How to dress full of girls: a wardrobe for a big fashionista

Brunettes and blondes, thin and pyshki, dreamy and infantile, serious and wise - we are all so different, but we are united by one thing - the desire to be beautiful. Every woman at least sometimes wants to catch the glances of admiring men and envious women.

For a long time it was believed that the object of lust and adore can only be to the extreme of the subtle young ladies. Fortunately, this trend is losing its relevance. More and more authoritative trendsetters produce collections for ladies of significant merit. Puffy girls participate in fashion photo sessions, and it should be noted that they receive far more than their colleagues-thin people for work. This is confirmed by the recent provocative photo session of the Russian model with the mouth-watering forms of Katya Zharova: a charming blonde in fairly frank poses demonstrates her magnificent beauty to the whole world.

Finally, humanity began to realize that women, generously endowed with nature, personify not only beauty, but also good health. It is unfortunate that this understanding came only after the numerous tragic events associated with the unrestrained desire of young people to acquire terrible skeletal figures. Anorexia became literally a plague of the 21st century. Probably, this fact partly influenced the mass propaganda of a healthy body.

However, all the arguments about the attractiveness of the dumplings were hardly convincing, were it not for the real evidence of confirmation in the form of photographs from fashion shows. Many popular designers have presented delightful sets that demonstrate excellent examples of how to dress properly for full girls. It turned out that there are no thick women, there are not quite the right clothes, an unsuccessful hairstyle and a bad make-up.

To look luxurious, you need to know how to dress full of girls. In the first place, you should forget about loose overalls and baggy "clothes". Clothing should be selected strictly in size, and also taking into account the type of figure and growth.

Particular attention should be paid to underwear, as this is the basis of the whole image. It is strongly recommended to buy a corrective body. This type of clothing has a number of significant advantages: the figure becomes more slender and smart, the "looseness" and "folding" of the sides are perfectly masked. Also, it is not forbidden to use decorative corsets with pulling effect, but this attribute of ladies' wardrobe is appropriate only in a relaxed atmosphere.

Most often extra pounds in women are deposited in the hips and lower abdomen - the type of the figure "pear". However, obesity is often found in the male type, when the most "outstanding" part of the body is the stomach, in this regard, the silhouette of the young lady becomes like a mouth-watering apple. For each type of figure, there are special features of making up a wardrobe.

How to dress full of girls with the figure "pear"

To give the silhouette the perfect shape of an hourglass, first of all it is necessary to lighten the lower part of the body and most effectively decorate the upper part. To do this, a set consisting of their pencil skirts and blouses, decorated with flounces and sleeves-lanterns, will do. A good addition to this will be a tuxedo or cardigan length to the middle of the thigh.

How to dress full of girls with the figure "apple"

The main things in the wardrobe of such ladies should be free, flowing tunics. They should be combined with skinny trousers or even leggings. And if a woman is a happy owner of long legs and beautiful ankles, then she can easily afford fashionable now shortened trousers.

How to dress full in an office

For lush girls working in reputable companies, as a strict outfit suits laconic dress-cases of direct cut. Strict decoration should be made of high-quality dense fabric, such as tweed, knitwear, silk or cotton. The dress should be supplemented with tights in tone and graceful high-heeled shoes. If desired, this outfit can be slightly embroidered with a thin belt accentuating the waist, or a long string of beads.

How to dress full date girls on a date

For special occasions in a cabinet of the young lady with appetizing forms there must be maxi dresses. It is recommended to choose models with an empire waistline and a seductive V-neck. Such details can concentrate attention on the most attractive part of the body of a luxurious woman - on the chest. As accessories it is desirable to use long neck scarves and voluminous beads.

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