Fashionable conversions. With what to wear? Dark conversions, white, low - fashionable images for all occasions

A pair of already classic Converse can be really indispensable in the wardrobe, and their different types will make it look fashionable and at the same time feel comfortable in any circumstances. Weekends, walks, shopping or gatherings in a cafe - for all this they are perfect. Even such celebrities, women of fashion, like Kristen Stewart, Alexa Chang and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, often train conversions. With what to wear them and at the same time look fashionable? Read on, and you'll see interesting options for any weather, regardless of your style.

Conversions, with what to wear them?

The answer is simple - almost everything. For example, even with a small black dress. Here are three options:

  1. A slightly elegant image will come with a dress of restrained cut and massive jewelry, as well as a large bag with rivets.
  2. Looking for an image for every day and any weather? Then you will like the casual set of dress and denim shirt. Belt, neutral bag - the minimum set of necessary accessories.
  3. In a laconic, contrasting, but at the same time harmonious image, white conversions will make a wonderful company a black romantic dress. You can supplement them with a golden clock and a thin chain bracelet.

Of course, you can not limit yourself to black color. The same recipe for success: feminine dress, shortened jeans jacket and conversions.

If the street is getting colder, then it's not forbidden to add fashionable leggings or tight pantyhose to this mix.

In the off-season, you will also need a conversion. With what to wear them? With jeans and a knitted cardigan for a warm, comfortable and stylish look. Cardigan can be both with a trendy ethnic pattern this season, and with classic braids.

From the Friday office to the rock concert

On the last working day of the week in many companies, the dress code is weakened, you can come to work in a more democratic dress. Look at this casual, but at the same time, elegant image: a white jacket of an interesting cut, a simple shirt, jeans and conversions, white with red stripes.

And if you add leather elements, you get a bold and daring image.

If you do not like it, then take a simple jacket and make a fashionable and versatile outfit for every day.

But rivets can look pretty feminine, especially if they resonate with costume jewelry. By the way, this is an interesting way to update an old pair of shoes that you are tired of. In sewing and handicraft shops you will find different rivets, with which you can make fashionable conversions in an hour. With what to wear them? In the summer - with short skirts, shorts and leggings, in cooler weather - with pants under your skin and a comfortable blazer.

Unexpected combination

Conversions are very interesting combined with maxi-dresses or skirts, giving the appearance of ease and ease. A denim jacket or vest, a fringed bag, bright accessories - and you look like a princess-goddess.

But with an evening dress, conversions can also look great. As it was proved (and not just once) by Kristen Stewart. A bright mini dress with asymmetrical cut, fringe or lace, make-up with densely padded eyes, deliberately disheveled hair - what is not a rock star? And a nice bonus - in this outfit you can dance the night away and do not suffer from pain at the feet because of uncomfortable shoes.

And Hayley Steinfeld went even further, wearing a pretty ball gown with a pair of red conversions.

And received a lot of feedback, both indignant and enthusiastic. Follow her example or not, you decide, but the stars appear on the red carpet in conversions. So it can be not just casual shoes.

How to improve the figure

Sneakers conversions can help to correct the appearance, especially if you are going to combine them with short shorts for a practical and fashionable summer look.

Models that close the shin, visually reduce the length of the legs, so if you want to make an elongated figure more proportional, then boldly use this cunning.

And if, on the contrary, you dream about the feet from the ears, then choose the low conversions that open the ankle. But not all of them like; They need to be worn or on a bare foot, or carefully pick up socks so they do not look out.

Another interesting option is to wear under shorts pantyhose with an interesting pattern.

Dress-T-shirt also goes well with the conversions, when you need to create a fashionable, feminine summer image and emphasize the beauty of your legs.

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