Interesting dresses with your own hands

Tired of the cloakroom with personal belongings? You do not know what to wear on hot summer days or did you need an outfit for a celebration? Dresses with your own hands - a way out of any situation. Simple models can be made in one hour. The most complex will require more time, but will look like from an expensive boutique. To get a new dress, it does not necessarily have to run to a fashion dress store and spend large sums of money. A simple dress with your own hands will cost you inexpensively. Let's consider several different options.

Comfortable dresses can be made by hand using a cut of fabric and a T-shirt or T-shirt. It turns out a comfortable and original dress with an overstated waistline. We put on the jersey and mark on it the desired height of the cut line, which will depend on the chosen style, breast size and preferred length of the finished product. Cut off the fabric in a color scheme suitable for the shirt. If you take a dense fabric, then it will be enough to have one layer of skirt.

When choosing a material such as chiffon or crepe de chine, you will need two layers of fabric for the skirt. A cut on a skirt is necessary in one and a half or two times more than your girth of the thighs. We measure the length of the skirt. Cut and sew the side seam, sweep it with an overlock or a zigzag line. The top of the hem is gathered on a string, the length of which is slightly larger than your waist. The bottom of the hem is folded and hemmed.

We connect the skirt and the top of the dress, sew, we process the seam with the help of an overlock. We turn out the finished dress on the front side. To this dress, you can sew a wide belt or pick up already ready in a suitable color scheme. Dresses with their own hands can produce their black T-shirt and checkered fabric or T-shirts in stripes and monophonic material. In any case, it turns out a great option for a variety of summer clothes.

The most simple dresses with their own hands with one open shoulder and a beveled hem are obtained from an ordinary rectangular cut of cloth or a large kerchief. Especially beautiful looks long clothes in this style. We take a flap of light material, the width is slightly larger than the girth of the hips, and along the length - the desired length of the dress. We wrap ourselves in a cloth flap so that it passes under one hand, and we tie it with a knot on the opposite shoulder.

We note the convenient depth of the sleeve and sew the side seam, starting from this mark. We process the hem and throat with the help of oblique bake, lace or simply sewn. Our dress is ready. It remains only to pick up a beautiful one-color belt. This style looks great on a slender figure, successfully draping it and slightly opening one leg.

For the evening getaway the Greek dress, created by itself in just one hour, perfectly suits. For its production, we need two ribbons equal to the girth under the chest and waist circumference, a cloth cut equal to two dress lengths, but not less than three meters and a little imagination. Material choose the one that fits well into the drapery and creates a flying silhouette. Excellent fit silk, viscose, chiffon, velvet or fine knitwear.

We put our 3 m cut in half and get only one and a half meter, which correspond to the length of our future dress. Fold the fabric will replace the shoulder seams. We are looking for the middle at the fold and, having drawn from it the perpendicular to the hem of the future dress, we cut about 15-20 centimeters. We put the flap over our head. We note the depth of the cutout in front and behind. Carefully cut. On the side cuts, mark the waist line and sew up to this mark.

We process the hem of the dress with an overlock or sewn. Sections of the fabric on the sleeves and neck are also processed. Under the breast, on the naked body we fix the braid. We put on the dressing of the dress and, distributing the beautifully draped over the chest, pins the material to the tape. If the neckline reaches the waist line, then in the same way we fix another ribbon and pin the drapery also on the waist.

We make the same cutout behind the back and fix the drapery on the ribbons. Carefully label the tissue in the position where the needle is pinched and removed. From above, we close the estimate with decorative braid, combining it with the inner tape, and sewing. You can leave your shoulder flat or use a ring made of the same finishing tape to attach it to your shoulder. Our dress in Greek style is ready.

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