"Lada-Priora": tuning by own hands

In 2007 AvtoVAZ specialists together with Italian designers released a new model. This is the "Lada Priora", which immediately liked the domestic car enthusiast for its low cost, availability, reliability and the widest possibilities for various upgrades. Especially as it is done on the "Priora" car by tuning by oneself without the need for the services of other people or special ateliers.

The appearance of this car influenced the formation of a separate current in this matter. A new trend has appeared - the designer and specialists create an entirely new, stylish, attractive and original model from an inexpensive domestic car that would stand out among more expensive models with its look and technical characteristics. Take a look at what kind of tuning "Priory" you can do yourself. Photos of the most beautiful and unique modifications - here, in this article.

Directions for improvements

Saying conditionally, the complex of measures to improve the car can be divided into several stages. So, first of all the factory appearance of the machine changes. Then, various modifications of the cabin are made to improve comfort and equipment. Then you can do various improvements and improvements in the technical part. We will review each stage of this complex, and then you can try to change your car.

"Priora": tuning their own hands. Working on appearance

Begin the work recommended with a modification of the geometric parameters of the bumpers, as well as the hood. You can install universal hood stops. They will help solve the defects of the manufacturer.

Bumper, which can be installed on this model, without problems are purchased at the respective stores. Today, their choice is available for every taste. For example, the "Sniper" or "I Robot" model is light and made of plastic. Also you can buy fiberglass products. There is an option to order a product by individual order. The bumpers for your project are easily installed on existing mountings. To do this, you do not need to modify or modify anything. This is an inexpensive, but quite spectacular tuning. "Lada Priora" will change before your eyes.

Replacing the bumpers will not only fully refresh the appearance of the car. This also allows improving some technical parameters. So, simply replacing the bumper with a wide air intake hole can significantly increase the speed at which the engine will cool down.

To transform the appearance, you can also add plastic pads, as well as spoilers. This will completely change the design of your car.

We work with a radiator grille

You replaced the bumper - the car already looks more attractive. But you can do even better. Here you can replace the radiator grille. You can make this product yourself from strips, in the form of honeycombs or in any other style. There are several different options for this.

You can order replacement of the grille, but do not replace the front bumper. This is very economical, but not always such a lattice can so transform the front end.

The second method involves replacing the grille with the bumper. These modifications will greatly affect the appearance and style.

Tuning lights

Working on the front, many make tuning headlights "Priora" with their own hands. So, you can install cilia, bilins. All this in the best way influences the originality and uniqueness of your car.
And if you also replace the factory side lights with LED lights, this allows you not only to unify the style, but also gives a brighter light. You can also change the turn signals into parking lights. This will expand the functionality.

Many perform tinted rear lights. Such tuning "Priora" hatchback with their own hands together with a kit of original body kit will make people turn around and watch your car for a long time.

The last external touch

Today it is very fashionable to cover the body with various materials. So, you can cover the whole body or parts of it with vinyl. Very popular today is a coating that mimics carbon fiber. Or you can buy a carbon film and make a real carbon coating in both 2D and 3D.

Aerography is the best tuning that can only be.
Thus, you can implement any, even the most daring imaginations. In this case everything will look very, very impressive.

You can apply this by doing tuning ("Priora" sedan itself will change before our eyes) on models 2170. Also all this can be done on hatchback bodies.

Salon works

How to make a tuning salon? "Priora" with their own hands is equipped with new lighting. For example, the plafond, which is installed at the factory, does not give a bright light. The light from the plafond is very dim and directed in one direction.

To change this situation can be very simple. To do this, it is recommended to replace both the plafond and the LED lamp instead of the standard one. Such refinement will allow to shift the central lighting.

There are many opportunities for organizing the illumination of door handles. For the most daring and original it is proposed to mount LED strips under the front seats to illuminate the floor of the car Lada Priora.

