Jogging on jeans: what does this method of wearing mean?

Turning on clothes is a fashion trend for the last few years. To look stylish, men and women tuck pants and even sleeves on T-shirts and shirts. The most fashionable trend in modern youth is precisely the turnings on jeans. What this stylish element means and what to combine it with is described in this article.

Where did the fashion for turnkeys

The mass turning of clothes in Europe began several years ago. This trend has successfully taken root among the mods of different ages. Large cities immediately picked up the tendency to tuck pants. Fashion magazines were full of images of celebrities in stylish images, on which the main emphasis was on the jerks of jeans, which means recognition of this trend, even the stars.

Now jeans with a gate are worn by almost all men and women. They put them on a party, work, walk. This element is appropriate everywhere.

Fashion for pants with podvorotami has its advantages for women. Female legs have a more elegant shape and look great in shortened clothes. This is an opportunity to demonstrate the natural beauty of the lower part of the body - that's what jumpers on jeans mean. They attract attention and leave a mystery.

What do jumps on jeans in men mean?

The idea to turn on clothes appeared a very long time ago. More Caribbean robbers podvarachivali trousers to demonstrate their physical strength. This way of self-expression attracted skinheads. In the second half of the last century, many representatives of this trend wore jeans with a heaped bottom. Stylists saw in this certain features and introduced such clothes into the everyday life of men and women.

There is another version of what jerseys mean. There is an opinion that the fashion for this style went from football fans who were fiercely ill for their favorite players. When there were conflicts between the fans of the game, they tucked in jeans as a sign of readiness to fight.

Turns - it's always stylish!

Turns on jeans look nice on people of different physiques. Women with lush forms can visually adjust their appearance with the help of jogs. They allow you to shift the focus from the body volume parts to the graceful ankles.

And jeans with podvoroty easily combined with another wardrobe. T-shirts, jackets, jackets, short tops, coats - any clothing suited to pants with cuffs.

Stylists predict that this trend will last at the peak for more than one year.

How to properly twist jeans

Today, there are several ways of turning, which are relevant for women and men. Classic smooth jeans should be turned only once for 2-3 cm, so as not to give your pants excess volume. On narrow jeans a smooth doorway up to 2 cm is allowed. On jeans-boyfriends, different techniques look beautiful. You can even make a few irregularities in the wrong shape or leave a low-profile lapel. The main thing is that the whole image looks harmonious.

With the help of jogs, you can change the style of jeans, making them slightly narrower. Denim fabric is quite dense and can be modeled well. If the doorway is too large and does not hold, it can be ironed.

Tips for stylists

Seeking to look fashionable, many make jerks on jeans, ignoring the important tips of stylists. As a result, the image is ridiculous and even ridiculous. To make jigs give appearance chic, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Correctly choose socks. The turn of the jeans means that you need to focus on the bare ankles, and not cover them with high socks. If the street is cool, then for women allowed kapron socks, but only flesh-colored. Men should wear simple socks of monophonic color.
  2. Jeans with podvorotami ideally combined with working boots ("redwing" or "timberlena"). Elegant women who prefer heels in everyday life can safely wear open shoes with a stud. Stylishly and brightly look with jeans, boats with high heels of saturated colors. This year, it is fashionable to wear pants with podvorotami complete with sneakers. Lovers of sports style can wear tucked in jeans with sneakers.
  3. The top can be selected any: T-shirts, blouses, knitted sweaters, tops. Most successfully look knitted long sweaters asymmetrical shape. Welcome clothes free cut without flashy accessories.
  4. Do not use a lot of details. Focusing on gates, women are important to avoid large ornaments.
  5. The gate must begin immediately after the top of the shoes.
  6. There are no age restrictions. And young people and people of more solid age can wear jerks on jeans, which means the urgency of the trend for all who follow the fashion.
  7. Swivels look better on wide jeans of dark color.
  8. It is recommended to turn the bottom of the trouser legs one or two turns 4-6 cm wide.
  9. Turnings should be slightly careless. Do not make regular even bends, otherwise the main idea of this trend will be lost. The jerks are related to the style of the kazhual and give the appearance some carelessness.

When you can not tuck in jeans

People of small stature should not use joggies on jeans. What does this prohibition mean? Every stylist knows. Any cuffs at the bottom of the trousers visually shorten the legs. This trend looks better on tall men and women with long legs.

Also, jerks do not look good on very tight skinny jeans. On men, this model of pants with cuffs can look ridiculous.

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