How to tie grapes to increase its yield

As soon as the snow comes down from the ground, beginners and experienced gardeners begin to swarm in the gardens, checking the condition of trees and shrubs that had to survive the cold and frosty winter. Not the last place is taken care of and behind the bushes of grapes, after all, the covering varieties should be opened, and the unguided sorts should be inspected for the presence of frozen vines. Whatever it was, but with the advent of spring there is a mass of urgent matters. It is then that gardeners have a question about how to tie grapes to conveniently arrange the branches and at the end of the season to collect a decent harvest.

First, you need to examine the kidneys on the vines. On them it is necessary to make an incision and to check up, whether a fabric is live. If the eyes are green, then the branch can be tied to the trellis, and if brown, then you need to leave for a while to see if they will come to life or not. Before tie grapes, dead vines need to be cut off so as not to interfere. The main thing is a "dry" garter, when the kidneys are not yet awake, because they are very fragile and can break off. The "green" garter is necessary only to strengthen overgrown shoots.

To know how to properly tie grapes, you should determine its age. Young seedlings (up to two years old) are attached to the stakes, and starting from the third year, it is already necessary to stretch the trellis. For this, it is necessary to prepare wooden or metal supports. Before you tie grapes, you should determine the formation of the bush. If it is two-sided, then from the sapling retreat to both sides of 1.5 meters and digging support. If the formation is one-sided, then on one side they retreat by 0.5 meters, and on the other side by 1.5 meters.

At an altitude of 0.5 meters from the ground, pull the first row of wire. The total should be about 3-4 rows, depending on the height of the grapes. It is not necessary to use wire, you can use old wires, wooden slats or twine. Last year's vines are tied to the first and second rows in a horizontal, oblique position or in the form of an arc. Vertically, branches do not tie, because the lower buds slow down growth or may not wake up at all. Unnecessary shoots are extended by one meter, and the yield is markedly reduced.

How to tie grapes in the spring, depends on the location of the fruit vines. When the buds have not yet blossomed, you can conveniently arrange all the branches on the trellis, tie them up, thereby increasing the yield. Perennial vines should be placed half-way or fanatically, but branches with buds are tied at an angle of 45-60 degrees, it is also possible to tie arc and horizontally. Throughout the season, the stems can be damaged due to friction on the wire when thickened or swinging from the wind, so they tie in the form of a figure-eight, that is freely. To fasten the vines well, their ends are tied tightly, any garter material is suitable for this purpose.

The way to tie grapes, you need to know how to a professional and a beginner, because the harvest depends on this procedure. If everything is done correctly and on time, the kidneys on the vines will develop properly, and this will significantly increase the number of fruits.

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