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French cheesecake: the recipe for the preparation of curd dessert

French cheesecake, the recipe of which will be discussed below, is a delicate and sweet pastry, which can be served for regular breakfast and a festive table. It is worth mentioning that there is nothing complicated in the preparation of such a sweet dessert. In this regard, it can do even those housewives, who had never before been addicted to cooking.

French cheesecake: recipe for a delicious dessert

Necessary ingredients:

  • Margarine fresh chilled - three hundred grams;
  • Wheat flour (preferably higher grade) - two glasses;
  • Vanillin sugar for dough - on the tip of a small spoon;
  • Soda food (in the future should not be extinguished) - half a spoon;
  • Salt cooked - two pinches for the dough;
  • Coarse-grained fatty cottage cheese for filling - five hundred grams;
  • Sugar for the filling - one glass;
  • The egg is a large chicken for the filling - two pieces.

French cheesecake: recipe for cooking dough

To make this unusual dessert, you should take a plastic large bowl, put there the creamy creamy margarine and two glasses of wheat flour. Both ingredients must be hand-wiped so that the result is a greasy, loose mixture. Next, to the prepared mass, you need to add food unburned soda, two pinch of table salt, one spoonful of sugar and a little vanilla. After that, all the products should be mixed, left aside and immediately begin to prepare the filling.

French cheesecake: the recipe for the preparation of curd fudge

Fatty coarse-grained cottage cheese should be put in a bowl, and then break it into two large eggs, add the sugar and mix everything with a spoon so that the result is a homogeneous yellow creamy mass.

The recipe for French cheesecake with cottage cheese: the formation of dessert

For the preparation of such sweet baking it is necessary to use a deep frying pan or a saucepan. You can also take a baking tray with high sides. Thus, the bottom of the dishes should be laid out most of the prepared bulk dough and it is well tampered. Then, over the basis of margarine and wheat flour, you need to pour the curd filling, which has already had time to melt slightly. After that, the French cheesecake should be covered with the remaining dough.

French cheesecake with cottage cheese: heat treatment

Such an unusual curd cake is prepared in an oven, heated to 250 degrees, about twenty or thirty minutes. After the time has elapsed, the cheesecake must be reached and then cooled in the cold air directly in the pan or pan where it was baked. If you try to remove such a pie from the dishes in a hot form, then it immediately falls apart and will not look very attractive.

Correct feed to the table

French curd cheese is served to the table only in a chilled and sliced form. Also, to such a sweet and unusual dessert it is recommended to present hot tea, jam or jam. Bon Appetit!

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