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Shower cabins 120x80 with a low pallet: overview, features, models and reviews

Shower cabins are now very popular in Russia and installed in the apartments of many of our compatriots. Mount this modern equipment, because it is relatively inexpensive, sometimes even in cottages. Typically, this option is chosen in the case if they want to save space in the bathroom.

The main varieties of shower cabins

There are different signs for different types of plumbing equipment of this type. It can have such characteristics as:

  • Dimensions;
  • the form;
  • Height of the pallet;
  • Materials used for production;
  • Degree of equipment, etc.

Dimensions of any shower enclosure are determined by the area of the pallet. By now, manufacturers produce models with both high sides and low ones. The latter are most popular. In this case, one of the most popular models are shower cabins 120x80 with a low pallet.

Advantages of models in the size 120 х 80 cm

Booths are selected primarily with regard to the area of the room in which they are supposed to be installed. So, in a small bathroom of a Khrushchev, very small models with dimensions of 80 x 80 or 90 x 90 cm are usually mounted. In spacious bathrooms of country cottages it is often possible to see full-size booths with a wall length of 170 cm and more.

The models of interest to us, therefore, refer to medium-sized equipment. Shower cabins 120x80 with a low pallet, unlike small ones, can already be equipped with various additional devices. At the same time there will be enough space inside for comfortable adoption of water procedures.

Features of choice for wall height

You can install such rectangular models either in the usual way (to the wall) or in a corner. In the latter case, the space in the room is saved. Like models of any other size, a 120x80 shower cabin with a low pallet (rectangular) can have different heights. Nowadays, such sanitary equipment is produced in height from 170 to 240 cm. The owners of city apartments, whose height of ceilings is usually 250 cm, thus can choose absolutely any model. Even a 240 cm option will easily fit into the bathroom. However, a low shower in the bathroom of the same Khrushchev will look, most likely, more harmoniously. In the bathroom of a spacious country cottage, of course, it is worth installing a model higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of cabins with a low pallet

The advantages of equipment of this type in the first place can be attributed:

  1. Ease of use. It's very easy to enter this booth. Therefore, it can just perfect for the apartment in which children, elderly people or people with disabilities live.

  2. Spectacular appearance. Cabs of this type look more modern and stylish than models with a high pallet. In addition, such designs are less cramped space.

The disadvantage of this type of equipment is only one, but significant. A shower cubicle with a low pallet is installed in a special niche in the floor. In this case, the sewer pipe extends in the overlap. All this greatly complicates the repair of plumbing in the future. Models with high sides are installed on a special metal frame. Therefore, there are usually no problems with their maintenance.

What can be the design

Choosing equipment such as shower cabins 120x80 cm with a low pallet, among other things, you should, of course, pay attention to their design. The design of such plumbing can be made in the style of Art Nouveau, classical, minimalism, etc. Of course, when choosing a particular model, it is necessary to take into account such a factor as the design of the bathroom itself. Minimalism, most likely, more suitable for a small area of the bathroom. Classics should be chosen by the owners of cottages.

The walls of the cabin can be made of matte or transparent material. In the combined bathroom of the Khrushchev, of course, it is better to install the first version of the equipment. The 120x80 cm shower cubicle with transparent walls looks much more impressive, but it will be appropriate only in a separate room reserved for water procedures.

Of course, when choosing this plumbing equipment, you should pay attention to its color. Brown, black and silver models can look really impressive. However, the most popular option is still shower cabins 120x80 (with a low pallet) white.

What can pallets be made from?

This element of the shower enclosure is almost the most significant. Acrylic - that's what shower pans 120x80 are most often made of. Shower tray 120x80 cm, made of such material, is simple in maintenance and good maintainability. Also this part of the cabin can be made of steel or cast iron. The main advantage of the first option is low cost. Cast-iron pallets give the cabin stability and are distinguished by a noiselessness.

Popular models and reviews about them

Of course, when choosing a shower, among other things, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. The best models to date are models manufactured in Germany. Very good, for example, consumers respond to the equipment from Wasserfalle. Shower cabins with a low or high pallet of this brand can additionally be equipped with seats, beautiful lighting, etc. Many note the fact that the equipment of this manufacturer often has an original, unusual design.

A good opinion among domestic consumers has developed and about the plumbing manufactured in Finland. The most popular brands of 120x80 cm booths manufactured in this country are TIMO and Ideal Standard. The first manufacturer, judging by the opinions of consumers, makes simple in operation, not too expensive and at the same time multifunctional equipment. Shower cabins 120x80 with a low pallet Ideal Standard deserve popularity primarily for ease of use and stylish design.

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