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Chanakhi in the multivarquet: cooking features, delicious recipes and reviews

In modern conditions, when there are a lot of clever and quick assistants in our kitchens, cooking has become much easier and faster. With the help of a multivark, for example, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, saving you a lot of time on cooking. Today we would like to please you with an amazingly quick and simple recipe from the national Georgian cuisine. We will cook the chanakh in the multivark. What is this Georgian "beast" and what does it eat?


Georgian cuisine was always famous for its aromas and stunning taste of fireworks. A dish called "chanakhi" is one of the most popular. It is a mixture of meat and vegetable ingredients. Typically, in traditional recipes for cooking lamb is used, but you can take any other meat, for example, pork or chicken.

As for vegetables, the chanakhs in the multivark are prepared with the addition of eggplants, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, onions. Instead of potatoes, you can add rice, then the total weight of vegetables will decrease. There are many options. Just like in any Georgian dishes, a decent amount of greenery is used in chanakhs. It can be parsley, coriander, basil. According to some recipes, forest mushrooms are also added to the dish. But here everything will depend on your love for mushroom taste or aroma. In the traditional recipe they are not, but many housewives prefer to add mushrooms to the meat.

If we translate the word "chanakhi" into Russian, then we will get "roast". In the national cuisine, chanakhs are often referred to as second courses. But in the process of cooking, vegetables produce enough juice, and sometimes the chanakh can easily be taken as a rich and very thick soup. In Georgian cuisine, this dish is considered ordinary, it is eaten at family dinners and friendly dinners. But for the Russian festive table it is perfect. A hot, rich, thick and fat dish is an excellent addition to strong spirits.


In order to prepare chanakhs in Georgian in a multivark, we will need the following products:

  • Lamb - half a kilogram (can be replaced with pork or chicken).
  • Potatoes - a half kilogram.
  • Carrots - 150 grams.
  • Two large eggplants.
  • Two large bulbs.
  • 100 grams of thin string beans.
  • Several cloves of garlic.
  • Vegetable oil - 150 grams.
  • Sweet Bulgarian pepper is a joke.
  • Tomatoes are two large.
  • Spices: hops-suneli, salt, ground black and red pepper, bay leaf.
  • Greens: parsley, coriander, basil.
  • For lovers of sharpened, you can add a few circles of red hot pepper in the dish without seeds.

Meat preparation

As a rule, according to the traditional recipe, chanakhi is cooked in the oven in pots and quite a long time. But thanks to the availability of "assistants" in modern kitchens, the chanakhs with beans in the multivarque will be prepared an order of magnitude faster and will be much more substantial and dense.

So, let's start preparing the meat. Whatever meat you take, in our case it is lamb, it needs to be washed thoroughly under running water and rid of films, skin and other unnecessary ingredients. Then the meat is cut into fairly large pieces. Chanakhi in the multivarquet is a dish where meat is the main ingredient and it should be noticeable on a plate immediately.

Preparation of vegetables

Vegetables in this dish should also be fairly large cut. Potatoes are cleaned and cut into large pieces. Carrots also get rid of the peel and cut into large rings. If you do not like the taste of cooked carrots, then you can cut each circle in half or even smaller. But grate is not recommended. The onion is cut into half rings.

Eggplants will also be in the form of large and large circles. Sweet Bulgarian pepper is recommended to cut into long slices. We chop the tomatoes, as well as the peppers, into slices. Pieces of tomatoes in this dish are like orange slices - long and large. As for the greenery, it should be cut rather finely. It will be added to the dish after cooking, but it is better to cut it in advance, because the chanakhi is served hot. The hotter, as they say, the more delicious.

Cooking process

Chanakhi in the multivark, the recipe of which we offer you, is a dish, laid in layers. At the bottom of the dishes is poured vegetable oil. Then lumps of lamb, mixed with onions, are laid out. On top of them, slices of potatoes are placed. Add a little salt and pepper. We lay a layer of aubergines. Next will go pieces of Bulgarian pepper, beans and tomatoes. They are also recommended to be slightly peppered and peppered. The final stage will be the addition of aromatic spices (in our case it is hops-suneli, but maybe any other spice for meat) and greens.

After all the ingredients are laid and took their place in the dishes, you can turn the multivarker on the "quenching" mode. The cooking time will depend on your kitchen assistant. For example, the canoes in the Redmond multivariate are being prepared for forty minutes.

Important. For five to seven minutes before the end of the cooking process, open the cover of the multivark and add to the dish crushed garlic and bay leaf. Close the lid again and wait for the end of quench signal.

Chanach with mushrooms

Very delicious is the dish, if you add mushrooms. For cooking: a pound of mutton, a half kilo of potatoes, one large carrot, onion, 250 grams of forest mushrooms (can be replaced with champignons), one eggplant, salt, pepper and other spices to taste.

At the bottom of the pot, pour oil, lay layers: meat, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, eggplant, carrots. Add the spices, close the lid, stew for forty minutes.

Serving a dish

After the dish is finally cooked, it can be served. Traditionally, the dish is served in the same pots in which it was cooked. How to issue a feed, if you were preparing a Tanaah in a multivariate? Deep portion plates are used for feeding. Try to put the dish in such a way that does not break the layers. Top of the chanaha is sprinkled with plenty of greenery.

Like any other hot meat dish, red wine is perfect for a chanah. This dish will become a true masterpiece on your festive table, and for a normal hearty family dinner is perfect.


In the opinion of the housewives, the cooked dish in the multivark is tastier than the pots, and it is prepared very quickly. Many people note the rich taste and pleasant density of the dish. Men especially like this dish for a large amount of meat and well-braised vegetables.

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