Suit Zorro - masquerade outfit for a boy with his own hands

Almost every boy watched the film about the exploits of this hero, who, thanks to his courage and agility, easily performs heroic deeds, rids mankind of hooligans and fights for justice. He differs from other heroes with his excellent ability to fence and his trademark, which resembles the English letter "Z". That's why many children do not mind trying on the suit Zorro.

The reason for the popularity of Zorro

Zorro's movie star has long been at the peak of popularity among boys of preschool and primary school age. Its relevance can be explained by the fact that heroic abilities and qualities even today are very much in demand. Many children would like at least a short time to reincarnate in this fiction movie hero and feel like a real leader and savior. This is easy to achieve if you find a suit Zorro, Which will maximize the image of the character.

Choice of carnival costume

With the approach of matinees or carnivals, boys tend to choose the image of their favorite character. In this case, Zorro's suit can be an excellent option, which will allow the child to feel bold and strong, like his prototype. To date, this outfit is quite popular and relevant. Many parents try to create for this the most positive and popular image for participation in the children's holiday, because the child's mood depends on this, as well as his charge of positive emotions for a very long time.

Where to buy

To buy a ready suit Zorro for a boy can be in a specialized store of carnival and festive clothes. His parents can visit together with the child, in order to estimate the attire and listen to the opinion of the boy about his transformation.

Another way to buy Zorro's costume is to contact online stores that will allow you to choose the most suitable and liked option. In this case, it is very important to correctly remove the measurements from the child and calculate all the features of his physique. The advantage of such a purchase is the possibility of delivery to any part of the country for a few days.

The downside is that the outfit can be viewed and tried on only after payment and receipt. And if it does not suit you, then the return procedure will take a certain time. In this case, it remains to recommend only to take a closer look at the choice of the model and the specific size of the suit.

The most ideal and convenient option is individual tailoring. In this case, you can correctly calculate the measurements and create an outfit, taking into account all the features of the growth and physique of the child, which will perfectly and harmoniously match the size. Also, sewing Zorro's suit for a boy with his own hands, you can take into account all his wishes, as well as requirements. This will help him to feel stronger, more bold.

To create a carnival dress, you can turn to a professional seamstress for help, which in a short time will create a beautiful and suitable costume. However, such services can be quite expensive. If you have the appropriate skills and attitudes, you can create clothes yourself.

How to make a costume with your own hands

To create a full and harmonious image of this hero, you should pay close attention to his prototype. The dress is dominated by black, red and white colors. The complete set should contain the following elements:

  • Shirt with vest;
  • pants;
  • cloak;
  • belt;
  • Mask on the eyes;
  • hat;
  • rapier.

Before you start creating a Zorro suit for a boy with your own hands, it is very important to prepare all the necessary materials and details. It is better to give preference, along with natural textiles, which will emphasize the nobility and solemnity of the moment. To create the perfect image, you need to make a raincoat, mask and hat, the rest of the details can be taken or bought ready.

Cloak is best made from the cut of black tissue, which must be added at the neck. On the sides should sew ribbons or ribbons, which will allow you to tie the ends around your neck. To make it more believable and natural to the inside, you need to sew scarlet cloth. It is desirable that this detail of the image be shiny and satin, which will give along nobility.

For the mask, which certainly goes into Zorro's costume, you need to take a narrow cut of black fabric and make on it the slits for the eyes. On the sides it is necessary to sew ribbons, which will allow to tie a mask on the back of the head. You can also make it from ordinary cardboard, painted with black paint or covered with a black cloth.

Create a full image

In the case when Zorro's suit is created with his own hands, it is very important to properly supplement it with ready-made wardrobe parts and accessories. For the outfit fit ready-made black classic trousers, a formal white shirt, a red belt. Also for the completed image, you need to purchase a special sword in the children's store, which is an integral attribute of this character.

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