And it's all about him: petroleum jelly

Vaseline was invented in the 19th century and has since served a person by faith and truth. In fact, this remedy is a mixture of liquid and solid carbohydrates. It is obtained by a method of combining any oil (except castor alone) with solid paraffinic hydrocarbons. Then the product is thoroughly cleaned. For this, sulfuric acid or a special grade of clay with a whitening effect is usually used.

Externally, petroleum jelly is a yellow or gray-brown ointment. It has a creamy sheen and is characterized by a lack of smell and taste.

Types of Vaseline

Known to us Vaseline from grandmother's first-aid kits, it turns out, is not the only one of its kind. To date, there are several types of this product:

  1. Cosmetic Vaseline.
  2. Medical Vaseline.
  3. Technical petroleum jelly.

Here's the last we'll talk more.

Features and properties of the product

Vaseline technical (GOST 38.0156-79) is characterized by the least cleaning. That's why it has a peculiar shade - brownish. In addition, technical petroleum jelly is characterized by a pungent smell (with notes of kerosene). This homogeneous mass, reminiscent of ointment, is often used as a lubricant. In its composition, it contains additives that protect against corrosion and promote better adhesion to the surface being treated.

It should be remembered that when working with this type of vaseline, you should avoid contact with the skin. For it can lead to irritation and itching. In addition, remove the remedy will not be so easy, because it practically does not dissolve in water.

Among the main properties that have technical petrolatum, you can note the following:

  • Resistance to acids and alkalis. As shown by laboratory studies, such a technical ointment can withstand their effects for about 3 hours.
  • Vaseline technical is not soluble in water and glycerin, it is difficult to dissolve in alcohol, but ether, oil and chloroform are the best solvents for this product.
  • It has moisture-repellent properties, as a result of which it perfectly protects the treated parts from rust.
  • It has good frost resistance. Can withstand temperatures from -40 to +45 degrees.

Vaseline technical: application of the preparation

This tool is widely used in various areas of our lives.

  1. They often impregnate paper and cloth in the manufacture of electrical engineering.
  2. It is used for the production of lubricants that differ in ductility and are resistant to oxidants. For example, it can prevent oxidation of the battery terminals.
  3. This product is used in the glass industry.
  4. It is often added as a softener in rubber compounds.
  5. Vaseline covers the outer surfaces of the mechanisms, if they are to be transported, or in cases of prolonged storage.
  6. Often it is used in the manufacture of materials that are intended for insulation.

As you can see, technical petrolatum, the price of which leaves 2120 rubles for 25 kg, is capable of performing many functions without which a stable production process is impossible.

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