Dresses for nursing mothers own hands

While waiting for the child, not only the tummy and the appearance of a woman changes, but her wardrobe also changes. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that a growing tummy requires more comfortable clothing than beloved jeans and blouses. In addition, closer to the middle of pregnancy, many can no longer wear their usual things simply because of a temporary discrepancy in size.

But after the birth of the baby the problem does not go anywhere. And to be more precise, it changes to another. Now Mom needs to pick up such clothes, in which it will be convenient to feed the child at his first request.

Of course, in specialized stores you can pick up a whole wardrobe, which will suit all the necessary parameters. That's just for him sometimes have to give a big amount of money. The way out of the situation is simple: to sew dresses for a nursing mom yourself.

What is the difference between clothes for feeding and usual?

And the fact that she has one small "secret". A dress for nursing mothers (the photo below is provided as an example) allows to bare the breast imperceptibly for others thanks to special inserts. In this case, they can be of different types, and each of them is convenient to use in its own way.

For example, the inserts can be attached to buttons, lightnings, ties, velcro or completely absent. In the second case, for the bodice, two pieces of fabric are used, which overlap each other. If necessary, my mother just needs to take one of them aside.

Double top

Let's start by considering the production of a dress for a nursing mother with the most simple version.

For the product you need a double piece of cloth. The first part (external) should pass from the shoulder and end under the breast. The second part (inner) begins under the breast and passes to the very bottom of the garment element. For a better fit of the figure and a more aesthetic appearance, the edges of the "secret" should be made elastic with the help of sewn or inserted rubber. This skirt is suitable for absolutely any shape, so you need to rely on your personal taste. In the end, this way you can make both a short and a long dress for feeding.

In addition, the above method is suitable for making blouses, blouses, T-shirts.

Summer sarafan or dress

Dresses for a nursing mother may also have a horizontal crossbar for feeding. Sewing this option will be a little more difficult, compared to the one described above.

To produce it, you need two rectangles of fabric of the required length. To find the right width, add 10-15 centimeters to the girth of the hips.

The next stage is the production of the bodice. For him, you need to take another rectangle, the length of which should be equal to the distance from the neck to the lower rib, and the width - to half the circumference of the chest. The lower edge of the future bodice must be tucked, hemmed and inserted into it with an elastic band.

Next, you need to "collect" a sundress and sew it. It should be noted that the bodice in this model should be on the outside. Sewed to the finished product, it is only at the side seams! The bottom must remain free.

Sew the edges of the product and sew it on the sides and shoulders, leaving incisions for hands and head. Cut and process the neck, if necessary sewn sleeves.

The last step is to make vertical incisions under the upper bodice on the bottom rectangle. Their size can be 8-12 or more centimeters. It is most convenient to carry out this procedure in front of the mirror, so that you can simultaneously check how convenient it will be to take out the breast for feeding the baby, and, if necessary, increase the length of the incisions.

A dress for nursing mothers, sewn by hand, ready!

Fancy dress

The dress "on the way out" can be sewn according to the same scheme as in the previous version, but adding some simple parts. For example, it could be a 3/4 sleeve. And instead of the rubber, which is located at the bottom of the bodice, you can insert a beautiful lace.

Summer dress

Summer dresses for nursing mothers are made on the same principle as the two previous versions. The difference is again in some small details. Alternatively, instead of sleeves, you can sew wide straps to it, and replace the elastic on the bodice with long ribbons sewn on both sides, which you will have to wrap around the waist several times and tie it in front or behind.

Change your clothes

It is worth mentioning in advance that with this method you can change not only the dress, but also a T-shirt, blouse, blouse and other clothes.

The secret is that in the chest area you need to make cuts of the right size and cover them with decorative elements like pockets. It is best that they are fastened on fasteners: buttonholes, lightnings, Velcro and so on. This will help to avoid unplanned bare breast. Although, on the other hand, all decorative elements and buckles can accidentally injure the delicate skin of the crumbs.

Anyway, every woman will choose the option that is most convenient for her: with or without fasteners, buttons, elastic band or strings, and so on.

In addition, hand-made dresses have considerable advantages.

First, they are unique. A young mother can be sure that she will not meet on the street a few more people in the same clothes.

Secondly, a woman can choose for her future dress fabric of any kind and coloring, because there are a lot of options before her.

As you can see, it is not difficult to sew special dresses for a nursing mother even for a beginner needlewoman. And even if it turns out "the first pancake is lumpy", it can be worn as a comfortable and beautiful home clothes. And clothes for going out into the light will surely come next time.

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