonderland". The book for reading will please the reader more than once. Out of nowhere, Rabbit appeared again, he ordered the heroine, as an ordinary servant, to run to his house and bring gloves and a fan so that he could calmly go to the reception to the Duchess. Alice did not argue and went to fulfill the request of a strange creature, but this time she could not restrain her curiosity and drank from another bottle. She waved and almost broke the house of Rabbit, but someone generously showered her with pies, and the girl again became tiny.

Conversation with the Caterpillar

If you read reviews about the book "Alice in Wonderland", you can find out that this moment fell in love with some readers. The girl wandered through the thick jungle for a long time, almost died from the puppy, but still managed to safely reach a huge mushroom, on whose bonnet the Caterpillar rested and lit a hookah with a businesslike look. Alice decided to cry out to her, told about the constant changes in growth and that sometimes she just can not recognize herself, but the new acquaintance did not sympathize with the poor thing. She did not find anything new and surprising in her story. The girl was offended and ran away, along with a small part of the mushroom.

Meeting with the Duchess

The trophy came in handy to the heroine pretty soon: after reaching the first home, she ate the mushroom, grew a little and approached the threshold. The waiter, very much like a fish, gave the other, which in turn resembled a toad, an invitation to his mistress, the Duchess, to come to the Queen for a party in croquet. Alice has made more than one attempt to find out if she can go inside, but the footman's answers proved so strange that in the end the girl just left him and did what she wanted. She immediately found herself in the kitchen, soaked in smoke and pepper. A grumbling cook cooked dinner, and next to her was the mistress of the house, rocking the crying baby. The cook constantly threw dishes that fell under her arm. The song was finished by the grinning cat who was watching this scene. Reviews about the book "Alice in Wonderland" very much praise this scene.

The Duchess hastened to dispel the surprise of the guest, explaining that it was the Cheshire Cat and therefore he was smiling, however, it does not matter, because so can all the representatives of this family. After that the mistress of the house tried to calm the child with a lullaby, but could not stand it and just threw it to Alice. The girl took it out of the house and immediately discovered that instead of the little man in the fold was a piglet.

Conversation with Cheshire Cat

It is this scene that most readers love in the whole work. You can find out about this if you read reviews about the book "Alice in Wonderland". The Cheshire Cat reappeared before the girl, and she decided to find out from him what direction to go next. The smile did not leave the animal's face when he began to reply that if she did not care where to go, she could choose absolutely any direction. Further, the cat simply disappeared, all but the widest smile, which continued to hang in the air for a long time. Once this ability was useful to him. The Queen became angry with the cat and ordered to cut off his head, then he simply disappeared, leaving only his head instead of himself, which it is impossible to chop off without a body. The conversation with this character calmed the girl, and she was able to continue the journey.

Tea drinking and meeting with the Queen

The girl decided to go to the Hare, but suddenly fell for herself on a tea party, love for which, like all Englishmen, Alice was instilled from childhood. The one the heroine was looking for was in the company of the mad Hatter, but they were forced to drink tea several times a day, but constantly. That's how they were punished for the fact that once they purposely burned their time. New acquaintances reacted hostilely to the girl, and she left them, deciding this time to visit the royal garden.

There, Alice discovered the gardeners painting the white roses in red. She did not have time to figure out exactly why they were doing this, since the appeared King and Queen in the company of the approximate began to play croquet. The monarchs showed an unprecedented severity to their subjects, the Chervonaya Koroleva ordered to cut off everyone's head, whom she would see, but this time the heroine was not scared. In the end, they were the most common cards.


One review of the book "Alice in Wonderland" very much extolled the completion of the tale. After the end of the game in croquet, everyone went to the courtroom, where the heroine saw almost everyone she had met for this crazy day. Here they judged Valet, who stole the pies, which the Queen herself baked. The process was chaotic and strange. Suddenly they called Alice herself, by this time had time to return to her usual size. Monarchs tried in every possible way to intimidate the girl, but she was using logical arguments, and then they threatened her with execution. The heroine told them that they are no more than a deck of ordinary cards, and after that the magic ceased to function. She woke up in the meadow and realized that all this time she was just asleep.

Reviews of the book "Alice in Wonderland"

If you read all the reviews, you can see that the opinions of the fans of the book largely converge. First of all, they advise choosing a quality translation. A bad publication can spoil the whole impression of a fairy tale. If a person's plans include giving a product to someone close to them, experienced people advise buying a translation of Alexandra Rozhdestvenskaya. It is pleasant, good for children, as close as possible to the original, and, most importantly, it publishes both parts of the tale. The gift book "Alice in Wonderland" is large enough due to dense pages, it's nice to take in hands. Moreover, usually the page has a white color or painted in yellow. In the same case, they acquired a soft pink shade. Illustrations are pleasant, they do not dominate the general text, but simply complement it. The font is large, easy to read.

The author's unusual syllable raises many questions. Some believe that he did not write for children, others, which, on the contrary, to their unspoiled minds is easier to understand the author's non-standard approach to the narrative. In any case, both the first and the second equally like and appreciate this excellent fairy tale.

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