Details of the salon in the factory were made of plastic. In the course of tuning work, they can be covered, for example, with a skin or a film based on carbon. This will add to the interior zest and wealth.

Tightening is recommended and chairs, both rear and front. You can make covers yourself or order from third-party specialists. As for materials, the skin is no longer a trend. Now it's fashionable to sit on fur or flock chairs. This is an excellent and original tuning salon. "Priora" with their own hands is being developed very quickly.


If you compare the "Prior" with the previous models from AvtoVAZ, then the interior here is much more attractive. It should be noted that when creating the designers used a special high-tech plastic, which looks like a surface of leather. The kit "Lux" is characterized by additional modifications that add a salon of solidity.

But, despite all this, tuning the panel "Priora" with their own hands can significantly change the appearance, as well as improve functionality.

Improvements must begin with the organization of lighting. To accomplish this task, you need some tools. Also it is necessary to be reserved by light-emitting diodes and светоотражающей a foil.

The first step is to remove the panel. In fact, it's very simple - everything is done with an ordinary screwdriver. Then the main instruments are disassembled. Remove the dials, the arrow and the overlay.

Many remove the figures from the factory sputtering. And then when backlighting, they will glow with a bright white color. However, this is too simple and may not suit those motorists who want to make the interior respectable and expensive.

Another way looks great with gluing on some elements of the panel inserts from cellophane of different colors. For this, stock up in packages and cut out some of them. These pieces must be pasted on the underside of the panel. For example, imagine a part of the speedometer, where the limiting speed is marked. It's pretty impressive.

Of course, all this is trite enough. And if the motorist can independently dismantle, and then disassemble the instrument panel, then you should replace the backlight.

We replace the light of the instrument panel

As a result, the lighting will be more even and quiet.

To achieve this, you need to buy light bulbs and LEDs. Perimeter panel at some intervals should be pasted with pieces of tape from LEDs. Then the tape and the factory-illuminated contacts are connected.

Together with the backlight, it is recommended to replace the display filter. You can simply replace the filter entirely, or simply leave the backlight white.

It looks very original on the arrows. This requires 10 CMD diodes. With the aid of a soldering iron these diodes are soldered into the glass of the panel from the outer part opposite to the arrows. From the inside are soldered resistance sensors.

Modify the console

Here the main problem is in the sounds that it emits when moving. Eliminate this by dismantling, and then applying additional coating to the body. You need to glue to where the console panel touches the cladding. By car "Priora" tuning, made by yourself, will allow you to enjoy the silence while driving.

Technical modernization

The regular power unit, which stands on the "Priora", with proper maintenance and operation behaves as necessary. But if you approach this question correctly, then there are all chances to increase the engine power by as much as 40%. Modernization includes the installation of a mechanical supercharger, the boring of the cylinder block, the installation of low pistons and high crankshaft. All this will help make the car faster and faster.

Now to make tuning of the engine "Priora" with their own hands is easy. All necessary components for this can be bought in specialized stores. In addition, it does not require the driver any knowledge or skills.

For example, some install, as already mentioned above, a compressor. He injects into the combustion chamber a more dense mixture of fuel and air, thereby increasing the power by dozens of times. But for all it is necessary to pay - increase in capacity will entail an increased expense.

If you think that the compressor - it's too boring, then here it is - a full-fledged turbo. On the "Priora" car tuning with their own hands can significantly raise the dynamic characteristics.

But here you have strengthened the power unit, and what's next? And then you need to further strengthen the clutch - only then you can feel all the power without harm to your car.

In the technical tuning there are many more nuances. All of them can not be considered. Since there is an ECU in the car, you can do the chip tuning and play with some options.


If you have a "Priora", tuning by yourself is not only useful, but also necessary if you are tired of the standard appearance. You can do anything. Perfection here does not exist limits. You are free to change everything you want. "AvtoVAZ" kindly provided you with an excellent workpiece - if you have a proper creative approach, then you will definitely get a great "charged" "Priora".

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