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Kibby David: how to create an individual style? How does the David Kibbi type system work?

The abundance of clothing options and a huge amount of information about the changing fashion trends is a real curse for many women. After all, it's not easy to navigate in this variety, and it's even harder to pick up something that will fit perfectly. Fortunately, this problem was decided about thirty years ago by Kibbi David. The biography of this man is associated with a great discovery in the field of fashion. More about this we'll talk about in this article.

Who is Kibbi David?

What is femininity? Is it only floral prints, ruches and lush skirts? Is there another side to elegance? "There is!" "Mr. Kibby said one day. David became a true revolutionary in the field of beauty, freeing millions of beautiful women from the captivity of their uncharacteristic styles. He was the first who proposed a fundamentally new system for creating a unique individual style and called it the theory of lines. Since then, there is no longer any need to forcefully take someone's views on beauty, now every woman has the right to be beautiful in her own way. The beauty guru Kibby David has developed a mechanism of absolute reincarnation, which to this day is enjoyed with pleasure by many women.

The essence of the test is Kibby

The Kibby test consists in analyzing the lines of the body in several directions. These include the bone structure of the body, the type of figure (namely, the characteristics of soft tissues), the bony structure of the face and its individual features. Such an analysis, on which the Kibbi test is based, helps to determine to which of the thirteen specialists identified by the specialist are human. Each of these types has features that should be taken into account when selecting clothes and forming an individual style. The ideal mechanism - the amazing system of David Kibby - will not leave indifferent any fashionista.

Types according to the Kibbi system

Kibby David's beauty guru identifies thirteen types. Extremes are dramatics (with intermediate types of pure drama and soft dramatic), as well as romance (pure romantic and theatrical romantic, respectively). However, most people belong to more mixed types of appearance, such as straight (bright, clean and soft natural), classics (dramatic, pure and soft classic), as well as gamines (bright, clean and soft gamin). Each of these types has its own features of appearance and, accordingly, unique recommendations for creating an image. However, how does the David Kibby system work? Let's consider further.

How the system of characters works

Most fully this information is provided in his book by David Kibby. "Metamorphosis" is an amazing work, describing all the nuances of this system. Kibbi bases his theory on the proportional relationship of yin and yang in the appearance of a girl. How can this be applied in practice? In essence, in the concept of yin master-stylist Kibby puts the smoothness and softness of the lines, the volume and the roundness of the forms. The concept of yang according to Kibby is sharp angles, dry forms, geometry. Therefore, women who have more pronounced manifestations of yang in appearance have a more masculine appearance, which can in no way spoil them if to apply the recommendations of this specialist. They are distinguished by high growth, large limbs, broad bones, pronounced high cheekbones and rather large facial features, somewhat manly chin, straight angular shoulders, strongly structured hair.

At the same time, the extreme manifestation of yin means the concentration of ovals and circles in appearance. Soft lines and lush forms create the most feminine image possible. For example, this type of Marilyn Monroe - the very embodiment of femininity. This type of miniature is characterized by its small size in the growth and outlines of the figure, soft lines of shoulders, chin, thin bones, large expressed eyes, graceful handles and legs, and also hair that are gently structured.

However, such pure types are rare. The overwhelming majority of women are among some intermediate types. Each of them has strict limitations with respect to the lines and proportions of the figure and certain recommendations about the choice of clothing.

Why this system is needed

Typing on the Kibby system brings invaluable benefits to anyone who wants to look stylish and natural at the same time. This helps to better understand and evaluate your natural data in order to emphasize all your merits in choosing clothes. Also, this kind of knowledge helps to avoid accidental unnecessary purchases of things that seem to be fashionable and fit the color, but do not emphasize the best nuances of your figure, do not distinguish you from the crowd.

How to pass the test correctly

In order to properly determine your type, you must clearly follow the instructions of the test and honestly answer questions related to your appearance. It would be ideal if you were helped by a person who could accurately and objectively determine such nuances.

Of course, you can consider all 13 types on the Kibbi system before passing the test, but this can significantly reduce the level of your objectivity. After all, in this case, there will certainly be a temptation to ascribe to yourself uncharacteristic features in fact, to rank yourself in the type you like.


For a dramatic type, a distinctive feature is a rather high growth, sharp large facial features, small eyes. On this face, cheekbones always stand out clearly. These girls always look spectacular, contrasting with others. Their faces are made of stone.

The advantage of a dramatic type is the ability to look natural in shocking, bright, sexy outfits. While on a girl of any other type the same things would look vulgar and inappropriate.


