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How to choose a shower tray

Choosing the right shower tray is not such a simple task as it seems at first glance. Most often, when choosing this device with the shower, buyers pay special attention to the technical characteristics of the model, as well as to the availability of additional functions in the form of a jacuzzi, etc. But few people pay attention to such a component of the shower cubicle as a pallet. And the correct choice of the pallet will depend not only on the design of the shower, but also on its durability. So, let's figure out how to choose the right shower tray.

The choice of the optimal material. Acrylic

These pallets are the most popular not only in Russia, but all over the world. Acrylic products have gained great popularity because of its practicality and unpretentiousness in service. Also a plus of such pallets is a strong resistance to dirt. If the glass on the surface of the acrylic capsizes the ground, a few seconds after the application of the shower, all dirt will completely disappear and the shower tray will be absolutely clean.


Less popular shower cabins with a high metal tray. Their main advantage lies in their rapid heating. Steel products are very resistant to temperature changes and do not deform from it at all. However, enameled products have a significant drawback, because of which they are less popular. And all is in their increased noise, because even with a small pressure your booth will be very thundering. And even the shower tray with noise insulation is not able to reduce this rumble and vibration.


Products from this material are more popular than steel, because due to the special composition of the material (sanfarfor and sanfayans), these pallets have an extended service life and less demanding personal care. However, with the slightest blow, there is a risk of cracking, which is very difficult to eliminate. Therefore, the installation of a shower tray made of ceramics implies very careful operation.


The following characteristic, which should also be noted, is the dimensions of the pallet. Now on sale there are goods of the most various forms and configurations. But still, many apartment owners prefer ergonomic models with a bevelled angle that allow rational use of the bathroom space. It can be either rectangular or square variants. As for the sizes themselves, here is the range from 70x70 to 120x120 centimeters.

It is these products that allow you to save space and at the same time allow a person to wash and wash as comfortably and comfortably as possible. The depth of the pallet also affects the overall functionality of the shower enclosure. The dimensions are shallow (1 cm in height), which are installed flush with the floor, as well as deep models with a height of up to 18 centimeters. The latter option is best installed in houses with a weak sewer network.

So, we have considered all the criteria for choosing a shower tray. Now you can safely make your choice.

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