Girls who belong to this type have a clearly outlined face, on which cheekbones are clearly distinguished. The form of the face of a classic girl, usually a little square or oval, is easily determined at first glance. Proportional eyes and nose, regular shape and medium in size, distinguish the classic from the romantic and dramatic. Bright feminine lips, not too plump, but not narrow, look extraordinarily beautiful and natural. This type is considered one of the rarest, according to David Kibby. The classic is also unique in that the main facial features of these girls remain unchanged throughout life.


Girls, related to the romantic type, are distinguished by prominent, magnificent forms, miniature growth, pleasant soft hair structure, feminine features (large eyes, wide, but neat spout, beautiful puffy lips). Their figure often refers to the type of apple or hourglass. It is these distinctive nuances that distinguish David Kibby for this type. Romantic - the most feminine type of girls. Very gentle. This is evident in the example of Marilyn Monroe. However, an attractive woman can become a woman regardless of whether she belongs to one of the types of the system under consideration, unless she adheres to all the relevant recommendations.

Can I do without a stylist?

The answer is unequivocal: yes! Knowing your type and basic principles of choosing clothes, you can choose beautiful memorable clothes without resorting to the services of third-party specialists. In order to facilitate this task for readers, later in this article we will discuss some basic recommendations for all types, which will help you to navigate in the most fashionable way in the modern fashionable jungle.

Recommendations for types

So, for the girls-representatives of the dramatic type, things that are made of dense, rigid fabrics that perfectly hold their shape for a long time are ideal. The overall silhouette should look geometric, elongated, without blurry soft lines. Prints should be used exceptionally large, without small fine details, as well as sharp geometric shapes.

Soft dramatic allows the use of soft, shiny or matte fabrics. Such girls are recommended to focus on the shoulders. Prints should harmoniously combine sharp and soft lines and patterns.

Female naturalists are recommended to pay attention to matt fabrics of medium density with a rough structure, soft, but not airy. The silhouette should be straight, narrow. Prints of clothes should be chosen as simple as possible, with blurred lines.

Bright natural looks great in clothing from any fabric, only if it has a coarse, coarse texture. Silhouette inspires a sense of freedom. All lines should be directed vertically, and the main emphasis should be left on the shoulders. The elongated waist will perfectly demonstrate the advantages of such a figure. The combination of contrasting colors with a personal color will be an excellent solution. Bold asymmetric prints will be a good addition to this image.

Soft natural looks amazing in soft soft tissues with fluffy elements. Accentuated waist, soft asymmetrical edges of clothes, weightless, translucent prints will make this image complete.

Classic is one of the rarest types. It is suitable for well-shaped fabrics, not too shiny, but not absolutely matte. The silhouette should create an impression of smoothness, symmetry, without sudden transitions and interruptions, with clearly defined edges.

Type soft classic requires an accent on the waist and does not tolerate the lack of smoothness. Qualitative, well draped fabrics with soft symmetrical patterns will be the best solution.

The dramatic classic is a bright type. He matted the fabric, creating a straight, sharp silhouette with clearly defined edges. Sharp symmetrical prints in clothes complete the image.

The most miniature girls belong to the gimin type. They are incredibly matte hard fabrics, the most smooth, not looking massive. Silhouette of gaminov should look delicately, somewhat broken, tightly fit the figure. Hard sharp edges, as much as possible of short, ragged straight lines will add to the image a weightless elegance. The abundance of bright small prints makes the image somewhat childish, and therefore extremely sweet.

Bright gamine is a type-derivative from the previous one. Color accents are best done with the help of metallic parts on a matte base. The fabric should be chosen light, which gently surrounds the figure. The silhouette as a whole should come out uneven, asymmetrical, somewhat sharp with an understated or feigned waistline.

Representatives of the soft gamine type should use solid matte fabrics. It is important that they look easy enough and they could be draped. A fitted silhouette, narrowed around the collar and cuffs, with lush lines creates a soft feminine image.

Type romantic requires the use of light, soft, flowing fabrics, creating a smooth fit silhouette. While theatrical romance is better to use fluffy details with an abundance of bright, watercolor prints of large size.

Changes throughout life

As you know, a person changes externally over time. And it's not just about tastes and preferences in clothes, but rather about physical changes. The outlines of the figure and features of the facial features change. All these nuances will affect the typing of the Kibby system. So, the type that was characteristic of you before, can change in years. Therefore, throughout life it would be reasonable to pass the test, which is discussed in this article, several times. This will help to be sure that your manner of dressing fully corresponds to your inner style and looks as natural as possible.


Being stylish is easy if you approach the issue from a scientific point of view. Explore the lines of your body with David Kibby, learn how to choose outfits in accordance with his recommendations for your type, and you will never look inappropriate or unnatural. Make an effort to explore your own natural data, and you will become truly unforgettable!

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